WAEC GCE Agric Science 2023 Answers (First Series)

WAEC GCE Agric Science 2023 Answers

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(i)Broadcasting and band placement
(ii)Ring method and side dressing/Row placement
(iii)Foliar application and fertigation/Application through irrigation method
(iv)Plough-sole method and top dressing

Alley cropping
This involves the planting of leguminous trees that are wide apart to allow the growing
of strips of arable crops within the rows of trees. WHILE Ley farming
This is the practice of alternating arable crop production with the growing of forage
crops at different periods of time on a piece of land.

(i)General Provisions
(ii)Constitution of Forest Reserves and Declaration of Protected Forests
(iii)Administration of Forest Reserves and Protected Forest
(iv)Local Government Plantations and Forest Reserves

(i) manual sprinkling e.g. hand, brooms, brush.
(ii) Use of watering can and drip irrigation
(iii) Channel irrigation and sprinkler irrigation.


(i) Government should erect as many market infrastructures as possible

(ii) Government should stabilize prices of farm produce in the county.



(i) Storage facilities should be provided by the government at subsidized rates.

(ii) Provision of storage chemicals such as fumigants.


(i) Construction of new feeder roads to open up the rural areas.

(ii) Construction of water ways to link up the riverine areas.


(i) Rural farmers should be trained on modern system of farming.

(ii) Mass literacy programme should be embarrassed upon by the government. E.g. Nomadic education.


(i) Flooding should be avoided.

(ii) Terracing and strip cropping should also br practiced.


(Choose Any FOUR)

(i) Determination of size of farmland: Farm survey helps to determine the size or hecterage of farmland.

(ii) For Feasibility Studies: Farm survey is also important or useful for the preparation of feasibility studies.


(iii) Proper Use Of Farmland: Farm survey enables farmers to make proper use of land.


(iv) Planning Of Farmstead: Farm maps or soil maps are useful in planning the farmstead.


(v) Projection Of Yield: The yield or productivity of farmland can be projected





Depreciation refers to the reduction in the value of a fixed asset over time due to wear and tear, obsolescence, or other factors. It is a non-cash expense that is recorded on a company’s financial statements to reflect the declining value of an asset.



Farm Inventory is the listing of all assets on the farm and their money worth or value. OR It is a record that gives a full list of assets and liability of a farm in both physical and monetary terms.



Balance Sheet also known as Net worth statement is the capital or financial position of the farm at the end of the accounting period, usually a year.



(i) Good communication skills

(ii) Knowledgeable in their field of work

(iii) Ability to adapt to changing situations

(iv) Good organizational and planning skills

(v) Patience and empathy

(vi) Ability to work well with people from diverse backgrounds

(vii) Problem-solving and decision-making skills

(viii) Good interpersonal and leadership skills.



(Pick Any THREE)

(i) Price

(ii) Level of Technology

(iii) Cost of Production

(iv) Weather

(v) Taxation



(i) Through urination

(ii) Through respiration

(iii) Through perspiration

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