Zee World: Twist of Fate August Week 1 Teasers 2020

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Zee World: Twist of Fate | August Week 1 2020

Zee World: Twist of Fate August Week 1 Teasers 2020

Abhi and Pragya are still on the run from the kidnappers. Purab informs the media about Abhi’s kidnapping in order to get the word around.

It seems like Bulbul and Punit’s plan to expose Aliya might work. Will she successfully expose Aliya’s deceitful ways?
Punit and Bulbul keep playing Aliya. It appears that the two are really onto her. Pragya is stuck in the middle of nowhere with Abhi, who is in a critical condition. Aliya’s fallen prey to Bulbul’s trap.

Bulbul manages to expose Aliya to the family… how will she explain her involvement in the kidnapping? Aliya turns the tables around and blames Purvi for the kidnapping, what could she be up to now?

Pragya finally masters the courage to tell Abhi how she feels about him. While searching Purvi’s room, everyone finds money and love letters, it looks like Aliya’s trap has been successful. Junki’s emotions get the better of her and in a fit or rage she throws Purvi out of the house.

One of the men working for Neel is taken to Abhi’s home, he then reveals the truth to everyone. Will this be the end of their search?

Pragya and Abhi are back home. Mitali expresses her anxiety of being caught by the police but Aliya makes it clear that she will let Mitali take the fall for the kidnapping.

Pragya’s family lie to her about Purvi’s whereabouts. How long will they manage to hide this secret?

A misunderstanding causes Abhi to snap at Pragya. Abhi is struggling to find a response to Pragya’s proposal, how will he handle this situation?

Pragya is stuck in the middle of nowhere with Abhi in critical condition. Will they be rescued before Neel’s gang find them?




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