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Geet February Teasers 2020,

Saturday 1 February 2020

Episode 94

Nayantara learns that Geet used to work at Khurana constructions. Meanwhile, Dadimaa asks Maan to marry and he agrees as her health deteriorates. However, he is shocked to learn that Geet is shortlisting girls for him.

Episode 95


Geet scares the girls who come to meet Maan by telling them about his arrogance. Maan asks her to find a girl who will be willing to go with him to Dadimaa but then can be dumped.

Sunday 2 February 2020

Episode 96

Dev sees Geet in the outhouse but thinks he is imagining things. Meanwhile, since none of the girls agrees to Maan’s contract, Geet plans to send Sasha to Maan. Will Maan’s plan succeed?

Episode 97

Maan selects a girl, Pari, who is very attracted to him. Geet gets irritated when she finds her giving flying kisses to his photos and talking to them. She tells her that Maan is a fussy boss, irritating Maan who overhears her.

Monday 3 February 2020

Episode 98

When Geet avoids Maan, he tells her to fix his appointment with Pari for lunch. Meanwhile, Maan keeps food ready for Geet as well. Geet is touched and offers food to Maan.

Episode 99

Maan asks Geet for ideas to impress Pari. Though Geet feels uncomfortable in her presence, she tells him to gift her a teddy bear rather than earrings. Pari pretends to faint to attract Maan’s attention but it only serves to irritate him.

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Episode 100

Geet finds Maan and Pari at a disco. She exchanges Maan’s drink with Pari’s as Pari wants to get Maan drunk. However, he still gets drunk and dances with Geet and Pari. Geet and Maan hug each other.

Episode 101

On realising her closeness with Maan, Geet feels guilty and tells him to maintain distance. However, Maan in his drunken state confesses his feelings for Geet. Meanwhile, looking at their behaviour, Pari suspects Maan and Geet like each other.

Wednesday 5 February 2020

Episode 102

Maan tells Geet that he has forgotten about the night’s incident as he was drunk and avoids her. Maan decides to come out of the emotions he feels towards Geet.

Episode 103

Pari tries to find out if even Maan likes Geet and discovers that he does. She tells Maan that she is leaving forever and that she has left a surprise for him.

Thursday 6 February 2020

Episode 104

Maan asks Geet to pretend to be his fiancee in front of Dadima. Geet reluctantly agrees and the two lie about their relationship to her!

Episode 105

When Tasha asks Maan about his relationship with Geet, he tells everyone that she is his fiance. Meanwhile, Rasika files a case against Maan for leaving her project midway.

Friday 7 February 2020

Episode 106

Geet reaches Hoshiyarpur. Maan insists that she go back. When she refuses, he takes her forcibly to Delhi but their car breaks down. They are rescued by a family they had earlier befriended at the dhaba, who take them to a wedding.

Episode 107

Geet meets Rasika and tells her that has told the villagers that Rasika is trying to build a hotel on their land. She threatens Rasika with irate villagers if she does not withdraw the case.

Saturday 8 February 2020

Episode 108

Rasika takes her case back and Maan thanks Geet for taking such a risk. He surprises Geet by making her meet her sister Rajji and her brother Tito. Rajji tells Geet

Episode 109

Brij’s men kidnap Geet and are about to kill her but Maan arrives in the nick of time. She tells Maan that she had punished Brij for his crimes by sending him to jail. She is touched when Maan tells her that he will always protect her and that he cannot live without her.

Sunday 9 February 2020

Episode 110

Geet remembers that Maan had been injured in the fight and rushes to the office to check on him. The office staff avoid her because they think she is Maan’s fiance.

Episode 111

Dadimaa advises Dev to confess his mistake and assures that Maan will surely forgive him. Meanwhile, she plans a party in their office to celebrate the engagement of Geet and Maan.

Monday 10 February 2020

Episode 112

Maan asks Nayantara to mend her ways, or else he will not forgive her. He tells Geet to not run away from her feelings and puts the engagement ring on her fingers. Will Geet acknowledge her true feelings now?

Episode 113

Geet is happy to wear the ring but when she asks Maan why he made her wear it, he doesn’t answer. Then, when he asks her to be a part of a new bungalow project, she refuses.

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Episode 114

When she sees his concern for her, Geet decides to tell Maan about her life and her pregnancy, as she doesn’t want to cheat on him. Meanwhile, Dev also prepares to tell Maan about Geet.

Episode 115

Geet finds Maan playing with kids at a client’s party. He finds her alluring in a saree. Geet tries to tell him about herself but he thinks that she will propose to him and asks her to confess her feelings.

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Episode 116

Maan is shattered and feels that Geet has cheated him. Geet decides to tell him the whole truth but he refuses to listen. He doesn’t respond to her at all. The office staff are surprised to see a change in him.

Episode 117

Maan decides to change a project as he doesn’t want to follow Geet’s ideas. Geet tries to tell him the truth but he demands to know why she hadn’t told him of her pregnancy earlier.

Thursday 13 February 2020

Episode 118

Maan takes care of Geet but is still angry with her. They refuse Dadimaa’s offer of calling a doctor. Meanwhile, Dev is too afraid to tell Maan the truth. However, Maan is happy that Nayantara is out of his life.

Episode 119

Dev helps his old friend Meera in decorating her new house. Meanwhile, when Sasha asks Pinky to transfer Geet’s table into Maan’s office, he gets angry and fires Pinky.

Friday 14 February 2020

Episode 120

When Maan feels guilty and tries to console her, she tells him the circumstances in which she had to leave her family and about the man who cheated her. What will Maan do?

Episode 121

Dev tells Meera about marrying Geet for money as he was under a huge debt. Meanwhile, Geet tries to get away from Maan once again. He finds her at the station and apologises for his earlier behaviour.

Saturday 15 February 2020

Episode 122

Meera is angry with Dev for spoiling a girl’s life. Meanwhile, Maan wants to keep Geet happy, but is curious to know about the man who spoilt her life. He wants to know if Geet has sought revenge.

Episode 123

Unaware that Dev is Maan’s brother, Geet continues to hide the truth about him. Maan also decides not to badger Geet about her past though he offers to help her get justice.

Sunday 16 February 2020

Episode 124

Geet and Maan meet their client in Manali. Geet assures him of never letting her past affect her present. Maan gets irritated when the client proposes that Geet should marry his son.

Episode 125

Geet and Maan are drawn towards each other. However, Maan is annoyed that despite his proposal, Geet thinks he is faking his love. They have an argument and Geet goes away.

Monday 17 February 2020

Episode 126

Geet is still not able to share her feelings and thanks Maan for always supporting her. Meanwhile, Dadimaa plans a party to celebrate Maan’s engagement. She is irritated when they extend their stay in Manali without informing her.

Episode 127

Maan arranges a dinner date with Geet. However, Geet is still unsure about sharing her feelings. Meanwhile, Maan is irritated with the thought that she instigated Dadimaa to have the party. Meera talks to Geet and gives her the courage to speak up.

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Episode 128

Geet tells Maan that she is afraid to accept him as she had a bad past but Maan assures her that he will accept her with all her responsibilities. He also tells her not to worry about his family.

Episode 129

Maan takes Geet to a maternity clinic for a check-up. Geet is touched. Meanwhile, Dadimaa introduces Geet to her friends as Maan’s fiance. She asks some girls to help Geet get ready for the party.

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Episode 130

Maan informs Geet about their engagement to prove that his love for her is not fake. Meanwhile, Dev learns that Geet is Maan’s fiance and decides to stop the engagement. Will the engagement happen?

Episode 131

Geet slaps Dev when they come face-to-face. She thinks about informing Maan about this encounter, but then learns that Dev is his brother. On seeing Maan’s love for Dev, Geet decides to hide Dev’s truth.

Thursday 20 February 2020

Episode 132

Geet threatens to expose Dev and put him behind bars. He request Geet not to tell Maan the truth. As the party gets under way, Geet remains undecided on whether to go ahead with Maan’s proposal or punish Dev.

Episode 133

Geet’s behaviour embarrasses Dadimaa. Geet realises her mistake and comes back, but is shocked to find Naintara there. Naintara informs Geet that she revealed Dev’s truth to everyone, and Maan has rejected her.

Friday 21 February 2020

Episode 134

Naintara poisons Dadimaa’s mind and dissuades Dev from confessing to his family. However, she is surprised to find that Meera knows everything about Geet. Meanwhile, Geet is desperate to meet Maan and offer him an explanation.

Episode 135

Dev asks Meera to tell the truth to Maan before Geet meets him. Further, he wants to surrender to the police, making Naintara worried. She decides to meet Maan before either Geet or Dev does.

Saturday 22 February 2020

Episode 136

Dev wants Naintara to stay away from Geet and Maan. Geet is questioned by the staff about her pregnancy. She takes the staff to Naintara and Dev, and makes them reveal the truth.

Episode 137

Geet wants to put Dev and Naintara behind bars. However, the police refuse to lodge her complaint and advise her to take a DNA test. Geet goes to the hospital to get the test done. What does she find there?

Sunday 23 February 2020

Episode 138

A stranger asks Geet to be a nanny to his nieces on seeing her behaviour towards them. The doctor tells Geet that performing a DNA test at this stage can be bad for the baby, so she cancels the test.

Episode 139

The stranger leaves the kids and goes absconding. The kids run away from her and enter a room. Geet follows them in. It is Maan’s room, but Geet does not realise that. Meanwhile, Maan wakes up and calls out Geet’s name.

Monday 24 February 2020

Episode 140

Dev searches for Geet as Maan calls out for her. Geet hands the kids over to Yash, but refuses his offer of becoming their nanny. She is upset at not finding Maan.

Episode 141

Naintara moves Maan to a different ward before Geet can find him. Yash meets Geet again in the hospital as she searches for Maan. She hears Maan calling out her name. He moves out of his ward to search for her while she enters his ward.

Tuesday 25 February 2020

Episode 142

Geet and Maan meet. She is about to tell him why she left on the engagement day but overhears a doctor telling Dev that Maan needs rest and can’t handle strain. She lies to Maan about being scared of seeing guests around as it reminded her of her past.

Episode 143

Geet doesn’t let Maan work from the hospital. Meanwhile, Dadimaa, who comes to visit Maan, is irritated to see Geet there. Geet apologises to her.

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Episode 144

Geet stops Maan from working at the hospital. Maan notices that Geet is preoccupied and asks her the reason. She is about to reveal the truth to Maan when she notices Dev entering. Dev also brings Naintara to confess their crime.

Episode 145

Dev and Naintara realise that Geet has not told Maan anything. Meanwhile, Dadimaa asks Geet not to leave Maan ever again. Maan purchases flowers for Geet, but is angry to find that she has joined Yash’s company without informing him.

Thursday 27 February 2020

Episode 146

Maan asks Geet what made her leave Khurana Constructions. Geet finally reveals the truth. Maan refuses to believe her until Dev joins in and supports her. Maan then slaps Dev.

Episode 147

Naintara forgets her passport while leaving. Geet gets it and threatens to have her punished. Naintara begs for forgiveness. Meanwhile, Dev also asks for forgiveness, but Maan calls the police.

Friday 28 February 2020

Episode 148

The news of Dev’s arrest spreads. Maan tries to shield Geet from it, but she sees the news and considers herself responsible for the misery. Meanwhile, Naintara tries to convince Dadimaa to ask Maan to bail them out.

Episode 149

Dadimaa requests Maan to bring Dev back. Maan tells her about his decision to marry Geet. Meanwhile, Geet misunderstands Maan and thinks that he is using her to get Dev back.

Saturday 29 February 2020

Episode 150

Maan makes Geet the co-owner of Khurana constructions. However, Geet thinks that Maan used her to bail out Dev. She doesn’t listen to him and refuses to get married to him.

Episode 151

Teaser unavailable.

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