Hot! How to Get Free MTN 48GB data Usable in all Devices


Hot! How to Get Free MTN 48GB data Usable in all Devices

Today on, i will be showing you guys how to get a free MTN 48GB Worth Of data without paying any money.

All you need is to follow our instructions below:


This  new MTN 48GB free trick is usable in all Devices, include iOS, Android, PC’s etc. The awesome part is that this MTN 48GB can be gotten in both 4G and 3G Sims, depending on the one you used to run the trick.

Follow our instructions Below on How to Get Free MTN 48GB data 2020/2021

Firstly you have to download MyMtn app from Google play store and installed in your iPhone/ Android in other to get this MTN 48GB, this  MTN Free 48GB Data is only valid for just 24 Hours.

  • Now get any SIM Card that haven’t been used  on MyMtn app before either old or new
  • Now Use your main line (that has been registered before on the app) to refer the 2nd mtn number that has not been used with the MyMtn app.

Switch user and input the 2nd number and wait for OTP. After receiving the OTP code, input it and click Verify.

Now on the next page is where you should be very careful.

You will be given two options;

  1.  Activate free 500mb Data
  2. Remind me Later

Now Carefully click on the option 2 which is Remind me Later and click the Back Button of your phone immediately. Repeat it continuously via ( Click Remind me Later and click on your phone Back Button) to accumulate the data to it maximum 48GB.

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