Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 12


Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 12


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Hannah’s Pov:
I paced restlessly around the room as Richard kept making repeated attempts, trying to reach Oscar on phone.
“Why isn’t it reachable, huh?” I stopped to ask, but he didn’t reply.
“Have you tried texting him?” I asked again.
“Yes – but he’s yet to reply to any of the messages” he replied.
“Gosh! So, how do we know what’s going on? How do we know if he’s succeeded in killing Maxine or not? We just need to be updated” I stated restlessly and just then, we heard a knock on the door.
I looked at Richard, then back at the door.
“Who’s it?” I asked, but got no reply and Richard stood up to check it out.
I followed him behind and as soon as he opened the door, my eyes dilated in shock.
The police?
What the heck?
Richard seemed surprised as they drew closer.
“Good evening, Mr Richard” the chief among them said.
“Yes. Good evening. How may I help you?” Richard replied, asking the question I had in mind.
“We’re from A Division sir, and we have an arrest warrant for you and your wife.
“Please, we’d suggest you remain silent as anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law” he replied and I flinched.
“An arrest warrant?” I asked with a crumpled look.
“I….I don’t understand. Why are we getting arrested?”
“You’ve been accused for the murder of your late brother – Daniel Williams and also for the attempted murder of his daughter – Maxine Daniels” he replied and the two men beside him brought out a handcuff.
Oh my God!
I looked at Richard who was completely speechless.
No; this is not happening.
“B…But, we don’t know what you’re talking about. I mean…I think it’s a misunderstanding or something” I tried to argue.
“Don’t worry, ma’am. Everything will be sorted out at the station, but for now, you need to come with us. Please”.
“No, we…”
“Please ma’am, don’t make us do this the hard way. Come with us, please” he cut me off and brought the cuffs closer to my hands.
Oh, God!
I panicked as they did same to Richard and that was when it became clear to me – we had been busted.
“Mum?” I heard a familiar voice and turned to see Tammy and Ruby climbing down the stairs.
Oh my God!
Ruby’s Pov:
Tammy and I were having some fun in the room when we suddenly saw the police cars driving in.
We were alarmed and decided to check it out and there we found them in the sitting room with mum and dad, wearing handcuffs on their wrists.
“Mum??” I called in shock and she turned to look at me.
I scurried down the stairs and ran to meet them, but the police wouldn’t let me get any closer.
“Mum? Dad? What’s going on?” I asked, perturbed.
“Don’t worry, Maxine. Everything will be fine. Just stay safe with your sister, okay?” Dad said but it didn’t have any effect on me.
“Hold on; why are you being arrested? What did you do wrong?” Tammy asked, but they couldn’t say any other thing as the police started taking them away.
Oh, my God!
Hours Later.
Noah’s Pov:
“Please doctor, are you assuring me she’s fine?” I asked the young doctor as he stood in front of me.
“Of course, Noah. The surgery was successful and the bullet’s been taken away successfully. She’s fine now” he replied and I sighed.
“So…can I see her?” I asked.
“Yeah, yeah. You can. Just try to make it quick”.
“Alright. Thank you so Much”.
He nodded and left while I took in a deep breath before opening the door and going into the room.
I found her lying weakly on the bed, but she managed a frail smile as soon as she saw me.
“Hey”, I cooed and drew closer to her, taking the seat in front of her.
It was such a big relief she’s fine.
“Hi” she said weakly, a smile still lingering on her lips.
“Yeah – how’re you feeling now?”
“I’m fine.
“Was it done?” She asked and I nodded and her face beamed with relief.
“Your uncle and his wife has been arrested. But…Oscar escaped” I told her and she flinched.
“He escaped?” She asked with a disappointed look.
“Yeah…but the police are on the search for him. So, you don’t need to worry”.
Maxine’s Pov:
I took in a deep breath and stared up at the ceiling.
The plan worked. But why did Oscar escape? How did it happen?
I shut my eyes and sighed.
Finally, I was close to it. I couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when I send them to jail forever and take everything away from them.
“Maxine” Noah suddenly called after a cold silence and I looked at him.
“Um…” He paused and rubbed his nape.
“Actually, we were supposed to have dinner tonight”.
“Yeah…I’m sorry, but you know we didn’t plan for any of these. Perhaps, it can be done tomorrow” I told him and he tched.
“Maxine” he called again.
“Actually…there was only one reason I had requested for that dinner”.
He paused and stared down at the floor and even a blind man could notice it – he was nervous.
Hold on; what’s going on?
“Maxine..” He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a jewelry box – that looked familiar to me.
“I really want to ask this question tonight and that’s the reason I’d requested for the dinner. But since this whole mess came up, I’ve decided to do it right away and not let it stop me.” He stated and opened the box and I shuddered.
“Maxine Daniels…Will you marry me?”



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