Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 45

Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 45



This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Chelsea’s pov
“Hello.” A voice came up from the other side of the phone.
“Yeah?” I asked with a slight frown on my face even if I know that he wouldn’t see me.
I don’t know the person that’s calling because I don’t have the number stored in my phone.
“Chelsea, it’s me Chris.” The voice said and I had to gasped lowly.
Oh my!
“Oh Chris, pardon my manners. I didn’t know you were the one.” I smiled and brushed my hair with my fingers.
“That’s not a problem. I didn’t expect you to know I’m the calling immediately.” He laughed and geez, his voice sounded so cool and sweet.
“Okay. So, Chelsea I know we don’t know each other but I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me – like a date where we’d get to know each other better.” He said and I could tell he was nervous because of the way he sounded.
I pursed my lips and contemplated for a few seconds. I sighed and bit my lower lip.
“Sure. When and where are we meeting?” I asked and I could tell that he was smiling.
“We’d be meeting over morrow and I’ll send you the address.” He said.
“Alright.” I said.
“Thank you. Bye.” He said sweetly.
Alicia’s pov
“Argh!” I groaned angrily and pushed down my dressing mirror and it came crashing on the floor.
I bit my lip angrily and sat on my bed. The tears that had threatened to fall, came rolling down uncontrollably down my cheeks.
I felt so hurt and embittered.
Xavier made Delaney his girlfriend?
Gosh! I felt so hurt.
Why didn’t he choose me? Ain’t I pretty as Delaney?
What the hell did he see in her?
They were even crowned the cutest prom couple.
I sobbed uncontrollably and bent my head in between my thigh.
It hurts!
“Daddy! Welcome daddy.” I smiled enthusiastically as dad and I walked into the house.
He was still on his work clothes and I guessed that he came directly from his work.
Dad had bought a mansion like he promised and furnished it with expensive furniture.
He bought three cars and a chaffeur, three bodyguards and maids in the house.
We were living comfortably and he visits us even if it’s not all the time but we speak on phone everyday.
He’s been the best dad and I’m lucky to have him as my father.
“Thank you dear.” He smiled and held my hands.
We got to the couch and he lowered himself on one of them while I left to bring a glass of cold juice.
I came back and proffered it to him and he took it from me.
He gulped it down in one goal and sighed in satisfaction.
“That was refreshing, thank you.” He beamed at me and handed back the empty glass.
“You’re welcome dad.” I smiled and walked back to the kitchen.
“Where’s your grandma and mom?” He asked as he stared around the house like he was expecting them.
“They went to the hospital for grandma’s checkup.” I said.
“Oh okay.”
Chelsea and I became a little bit close and she told me that Delaney was her sister and I was so shocked and surprised.
According to her, she already accepted the both of us as her sister because there’s nothing she can do about it.
Xavier’s pov
I smiled as I watched Delaney sleep soundly with her chest heaving up and down rhythmically.
She looked so pretty even in her sleep.
I deflowered her last night and I felt so proud of her as I was the first guy to go in between her legs.
It was the best s*x I’ve ever had and I surely wouldn’t have s*x outside again.
Her moans had sounded like music to my ears and it was a huge turn on, on me.
I knew she felt so much pains but hopefully her second time wouldn’t be painful but pleasurable.
I kissed her forehead and then, her lips.
She moved a little but placed her head back on my chest.
My angel.
I would make sure I’ll never make her cry and no harm will befall her.
Authoress Chi pov ✍️
Kenny saw Hera and they both talked.
Kenny insisted that they should go to Marazona and know what exactly is going on.
They agreed. Delaney to Xavier and his mom and they agreed.
Kenny, Delaney and Hera left for Marazona.
When they got there, they were welcomed and they were told that the queen already died.
Hera wept bitterly as she continued to blame herself for the death of her mother.
Before she had died, she made a confession and in the confession, she stated that she was the one who asked for Kenny’s child to be taken away and it should be said that her child was already dead.
If Kenny doesn’t want to rule Marazona again then Delaney is the rightful queen.
A meeting was held and Delaney disagreed that she can’t rule Marazona ad she doesn’t want to leave there anymore.
Delaney told Hera to be queen but she rejected the offer as she wanted to continue to stay in Earth.
At the end, another queen was chosen and was crowned.
After few days of staying in Marazona, the three of them went back to Earth and Delaney made sure to return the necklace.
The people of Marazona were happy and peaceful again as their queen was a good woman. They were happy to have her as their queen even if it pained them that Delaney refused to rule them.
Chris and Chelsea became friends and after weeks of getting to know each other, they fell in love and took it a step forward by dating.
Xavier was happy for his best friend as Chris was a good guy and they both made friends with each other.
Hera stopped working as a maid for the Maddox but she accompanied Emily who already took her as her daughter, anytime she was going there to cook.
She liked Rio and Rio taught her a lot of things and she learnt them so fast.
Xavier, Delaney, Chelsea, Rio and Chris were all waiting for their admission letter.
Alicia finally accepted the fact that she wouldn’t have Xavier and she was so heartbroken.
She decided to wait for her Mr right when she gets to the university.
Xavier’s mom was so happy for her son and Delaney.
Kenny and Xavier’s mom became close friends as they had many things in common especially fashion.
Xavier held the blindfolded Delaney as they climbed gently through the stairs.
They entered an elevator and finally, it took them to the last floor in the skyscraper building.
Xavier removed the blindfolds and smiled.
“Wow!” Delaney marveled at the beautiful sight in front of her. It was as if she could see the whole world from where she stood.
The street lights stood up tall and it’s light shone brightly around the city.
It looked magical and peaceful.
It was a very beautiful sight to behold.
The place was quiet and the cool breeze blew Delaney’s hair to different directions making her look really pretty.
The lights radiated and shone brightly on them, making their faces glow.
“You like it?” Xavier asked with a sweet smile.
“Like? Of course I love it!” She beamed enthusiastically.
Xavier smiled and held her from behind on her waist. Delaney held his wrapped hands around her waist and smiled.
Her relationship with Xavier had been something she had never regretted.
They kiss almost everywhere and they go out dress in the same outfit to different places.
He showers her with love and affection.
They love themselves dearly.
“Delaney?” Xavier called gently and made her face him, with her boobs pressed gently against his chest as they stared intently at each other.
He brought out a small black box and handed it over to her.
“Huh? What is inside?” She asked surprisingly as she darted her eyes from him to the box.
“Open it.” He smiled at her.
She nodded her head and slowly, she opened the box. And there laid two sparkly golden necklaces on it.
“Wow!” Delaney smiled as she admired the necklaces.
One was a key as it pendant while the other was a love shape heart.
He brought out the necklace with the key pendant and unlocked it.
He smiled and wore it around her neck.
She touched the necklace admiringly and smiled.
“Thank you Xavier, I love it.” She enthused.
“Wear this around my neck.” He said and handed the other necklace with the love shape heart to her.
She did as she was told and it looked so pretty on him.
Xavier drew Delaney to himself and tilted his neck.
“You’re the key to my heart.” He whispered and kissed her passionately.
She responded immediately by reciprocating the kiss while he deepened it.
“I love you very much Xavier.” Delaney said in between the kiss.
“And I love you too very much Delaney.” Xavier said and deepened the kiss, savouring every bit of the taste and feel of her lips.
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