Story! THE X-FAMILY (Octavia and the Master)… Episode 1

THE X-FAMILY (Octavia and the Master) Episode 1

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

She panted as she ran speedily across the street, the armed police men chasing after her like a wanted criminal.

She was breathing so heavily, her bag hung around her neck and dangling in the air.

Unfortunately, she stumbled over a stone and fell on the floor, hurting her arm In the process.

“Ah”, she winced as the pain niggled at her.


Remembering the cops were after her, she jumped on her feet so she could resume running, but a bullet flew above her head and she froze.

“Don’t move!” A voice yelled.

“Hands in the air!”


She folded her lips and lifted her hands above her head. She could feel them coming close from behind.

“Interlock your fingers behind your head and get on your knees” another said.
Their guns were all pointing at her.

“I haven’t done anything wrong” Octavia replied, her voice sounding a little hoarse.

“Get on your knees, kid! Now!” Another yelled and she did as they said, falling on her knees.

“Just let me go” she growled. ‘I don’t wanna hurt anyone”.

The police men looked at each other and scoffed, probably finding it amusing, how a teenager could threaten them.

“Get her bag. Quick!” The chief snapped and one of the men rushed to her, aiming for her bag.

Octavia’s heart skipped as she was determined not to let go of the bag.

Yes,,she had stolen, but she wasn’t ready to let go of the money.

“I told you… let me go”, she grumbled just when the police man was about taking her bag

She snapped her neck and a strong invisible wind kicked him off his feet.

He yelped as he flew in the air and landed far away, on the hard grassy floor. It was a rough fall and he passed out.

The rest of the men looked at each other in shock, then back at Octavia.

They cocked their guns and pointed it at her and immediately, same thing happened to them. They were swept off their feet and made to fall hard on the floor.

They were close to unconsciousness.

Octavia cleaned the blood that rolled down her nostrils and jumping on her feet, she continued running away.
She was more than happy she’d been able to secure the money, she needed it badly. Where she had to go was extremely important.

She got to the train station and booked a ticket and she made sure she took the last seat. She always preferred being in the dark and alone – quiet.

Well, you could say she was quiet, but get her really angry, and you’ll see quiet can also be crazy.

In no time, the train was moving to her destination.
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