Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 16


Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 16


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
I was stunned at Noah’s strange behavior as soon as we stepped into the room.
“Audrey?” He called out, looking at the beautiful lady seated in the room.
Where does he know her from? And…why does he look shocked seeing her in the room? What’s going on?
The lady also looked a little uneasy and stood up and I noticed her eyes kept dancing around our hands which were entwined together.
“Noah” she called and acted like she wanted to give him a hug but was being restricted by something.
Well, all I could do was watch in awe.
“Au…Audrey?” Noah called again and scoffed.
“What’re you doing here? I mean…I…”
“Yeah…I just came over for dinner. Long time” she replied frantically with a sly smile.
“Yeah…long time. Nice meeting you as well” Noah said and just then, his mum came in.
“Noah!” She called in surprise.
“Oh, my! You didn’t tell me you were here already. When did you come in?” She asked ecstatically as she walked to where us and her brows arched when she saw us holding hands.
“O…kay. Isn’t this Maxine?” She asked, surprised.
“Good evening, ma’am” I greeted with a little bow.
“Yeah…good…evening” she drew her reply and looked at Noah.
“Is…she the one?” She asked and he nodded and an “Oh!” escaped her lips.
I looked at the Audrey and could see a little bit of confusion on her face.
“Um…okay; okay. First things first. Come on, dinner’s set already” Noah”s mum as she portrayed her hand and led us to the dinner and while we were taking our seats, Rex and Noah’s dad showed in.
Yeah – perfect.
“Hey, son!”, he chuckled and Noah stood up to greet him.
“Good evening, dad”
“Yeah – evening. Hm. You’re looking more handsome tonight. What’s the secret?” He asked and they laughed and took their seats.
“Hi, bro” Rex also said but Noah only waved at him and he took his seat.
“Good evening, sir” I greeted Noah’s dad when he was seated.
“Yeah – evening, Maxine” he replied and looked at Noah, giving him a cranky stare.
Holy Crap.
Three maids came up and started dishing out the meals and in a short while, they were done and everyone started eating.
“So, Noah” his dad said after a brief silence.
“Forgive me but, I’m just so curious. You told me you’d be coming with the lucky one tonight. So, where’s she?”, he asked and Noah cleared his throat and cleaned his lips with a serviette.
“Well…” He started.
“It’s actually my pleasure to introduce her to you – the lady I plan on getting married to”.
He paused and looked at me.
“She’s the one – Maxine Daniels” he announced and I felt my heart skip as shock suddenly gripped me.
“What??” Rex shrieked.
“What’re you talking about? You’re getting married to Maxine?”
“Yes. And I don’t think its any of your business” Noah snapped back at him and he scoffed.
“Noah” their dad called, interrupting both of them.
“Come on. I need to have a word with you”, he said and left the dining and Noah stood up after a little reluctance and followed him.
Oh, God!
What’re they going to talk about?
Next episode dropping soon.
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