Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 1

Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 1


(She’s too Perfect)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
“Damn it! Hurry up, Maxine! Even a snail is faster than you” Tammy rasped as I hurried down the stairs with her school bag.

“I wonder why she keeps acting clumsy” Ruby also glared at me.
Well, I’m not surprised. What do you expect from two sisters with the same characters?

“I’m sorry”,I muttered as I stretched out the bag to Tammy and she rolled her eyes before snatching it from me.

“Are my pretty angels ready?” The familiar voice asked and I turned to see their mother climbing down the stairs, looking so pretty as always.


“Yes, mum. I was about coming to your room to kiss you” Tammy said with a pout and went to give her a peck.

Well, she was the youngest and tend to behave childish.

Mrs Rosalie glared at me when she got to where I was and I quickly took my gaze to the floor.

“Okay, dear. You need to hurry up so you won’t be late. Be careful, okay?” She said sweetly to her daughters and they nodded

“Bye, mum.” Ruby said and started walking out.

“Bye mummy. I’ll get you some small chops on my way back. And I promise to dance for you when I return” Tammy giggled.

“Oh! Please Ruby, you and I both know you don’t know how to dance” Ruby said as she walked out the door.

“That’s a lie” Tammy pouted and their mother laughed.

“Don’t mind your sister. You’re a perfect dancer, okay?” She tried petting her.

“And what’re you staring at??” She snapped at me and I gulped nervously and started walking out of the house, my school bag hung on my right hand.

I got out to the parking lot and met Ruby already seated in the black jeep, operating her phone.

I tried going in, but she stopped me.

“And what do you think you’re doing?” She asked with a glare.
Oh, please!


“I’m not ready to share the car with you today, okay? So, find your way” she snapped and took her eyes back to her phone.

Oh God! Not again.

Tammy showed up immediately.

“Hm” she scoffed and rolled her eyes at me before going into the car as well.

“But…how do I get to school? I don’t have any money on me” I said and they laughed.

“Well, that’s your problem; not ours” Tammy smirked and shut the door and the driver took off immediately.

I itched my head and watched pathetically as they left. What do I do now? Am I really going to walk to school today again? But the distance is so long. I’ll definitely be late for classes.

Oh God!

I took in a deep breath and having no other choice, I started walking out of the compound.
Want a little introduction?

Well, I’m Maxine Daniels.

19 years old and an orphan. Yeah – my parents died a long time ago and since then, I’ve been forced to live with my uncle and his family since they were the only relatives I knew.

The cause of my parents death still remains a mystery as they were both found dead in the early hours of the morning and I’m yet to receive anymore news.

My father was a wealthy business tycoon, but when he died, his brother – my uncle – took everything away.

Well, it was actually stated in my father’s will that he willed everything to him and till date, I still don’t know why. I mean, I’m his only child, yet he didn’t leave any of his properties or a little part of his wealth for me. And now, I have to depend on my uncle and live as a slave.

Anyway, I just decide to go on with life. I mean, as long as there’s life, there’s hope, right?
I got out to the road and continued walking.
Gosh! I was so tired already. I wish I had a cab fare. I can’t believe I’ll be late for classes again.

After a long walk, I came across a billboard that gripped my attention and I stopped to take a proper look at it.

On it was boldly written:


I smiled as I stared at it.

Hmm. The Star Dance Competition.

It was one of the greatest dance competitions coming up in a few days time and people from different countries were actually coming to participate. The winner becomes a model and a diva and her life will sure change forever.

Its a pity I wouldn’t be able to participate because:
First, I can’t afford the registration fee.
And second, my uncle and his wife will never allow me to participate. But I heard they’ve registered Tammy already.

Hm it’s quite a pity, though. It’d have been a perfect opportunity to display my talent.

I shook my head and continued walking.

Well, if there’s one thing you should know about me is this – I was made from dance. Like…it’s a spirit that can never leave me. I can’t stay close to a music without dancing to it. It drives me crazy at times and sometimes, I wonder why I was made like that. Its incredible.
I came across a newspaper vendor and my eyes caught the sight of a catchy headline:


Oh! I paused and gasped.

Noah was back?? Hm. I’m pretty sure he returned with his brother.

Wow! I had no idea he was returning today.

Well, Noah was the first son of Mr Sigmund – who was the owner of the Star Dance Organization

He had a twin brother – Rex – although, they weren’t identical and Noah was the cutest – everybody admits to that.

He’s actually a talented dancer and had won in the World Best Competition which made him popular. He’s actually my role model cause his dance steps were incredible and I wonder if I’ll ever get a chance meet him so I could tell him how amazing he was.

Well, I’m pretty sure I can only meet him in my dreams.

I shook my head and laughed and continued on my long way to school.
Noah’s Pov:
“Oh!! My little boys are home!!” Mum exclaimed as I walked into the house with Rex behind me.

I smiled and received the embrace she was already offering.

“Good morning, mum” I beamed

“Oh, my prince charming. You’re looking more handsome!” She held my cheeks and said and I chuckled.

“Nice to see you, mum.”

“Yeah – and I guess I’ll have to come last” Rex muttered from behind and left me to go to him.

“Oh, Rex! Come on; you know you’ll always be my little prince”, she beamed and kissed him, but he didn’t smile or react.

Yeah, Whateber.

“Come on; what’s wrong? Won’t you give me a smile, at least?” Mum cooed and he just sighed

“Nice seeing you again, mum. I think I’ll really be needing a cool shower” he said bluntly and took the stairs, leaving mum astonished.

“Noah, what’s wrong? Are you two having issues?” She asked, her right hand at akimbo.

“Its his problem,,mum. His loss” I scoffed angrily and she flinched.


“We can talk about it later, okay? But for now, I need to rest” I cut her off, calmly tho and she sighed.

“Okay, then. Anyway, your father’s on his way home already. You need to get ready cause he’s coming to have a big meeting with you” she laughed as she helped me with my buttons.


“What meeting?” I asked, already feeling tired.
I’m seriously not ready for one of his arguments.

“Well…I think it has to do with you getting married” she shrugged and I furrowed my brows in dismay.

“What? Don’t tell me he’s still into that. Mum…”

“Well, its just a guess, Noah. Okay? I’m not really sure. I just think that’s his reason. But don’t worry, he doesn’t have a wife yet” she winked at me and I rolled my eyes, tiredly.

“Come on. I’ll accompany you to your room” she held my hand and said and started leading me to the stairs.


“So, how’s the dance competition coming up…?” I asked along the way, trying to bring up more conversations.


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