Story: IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted)… Episode 19


IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted) Episode 19



(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)

By: Faith Lucky.

Kim ji (Kind)
I stood alone in the kitchen, trying to fix dinner. You can’t imagine how happy I am – being here and doing what I love the most. It was something I couldn’t trade for.


Thankfully, the job wasn’t too stressful. I mean,all I had to do was cook.

After making breakfast in the morning, I rested in the servants quarters for a while before making lunch and now, I’m on to dinner.

Its interesting, I might say. Considering the fact I was doing something that gave me so much joy.

According to the roster for the day, I was to make hangover stew.

I was still busy in the kitchen when Koraine walked in.
Ugh! The grumpy boss

“Good evening” I greeted slyly and took my eyes back to the meal I was making.

“Hi” he muttered and stood beside me.

He didn’t say a word but quietly took a slice of potato from the plate and ate.

“Where did you learn how to cook?” He asked,making me twitch a little.

“Um…I didn’t learn from anyone in particular. I just…grew up to love it” I replied with a shrug and turned to stir the content in the pot.

“Hm. So, you’re trying to tell me you didn’t learn how to cook from anyone?” He asked again and I wondered if it was that difficult to believe.

‘Yes” I replied calmly.

He took in another slice of potato
and ate all of it.

“Good job” he whispered and walked away.
Kim nana (Crazy):
I kept looking at the ticking clock. Ugh! It was taking too long already!!


I sat angrily on the couch in my room and hoped she calls soon. Why’s she delaying, huh?

After a a while, my phone started ringing and my eyes beamed.
Hah! Perfect.

I picked the call without reluctance.

“Nari!” I beamed.

“Hi Kim. Are you ready?” She replied sweetly.

“Of course, I am! Why won’t I be? I’ve been waiting for ages now for your call” I said happily and she laughed.

“Okay…you can come over. ”

“Sure. I’ll be there within the twinkle of an eye”
And I ended the call.


I jumped on my feet In excitement and looked into the mirror to be sure I was still looking good enough. Then, I left the room.

I climbed down the stairs into the sitting room and was muddled at what I saw and heard. I met the grumpy step whatever and what the hell? Is he trying to turn this house into a club or what?

He was with some crazy friends and they were drinking and dancing to a loud disco music. What the hell is this??

Anyway, they’re lucky I’m about leaving the house. Else…I’d have put them in their place.

I rolled my eyes and tried walking away but the jerk disrupted me.

“Haven’t I warned you enough to learn how to show some respect? Have u lost your sense of greeting your elders?” He asked, making me look at him in disbelief.

What the f**k? Is this guy for real or What?

I scoffed and looked around.

“Did you just say that to me?” I turned back to him and ask and he dropped down the bottle of wine he was holding.

“You’ve been getting on my nerves, you know that? It seems you want someone to finally put you in your place” he snarled and tried hitting me but one of his friends held his hand.

“Hey man, come on. Don’t lay your hands on a woman” he told him while he fumed and I watched in between.


I scoffed and punched him on the nose and he tottered backwards, almost falling on the floor.

“Do you really think you stand a chance against me, huh?” I snorted.

His friends were gobsmacked and stared at each other.

The jerk looked at me in shock and touched his bleeding lips.

“You!!!” He yelled and tried hitting me but was held back by his friends.

I just huffed and watched him, wishing his friends would let him come to me so I could unleash my anger on him.

“You’ll pay for this!” He grunted.
“I’ll cut off your hands and legs!!”

“Make sure you get your suicide rope ready before doing that” I rolled my eyes and walked away.
What a jerk, I thought angrily as I walked out of the house – out of the gate. He’s damn so annoying. He’s lucky his friends were there to save him else, I’d have beaten the hell out of him

I took it a deep breath, trying to get over the anger. I can’t allow him ruin my good mood.

I walked over to Jeremy’s house and knocked on the gate and oh! Nari was the one that opened up.

“Hey” I beamed.

“Hi..I was on my way to get you. Please come in” she said warmly and ushered me in.
Wow! The house was damn…cool.

“Is Jeremy home?” I asked as she locked the gate.

“Yes – of course. Come with me”
And we started approaching the massive house.

I was able to convince her to fix a read over at her place. Well, yeah..that way, I could be close to Jeremy?

We were close to the entrance of the house when an ugly lady showed up.
Well, she’s kinda pretty. But I’m sure I’m prettier.

She was putting on a very short dressed and walked with her hands crossed.

“Nathalie” my new friend called out to her.
she maintained a straight face as she got to where we were.

“Who’s she?” She asked repugnantly.

Huh? What’s her business?

“Uh…She’s Jeremy’s classmate and she came over to study with me” Nari replied and she scoffed.

“Seriously? She had to come over? Why couldn’t she just read at her own place?” She asked, making me flinch.

“Hold on; are you Jeremy’s aunt?” I asked, startled.

She smirked and drew closer to me.

“I’m Jeremy’s…”

“You’re Jeremy’s what?” We heard a voice and turned to see it was Jeremy.
Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
I walked through the long corridor, headed for the boss’ office. All the agents I came across kept throwing glances at me, probably because of what transpired between Josh and I.

Well, they could only talk behind my back, but they wouldn’t dare say it in front of me unless they had a death wish.

I got to the boss’ office and met him smoking and talking with some agents. But as soon as he saw me, he dismissed them.

“You can leave. I’ll call you when I need you” he told them and they all stood up and left.

“Mi cha” he called as we became the only ones left in the office.

“Please have a seat”.

I nodded and quietly took a seat on the other side of the table.

“I’m glad you came on time. Actually, we have an important issue on ground. A client just called and needs our immediate assistance” he said as he turned on his phone and started going through it.

“What’s the mission?” I asked coldly

“He wants the son of one of his enemies killed. He said the man has been a pain in the ass and he wants to teach him a lesson by taking something precious from him. So, he decides to go for his son and I want you to do the job. All you have to do is kill the boy” he said and handed his phone to me, showing me a photo.

It was a young handsome boy.

“What’s his name?” I asked, my eyes still on it.

“Jeremy”, he replied.


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