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Married To Mr Popular (Rude and grumpy) Episode 25


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?Married To
Mr Popular?
(Rude and grumpy)

By: Faith Lucky.

Episode 25

Bethel’s Pov:
“Seriously, B; how do you intend on making Ryan come to school?” Nicole asked as she accompanied me to my ride.

I sighed and adjusted the books in my hands.

“I really don’t know, Nicole. Its impossible. That Blair is such a witch” I replied angrily.

“But…can’t you just ask him?” She asked.

“I can’t! He’s such a rude peacock. There’s no way he’s even gonna listen to me”.

“Wow! But why aren’t you on good terms with him?”

“Are you seriously asking me that after everything I’ve told you about us?” I asked and she rolled her eyes.

“Well…I get it if he’s grumpy and all that, but you also need to be respectful”

“Of course, I’m respectful. He’s just the one making me look the opposite” I replied and she scoffed, like I was lying.

I know I’m respectful.

We got to where my driver was and he opened the door for me.

“If Ryan doesn’t come to school tomorrow, B, it’s gonna be a disaster” she said as we stood in front of the opened door.

“Bye” I took in a deep breath and said and entered into the van.
The whole thoughts kept running through my mind as we headed home.

How do I get Ryan to come with me tomorrow?

First, He’s always too busy.
And second, He’s too pompous and with the little arguments we’ve been having, I’m not sure he’d want to help me.

I placed my head on the head rest and continued thinking about it till we got home.

I stepped out of the van and walked dolefully into the house. I met Lana in the sitting room.

“Hey Bethel” she called with a smile when she saw me.

“Hi. Good evening” I tried sounding nice, despite my frazzled state.

How was school today?” She asked, sipping from her wine.

“It was fine. Thanks” I replied and took the stairs immediately.

I got into the room and Ryan wasn’t in yet.

Well, thank goodness. I don’t think I’m ready to face him yet.

I plonked myself on the bed and cogitated for a long time.

Why should I even be bothered about the ABC girls? But, it’d have really been nice if I got to prove them wrong and fix them in their place.

How do I convince Ryan?

I left the bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower.
When I was done bathing, I found something simple to wear and decided to go find something to eat.

I didn’t even know the way to the kitchen.

I climbed down the stairs to the sitting room and…
Oh my! You wouldn’t believe what I saw.

I saw two of the sisters – Tanya and Judy – having a serious argument.

Lana was no longer there.

“And you’ve always been so bitchy yourself” Tanya snapped, anger resounding in her voice.

“Wow! Really? You wanna know how a bitch behaves? Well, let me show you” Judy replied and started pulling her hair.

“Hey stop it!” Tanya cried and also tried to retaliate by pulling her hair.

What the hell?
And there was nobody around.

I quickened my steps down the stairs and ran to where they were.

“Hey; stop it” I said and tried pulling them out.

“Stay out of this!” Judy yelled as they finally let go of each other.

I was stunned.

“You weren’t called into this, okay? So, stop being so poke nosive” she glared angrily at me and walked away.

What the…

I looked at Tanya and her eyes were already teary.

I thought of apologizing to her, but she walked away immediately and I stood like a ghost at the spot.

What in the name of heaven?
What kind of a family is this?

I shook my head and left the room, headed for the kitchen.

I didn’t know my way, but luckily, I met a maid and followed her there and there I found something to eat.
I sat all alone by the pool, thinking about my life and wishing I could have a peep into my future.

I wondered why Ryan wasn’t home yet.

But come to think of it; what if he’s still flirting around?

Oh, God!
Of course!

I didn’t even think about it. What if he’s still having s3x with other ladies? What if he’s cheating on me?

I huffed and folded my hands and from nowhere, I heard a voice speak to me.

‘Have you been giving him what he needs to stop him from cheating?’

It came from my subconscious.

I quickly waved it off.
I was way too young for that. What am I even thinking?

But I’m nineteen already.
Am I really too young for it?

I hit my head immediately. Why am I suddenly thinking about such things?

Gosh, Bethel!

Not long after, I saw the gates opening and three black jeeps drove in immediately.

Hah! It was definitely Ryan!

I adjusted on my seat and watched as the cars drove into the parking lot and guards from the third car hurried down to the second car and opened the door.

And there was Ryan.

He came out of it, dressed in an all black outfit and started walking into the house, gracefully.

Hm. Always acting like a god.

I wasn’t sure he had seen me because the pool lights were off, making it pretty dark.

I took in a deep breath and leaned back on my seat.

Oh God!
How do I talk to this guy? What if he ignores me?

And to be sincere, I can’t sound beggish. So, I had to place it in the form of an option.

I spent some more time by the pool and after gathering enough courage, I stood up and walked into the house.

I climbed the stairs and got to the King’s bedroom. And I took in one more deep breath before going in.

As expected, I found him on the bed, taking off his shoes.

He was backing the door and turned to spare me a glance as I walked in.

He took his eyes away immediately and concentrated on what he was doing.

Okay, Bethel. Let’s do this.

I swallowed hard and went closer to stand behind him.

“Hi” I said and folded my hands and surprisingly, he scoffed.

“You’re talking to me?” He asked and turned his head a little to look at me.

I kept quiet and he continued with what he was doing.

“Well…” I started.
“I don’t know if you might have gone through the news or something. But I actually represented my school in a Mathematics competition and luckily, we won. And…tomorrow’s the award giving day. So, I was wondering if you might wanna attend – if you’ll be interested” I said, batting my lashes.

Surprisingly, he didn’t say a word.

“Did you…get what I said?” I asked.

“I’m not deaf. You said if I’d be interested” he replied and I rolled my eyes and turned away.

I got to my wardrobe and stopped. What am I even doing at the wardrobe?

Oh geez! I think I might have to beg him.
But I can’t.

I bit my lips and exhaled deeply.

Then I turned to face him again. Although, he was still backing me.

“Fine! I want you to come” I finally said, releasing the burden off my shoulders.

Oh God

“I can’t” he said bluntly and left the bed, going for his wardrobe.


“Please, its important” I added hopefully and he scoffed.

He quietly opened the wardrobe and brought out his white towel.

“I’ll be having an appointment” he finally said icily and walked into the bathroom.

I sat up on the bed and watched the clock as it ticked.

I felt so doomed.
Oh God!
This wasn’t a dream.

I sighed and stood up weakly from the bed, going into the bathroom.

Ryan had left already and there was no hope of him showing up in school.

That guy really turner me down.

For the first time in a long time, a guy made me feel so bittered.
I can’t believe the ABC rats are gonna make me a laughing stock in school.

I took my bath and dressed up for school, acting so slow. I was running late already, but didn’t care. I didn’t even feel like going.

After spiffing myself up, I left the room and went to the dining.
The Winthrop family were already there except for Ryan – of course. He left already.

“Hello Bethel” his mom greeted with a smile as I took a seat.

“Good morning ma’am.” I greeted perfunctorily.
I really didn’t feel like saying much.

My meal was served and I ate quietly, not paying attention to whatever Mr Winthrop was saying to them.

I ate to my fill and when I was done, I took my bag and left.
My driver drove into the school building and woah! The whole place was rowdy and covered in decorations. The party was for real.

I can’t believe there’ll be no one to cheer me up.

I tried calling mum, but her line wasn’t going through. And even if it did, I was pretty sure she wouldn’t show up. You wouldn’t believe how many times she’s made me feel rejected and alone in times like this.

I dallied in the van for a short time before coming out and as I did, all eyes turned on me.

They were probably expecting to see me with Ryan.

Luckily, Nicole was already waiting for me at the entrance and she ran to me the moment she saw me.

Seriously, I just needed someone to walk with her.

“Hey B” she called in a whisper and looked behind me.

Then, she itched her head.

“Uh…where’s Ryan?” She asked and I stared down at the floor.

“Oh girl” she sighed and placed her hand on my shoulder.

“Well, come on; the program’s about to commence” she said and held my hand and started walking in with me.

I tried to ignore the eyes staring at me as we walked along. I could imagine what was going through their mind.

We got to the main hall where the event was to take place and I was startled at the population.


Well, of course it was the entire school. I just never knew we were this much.

“Bethel!” I heard the devil’s voice and turned to see Blair coming with her crew.
Smiles were all over on their faces.

“Oh my! Look whom we have here. You’re looking good” Alma teased.

“But hold on; where’s Ryan?” Cheryl asked and Blair gasped.

“Oh, my God! That’s completely true. Where’s your beloved husband?” She asked and I felt detest building up in me.

“Oh, my dear Bethel; don’t tell me he didn’t come. Did you guys have an argument last night?” Cheryl asked and chuckled.

Immediately, three students around came up to us.

“Yes Bethel, tell us what happened. Didn’t you say you were gonna make Ryan come to school?” One of the students asked.

For the first time in my life, I was speechless.

“Come on Bethel; let’s go” Nicole said and tried walking away with me.

“No! We aren’t done with her” someone else said and stepped in the way.

“You wouldn’t believe how much I had to spend in the salon trying to fix my hair just so I could look good for Ryan. You made us believe he’d show up” another lady said.

“Yes. You lied to us. You probably mean nothing to Ryan and that’s the reason he couldn’t even honor you” someone else snapped.

I looked at the ABC girls and they were smiling fatuously. This was what they wanted right?

All of a sudden, we heard someone scream.

We turned immediately and someone else screamed again.

What was that?

It was coming from the entrance.

“Ryan!!” We heard a distant voice cry out.

My eyes flickered.

Securities filled the place immediately as all the teachers started running to the entrance.

Whats going on?

Immediately, everyone started screaming and I looked at the entrance again to see him walking in with his guards.

I gasped as my legs wobbled.

Oh my God!

Its him!

He came!



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