Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 1


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 1

(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.


Xavier’s Pov:
“Ah….yes; yes.
“Yes…come on…
The bitch moaned my name as I rode her faster and roughly.
I placed my both hands on her waist and continued riding her and after a while, I reached my climax and pulled outta her, releasing on her legs.
She gasped for air as she fell tiredly on the bed, laying flat and I did same.
Hm. That wasn’t bad, I guess.
“You were sweet, hon” she said in a flaccid tone and touched my chest.
I stood up immediately and reached for my trousers, passing it through my legs.
“You can leave” I said icily to her, and despite the fact I was avoiding her gaze, I could tell she was surprised.
“Xa…Xavier?” She stuttered
“What’re you talking about? Why do you want me to leave so soon?”
“Well, I’m done with you, right? So, what other purpose do you have to serve?” I turned slightly to look at her over my shoulders.
She scoffed.
“Why’re you speaking like you only wanted to have s*x with me and nothing more?” She asked.
“Seriously? Did I tell you I was gonna date you after f**king you??” I returned the question.
“Listen to me, Danielle and listen very good. I have no business with you, okay? I met you, asked for a round and you willingly agreed. So, what’s with the expectations??”
Tears had already built up in her eyes as she stared at me in disbelief.
“Do….Do I look like a s*x toy to you, Xavier? Do I??? I haven’t had s*x in years and you’re the first guy I’m…”
“If you don’t leave this instance, I’ll have my guards throw you out shamefully” I cut her off and looked away.
She hurriedly wore on her clothes and came to stand in front of me, tears running down her cheeks already.
“I thought the rumors were false. But I guess they’re right afterall. You’re indeed heartless” she blurted tearfully and ran out.
Yeah, whatever.
I smirked and stood up from the bed, going to the wardrobe to get something else.
Hmm. First lady for the day. Guess I have one more to go.
I whistled and made little movements with my body as I sought for what to wear and just then, the door opened, revealing my ever sweetest mum.
Oh! Crap. That look…
She’s definitely here to scold me again.
“Xavier” she called.
“What the hell happened?? I just saw a lady running out of your room in tears. What happened this time around?”
I shrugged and turned back to the wardrobe.
“Well…I don’t know, mum. She just…she asked for something which I couldn’t do and….”
“Do I really look like a child to you?” She cut me off.
“Tell me it wasn’t one of your usual *use and dump* theory”.
I didn’t say a word as I continued rifling through my wardrobe.
“I’m talking to you,Xavier. For goodness sake, you’re just nineteen!”
“I’ll be twenty in a few months from now” I chipped in with an eye roll.
“Whatever! You’re damn too early to be a player. When will you learn to control and live a decent love life? At…At least, have a girlfriend”.
“That’s bullsh*t,mum. I ain’t getting no girlfriend. Not now” I said with a scoff.
“Seriously?? So you’re gonna be a player for how long?”
“Gosh! Chilax, mum. Its not like you’re related to any of the ladies. You don’t even know them”.
“The hell – I loathe this lifestyle of yours. I ain’t stopping you from having fun. All I need is a decent Love life. There are many pretty girls around. Pick one and stop being a heart breaker”.
“Well, I’m sorry mum, but neither of them are yet to catch my attention”.
“What about Chelsea? You…You’ve been friends with her since child hood. Isn’t she good enough?”
“What the heck? Chelsea and I are just friends – nothing more”.
“But she likes you. I mean…I’m damn sure she likes you a lot. Haven’t you…”
“Whatever, mum. I only like her as a friend, nothing more”.
She paused and took in a deep breath and I figured she was probably tired of arguing.
“Seriously, Xavier. You need to change” she said forlornly.
“Yeah, I will. But not now”. I said under my breath as I finally brought out a shirt from the wardrobe.
At last!
I wore it on and turned to see mum staring at me.
She shook her head and didn’t say any other thing as she started walking out of the room.
“I love you, mum!” I shouted after her as she shut the door and I chuckled.
I reached for the champagne in front of me, uncapped it and started gulping it down.
Want a little introduction??
Well, I’m Xavier Maddox – the only precious child and son of the multi-billionaire.
My mum is from a Royal family in England but got married to my dad who’s an American and a bastard billionaire.
He’s actually an ex president of the country – ruled some years ago when I was still a kid. But unfortunately, he dropped out of politics and ventured into business which only tripled his wealth.
He built a school in my name – yeah. A high school which is actually among the top 10 best schools in the US.
I’ve got the fame, cuteness, charms… name it. And I guess that’s the reason ladies are ready to die for me.
Seriously, they are.
But unfortunately, I’ve got no time for love.
Yeah, all I can do is f*”k and go. And I don’t care if I hurt your feelings or not.
You can call me rude, arrogant, heatless…whatever. I don’t f*”king care. Besides, you ain’t feeding me or paying my bills. So, I don’t give a damn what you think. I’ve got the money and charms and I’m okay.
So, I guess that’s all you need to know about me for now.
After drinking enough quantity of the champagne, I covered it and left the room.
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