Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 43


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 43


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.


Alicia’s pov
“Alicia, take care of the house okay? Make sure you scrub everywhere sparkly clean and arrange my dusty drawer in my room and clean it very well okay?” Mom rushed her words as she made to the door hurriedly.

“Damn it! Why don’t you just kill me huh? I’ve been working since the dawn of this day and my back hurts.

I’m tired already!” I cried out.

Mom shot me a stern look and clutch tightly on her bag.

“Don’t dare me Alicia, I don’t want to come home and you haven’t done what I asked you to do.

Do you go to work to be able to feed everyone in this house?” She snapped and rolled her eyes.

“But I’m tired mom. I haven’t even rested or eaten something good. I ate just cheese and milk since.

C’mon mom, I’m tired. I’ll just finish the work tomorrow.” I grumbled loudly.

“You’re doing the work today and not tomorrow. If you want to eat dinner and sleep peacefully in this house, then do as I’ve said and quit being grumpy and lazy.” She eyed me.

“I’m off already.” She said and without waiting for my reply, she dashed out of the house.

“Oh God!” I groaned angrily.

“Fcking sits!” I cussed angrily and kicked my legs in the air.

Mom wouldn’t even give me a break. From one work to another.

I’m tired!
I’m seriously damn tired!

First, she deprived me of going to Brielle’s birthday party. Then, she made me clean up the dusty store room.

She gave me loads of works to do.
I did grandma’s laundry including mom’s and mine.

The clothes were so many that I got a sore in my hand.

I washed the toilet and bathroom. I dusted every dusty furniture in the house.

I don’t know if she’s doing it on purpose to keep me from not going to the party.

But seriously, I feel so weak already.

Making grumbling sounds and ranting cusses, I made my way to my room.

I plonked myself on the bed and exhaled deeply.

I looked around my room and it was scattered. My bed wasn’t in good shape and my clothes in my wardrobe wasn’t arranged.

I looked around my room and all I felt was anger.

Eish! Where do I even start from?

Oh God!


I arranged my room and then, proceeded to the sitting room. The sitting room wasn’t really dirty and so, I wasn’t having much to do.

I swept and scrubbed, removed things that weren’t supposed to be in sitting room and kept them in their right place.

I wiped the small television clean and then, I proceeded in removing the cobwebs hanging lazily on the ceiling.

I cleaning the dinning room too and scrubbed the floor clean.

Tired and energy drained, I walked lazily to my mom’s room.

I began from arranging her littered clothes that were almost everywhere in the room and placed them neatly inside her wardrobe.

I removed the cobwebs too.

I arranged her bed and placed a new bedspread on the bed.

I dusted every furniture in the room and then, I proceeded to her drawer.

I opened the drawer and it was dusty and scattered.
They were so many papers that weren’t arranged properly inside.

I sighed tiredly and brought out all the papers.

But suddenly, a picture fell off from one of the papers.

I dropped the papers and picked up the picture that had fallen face flat on the floor.

I turned the picture and my eyes surveyed curiously at the picture.

It was the picture of a very pretty young girl and a young boy.
The girl definitely looked like my mom and the guy, he looked rather familiar, though I don’t know where exactly I’ve seen him.

The way they had posed, they looked so much in love with each other.

The guy’s arms were around mom’s waist, holding it firmly. Mom’s arms were on his shoulders and she had a sweet smile on her face, likewise the guy.

They both looked perfect together.

Who’s this guy?
Mom’s never talked about her love life before or even anything about my dad.

So, who’s this guy?
Definitely, they had dated and being in love because even a blind man could tell by just looking at the picture and their loving smiles at each other.

I looked closely at the picture and…


I could….I could get a little resemblance, a little recognition.

Isn’s this…..Chelsea’s dad???
Why’s he in the picture with mum???
Rio’s pov:
I looked around for Xavier and I couldn’t find him.
Chelsea was just sitting at a far end of the sitting room and drinking a wine.

I walked up to her and she didn’t even spare me a side glance.

“Hey Chels.” I smiled lightly.
“Yeah, hi.” She retorted, her gaze still on her drink.

“Have you seen Xavier around?” I asked.
“No. I guess he’s somewhere fcking some random btches.” She said sarcastically.

I walked away and towards the stairs.
Suddenly, I heard voices and commotion.
The noise was coming from outside and being curious, I made my way outside.

I got outside and following where the noise was coming from, I got to the swimming pool area.

Students were there and gasping and talking hurriedly.

I strained my eyes and then, I saw a student trying to stay afloat.

A student was drowning.
I got a clearer view of the person and behold, it was Delaney and without thinking twice, I jumped into the swimming pool.


Xavier’s pov
I smiled in satisfaction as I pulled out from the second btch. I fixed back my dck inside my trouser and pinched her erected nipple.

She moaned and bit her lip.
She arranged her self properly and winked at me before leaving.

I smacked my lips and arranged my clothes properly and rinsed my face. I fixed my hair again and after taking a good look at myself, I walked out of the restroom majestically.

I got to the room Delaney was and I didn’t see her.
I hurriedly got downstairs and I still couldn’t find her.

“Two students are drowning.” I heard a girl telling her friend.

I panicked and ran out and to the swimming pool area.

They were so many students around and I was damn surprised.

Then, I caught a glimpse of Rio trying to make a persons head stay up at the water.
I looked closer and the girl was Delaney.

Oh my!

What the….f**k???

“Rio??” I called out and without thinking twice, jumped inside and pulled Rio out and thank goodness, he was still concious.

What the hell happened to both of them?

I dived in back and brought out Delaney.

She was unconscious already and her breathing was so low.

I panicked as I pressed her chest, she spat out only little amount of water.

I did that for some seconds and she still didn’t open her eyes. She looked pale already.

Holy f**k!!
What do i do?? She was completely losing consciousness.

“Delaney! Hey, Delaney!” I called and tapped her, but there was no response.

Oh my God! What do i do?

Suddenly, I thought of one solution.
Mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Wait, does that mean that I’ll indirectly kiss Delaney?

I sighed and ruffled my hair. I closed my eyes, held her noise and then, placed my lips on hers.


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