Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën)… Episode 50


Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Episode 50


(Ând the strânge maidën)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.



Xavier’s pov
I hissed angrily and turned to look at Delaney, who was obviously looking lost and confused.

“You seat behind me, here.” I touched the seat and she just nodded.

I showed her the way to seat on it and she did, but she looked scared at first, but later, she was about to climb on top of it.

“Hold me firmly around my waist so you won’t fall off and don’t even think of removing your hands else, you’re gonna fall off.” I told her, sounding stern, so she knows that it’s not just a mere spoken words but words that is supposed to be obeyed.

“Okay.” She mumbled.

I got on top of the motorbike and her arms got wrapped around my waist and her body pressed against my back.

The feeling I got, it was something I couldn’t explain.

“I didn’t bring my spare helmet, I forgot. So, you’ll just manage and I’ll try my best not to go too far.” I sighed as I wore my helmet.

“What’s… An helmet?” She stuttered.

“That’s what I’m wearing.” I grunted.

I started the motorbike and I noticed her grip around my waist tightened as we drove along the road.

“Oh my Xavier! This feels just good!” She giggled excitedly.

“Really huh! You prefer more to a car?” I yelled, so she could hear me because of the breeze.

“Yes. This is cool and more fun more than a car.
Wow! It’s my first time on something like this and I already like it.” She giggled again.

“That’s good to hear that you love my motorbike.” I said and smiled lightly to myself.


We entered into the house and Delaney had a guilty look on her face.

I had almost forgotten that I was still angry at her.

Mom was already at the sitting room and she looked seriously worried.

“Mom?” I called.
She stood up from the couch and started towards us.

“Oh my goodness Delaney!” She gasped as she got closer to Delaney whose face was bent in guilt.

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to.” She sniffed in her tears. I was almost forced to huff.

She’s really dramatic and she’s good at acting very well too.

“You have to stop leaving the house without anyone accompanying you okay? It’s dangerous out there and you might not get lucky next time.” Mom reprimanded.

“Okay mom.” Delaney said and this time, her eyes were on mom’s.

“And son, thank you.” Mom beamed and hugged me.

Perfect! Just when I was thinking that she wouldn’t acknowledge me.

“It’s okay mom. At least, she’s safe.” I smiled and hugged her back.

She grinned and patted my back.

“C’mon Delaney, I got something for you.” Mom smiled and held Delaney’s hand and before Delaney could say anything, mom already started for the stairs, taking Delaney along with her.

I laughed softly and walked towards the kitchen.

Gosh! I’m so tasty.


Delaney’s pov
“Open it.” Xavier’s mom grinned as she gave me what looks like a box but this one was beautiful and fancy.

It was a little bit heavy and I guessed that there’d be something inside.

Curiously, I started opening the box.

I finally opened it and…

What? Wow!

I brought out a beautiful phone just as big as Xavier’s own– it was the same but the colour was the only difference.

“Do you like it? It’s yours.” She smiled.

I screamed happily and hugged her tight, feeling grateful.

“Like? I love it! Thank you so much mom, I’m really grateful. I’ve always wanted one and now, I’ve finally gotten one.” I squealed elatedly.

“It’s okay Delaney, I think you really need it. At least, you would stop going out when you’re bored.

Come closer, let me teach you how to operate it.”


Alicia’s pov
“Alicia?” Mom called.
“Yes mom.” I turned to look at her.

She dropped the TV remote and turned to face me.

She looked really serious and I was curious, wondering why she suddenly called me, sounding so serious.

“You know, since the day you showed me that picture and asked about your father again, I’ve been feeling so guilty.

It’s been years already and I asked myself why hide the truth away from her? She deserves to know the truth.

I feel like a selfish mom for hiding the truth away from you, for not telling you about your father.

You deserve every right to know who your father is, and I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you all these years.” Mom expound with tears rolling down her cheeks.

I didn’t say anything but stare blankly at her.

“Your father…” She gulped down nervously and held my hands in hers.

“Your father was the guy you saw on the picture and he’s still the man we met at Mall the other day– Jerry.” She said, with her voice almost barely audible.

Her voice quivered and she broke down in tears.

I removed my hands from hers and stood up from the couch and stared at her, finding it hard to assimilate what she had just said.

“Mom, are you being serious right now?” I asked and scoffed.

“I’m sorry I kept it away from you.” She sobbed.

“So, Chelsea’s dad is my dad?” I laughed, like someone going crazy.

“I’m sorry.” She tried to reach out to me but I moved backwards.

“How mom? What happened?” I broke down in tears too.

I have a wealthy father all this time and I never knew?
Oh God!


Xavier’s Pov:
The blaring sound of my alarm awoken me from sleep and I turned tiredly and turned it off.

Gosh! I still felt so dizzy.

I yawned and stretched on the bed and was about getting up when I felt something beside me. I looked and discovered it was a piece of paper.

And there was a chocolate beside it…

I picked up the paper, opened it and the writing I’d found in it almost made me laugh.

What the…..

I stared up at the ceiling and laughed.
What sort of writing is this? Even a kindergarten child wouldn’t have such handwriting.

This is definitely Delaney..

I smiled as I went through it.

Oh! It was an apology letter. And it read:

*Dear Xavier.

“I’m sorry for always making you angry.

“It’s really not intentional. Your world is just too difficult for me to understand.

“I hope you can forgive me, Xavier.

“I want us to be friends”

The writing was so big, they covered the entire page.


I smiled and fell back on the door, being amused by the letter.

Hmm. Pretty naive lady.

I smiled and took up the chocolate, opened it and started chewing.
After a while, I took my bath and got ready for school.

I went to the kitchen and decided to brew coffee for Delaney and I, as a token of appreciation for the chocolate.

I made the cups of coffee just perfect, the way I like it and I’m sure, she’d love it too.

I placed the two cups on a tray, and as I made to carry it, Delaney walked in already dressed for school.

Is it me or is Delaney not looking more beautiful and bright this morning?

“Good morning Xavier.” She smiled shyly and got to were I stood.

“Yeah, morning Laney.” I smiled back at her.

“Uhm Xavier, I guess you saw the letter and chocolate I sent to you?” She twitched her lips, looking nervous and it made her cute.

“Yeah, I did. And thank you for the chocolate.” I said softly–I was even surprised at how cool my voice sounded.

“Xavier, I’m really sorry and I hope you wouldn’t stay mad at me again.” She pouted and clasped her hands together.

“It’s fine Laney, I’m not mad at you anymore.” I said, sincerely.

“Really?” She widened her eyes.
“Yeah.” I smiled.

“Thank you Xavier.” She squealed elatedly.

“It’s fine. Here, I made you coffee.” I told her and handed one of the coffees to her.

She looked at the coffee to me and her lips curved in a smile.

“Thank you.” She said and collected the cup of coffee.

“You’re welcome.” I smiled at her, took my own coffee and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Delaney with her flushed cheeks.

And that’s it for season 1, guys. Who’s ready for the main story?


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