Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 2


Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 2


(Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.


Delaney’s pov
I stared gob smacked at Chelsea’s supposed golden wristwatch.

What the hell?

How did this happen? How did the wristwatch enter my backpack.

“I…swear…I don’t… Know…ho..w… It got there. I didn’t steal it.” I stammered, seriously confused and shocked about the whole thing.

How did the wristwatch get into my backpack?

I would never steal, never!

“Really? So, my golden wristwatch grew wings from my own backpack and got into yours right?

How low can you be? You could have just asked me for it and I’ll gladly give it to you. But stealing? I’m so disappointed.” She huffed disdainfully.

“I swear, I didn’t take it, I’ll never do such.” I tried to defend myself.

Did Chelsea frame me because she hates me? It’s not new that Chelsea doesn’t like me.

I Know she does– even without being told.

The way she looks at me– says it all.

But my question is why exactly?
What did I ever do to her?

“You don’t have to deny the fact that You’re nothing but a crook, a purloiner and a larcenist! You have no shame!” Chelsea smacked angrily.

I bent my head and bit my lower lip to prevent me from crying.

How do I defend myself?

I really didn’t do it.

“You stole Chelsea’s golden wristwatch Delaney, because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have disagreed for your backpack to be searched.

You’d have allowed your backpack to be searched without any complaints or disagreement.” Brielle said and the students echoed a yes.

“What difference would it have made huh? My backpack being searched willingly or unwillingly? The wristw””atch would have still been found in my backpack.

I would have still being termed a thief.” I cried out, feeling both angry and confused.

“And why on Earth would I want to steal anything?” I yelled, not entirely not knowing where the guts came from.

“That’s because you’re a poor thing and a lowlife! You can’t possibly own something as expensive as my golden wristwatch and so, you decided to steal it.

Who knows, maybe you’ll sell it and use the money for your miserable self.” She scoffed irritably and the students bursted into an hysterical laughter.

At that moment, I felt like yanking Chelsea’s hair and smacking her face hard on the desk but I didn’t do it, I just stood and kept my cool.

“That’s enough!” A deep authoritative voice said sternly.

I turned and saw Xavier, he looked disappointed.

I took my gaze away from his as soon as he gave me a glare.

“Apart from Brianna, is there anyone who saw Delaney put Chelsea’s golden wristwatch inside her backpack?” He asked, his eyes darting from one student to the other.

The once murmuring students were all quiet and nobody said a word.

Okay, wait! Is Xavier trying to side with me or what?

“Nobody?” He asked calmly.

Still, nobody said a word or stood up.

“Okay. Now Chelsea, how would you think that Delaney knew you brought a golden wristwatch to school today?

I’m sure you aren’t the only student with such a valuable asset. So, why would Delaney think of taking yours?” Xavier asked, he was staring at Chelsea who looked rather speechless and angry.

Her lips quivered as she couldn’t utter a word. I almost burst out laughing because of how speechless she looked– this was the same girl that was yelling and saying all sorts of despicable words to me.

“Cat suddenly got your tongue right?
Next time, before you think of framing someone, think very well.” He huffed and sat down gracefully.

I turned and gave him a small appreciating smile while he just shrugged.

“We are sorry for agreeing to the face that you are a thief when you’re clearly not.” A student said and others concurred.

I smiled lightly and sat down.

Chelsea glared murderously at me and stomped out of the classroom.

Wow! Xavier defended me!

He believed me!
Could this day get any better?

I dropped Chelsea’s golden wristwatch on her desk and arranged my scattered things back into my backpack.


Alicia’s pov
Throughout school that day, my mind was far away.

I was so lost in thought. And anytime I turned to look at Chelsea, I felt really angry – angry that, she’s my half sister, something I never dreamt of.

How did we end up becoming siblings huh?

Why her of all people?


I got home that day and I met mom at home. She was talking with grandma.

I greeted the both of them and went to my room.

I thought about my life– my past life with mom, how we found it difficult to eat.

There was even a time we would go to bed with an hungry stomach– that was because grandma was terribly sick and we needed money.

That period was very difficult for us that I thought I was going to die from starving.

But thank goodness, grandma survived and mom was able to pay her hospital bills.

Mom got a better job and we were able to eat two square meals without difficulty.

My life was never for once a bed of roses. I’ve never experienced the life of the rich even for a day.

I’ve always dreamt of living a good and comfortable life, without any struggles.

I’ve always wanted to live the life of a princess– to live in wealth.

And that’s why I decided to study hard so I’ll be something great in life– and we would be able to leave a good life.


“Your face is gloomy Alicia. You’re looking like someone who lost her husband.” Grandma joked. I didn’t even smile or laugh, I was in no mood for laughing.

“What is it dear? Don’t you like the food? It’s your favourite you know?” Mom asked affectionately and placed her hands on mine on the dinning table.

“Something is bothering me mom.” I said truthfully and dropped my spoon.

Mom stared confusingly at me and arched her brow.

“What is it? You can tell me.” Mom replied.

“Mom, the truth is that, I’m I’m tired – tired of living this kind of life.” I said, not caring about what mom reaction is gonna be like when I finally tell her what I want.

“What are you insinuating Alicia?” Mom asked.

“Mom, you see, I’ve always wanted to leave together with you, grandma and my father. I’ve always wanted to live in wealth. And now, it seems like my dream is coming to pass.” I sighed softly.

“So?” Mom asked with a creased eyebrows.

“I want to meet my father, I want him to know he has a daughter aside Chelsea. I want to introduce myself to my father.”

Do you think Alicia is right to want to see her father?


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