Story: The president’s wife Episode 15

The president’s wife
Episode 15

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I struggled and fought with the drug using all my possible strength but no my fate has already been stamped.. “as I’ve heard, you are a difficult one” jummy voice entered my ear for the last time and everything went blank.. My eyes suddenly opened facing the white ceiling, the rays of light from the window connected to ceilings and was somehow directed to my eyes forced me to close my eyes as I tried to stand up but instead rolled from my bed to the floor.. “aargh” I groaned forcing myself up, I staggered to my room door and opened it, I popped my head out like I was looking if jummy was still around but it was a stupid idea, she would have been long gone…chaii…

I closed my door,turned back and staggered yet again to my bed as a result of the drug powerful effect.. I was still thinking about how to locate jummy when I sighted a small paper on the small stool few steps to where I was under a remote control.. I quickly lifted up the remote and remove the paper which stated..”we are giving you two options, leave aso rock and ruin your career,you have 24 hours to decide”..what?… My career?.. I angrily squeezed the paper and threw it my mouth,, I chew the paper in extreme anger,,”how dare they threaten me” I said out louder sweating out of anger.. It’s just the beginning,,”I’ll find every last one of them and show them what am made of” I muttered to myself spitting the already grind paper out of my mouth… Nis director call then landed on my phone..

Me: sir

Director: what’s wrong with your voice 1202?

Me: nothing sir, I found the intruder but she escaped, am sorry..


Director: don’t be, am sure we will have our chances soon, be more careful now.. hung up

I rested on my bed and have another round of cool sleep…. I got the names of the aso maids with Amanda’s help and the name of the missing maid known as Clara.. It was obvious she was murdered by jummy as her Corps was later found in her room… Yes, no one knows what happened between I and jummy,, few days later, the president flew to UK to solve his health problems… I was in my room at night trying to figure out what the villains wanted by attacking me.. No doubt it was Amanda they wanted, but why?.. Was it to hurt the president?… I quickly texted Amanda I’ll be in her room in few seconds… I wore a Tom n Jerry sleeveless top then headed her room.. I entered her room knowing its unlocked, she was sitting before a large mirror in her room packing her hair in a ponytail… She later joined me on her bed I was sitting on..

Amanda: so whatsup love..

Me: I think you are the target..

Amanda: what target?

Me: the attackers, they want you.. They attacked us last time we were going to meet the ambassador and there was a spy who disguised as a maid few days ago, who knows if the spy wanted to kill you i added some lies

Amanda: but you are here are you not? You are going to protect me aren’t you? she held my hand

Me: look Amanda, I cannot be everywhere everytime, you have to learn how to protect yourself..

Amanda: I actually have a black belt in karate and am very good in judo, besides I learned shooting while filming an action so I don’t think I need to learn anything again…

Me: but…….

Amanda: placed her finger on my lip shhh, come on Jay I think we have something very urgent to do, I am kind of h—y she whispered the h—y rubbing my chest

Me: no, am not in mood, see you tomorrow

I stood up and left her room then went to mine… But I was more than surprised to see Allison in my room.. She was sitting on my bed in her nightie.. I closed my door and she stood up staring at me and I can’t help myself but stared back…”all…i…sson?” I stammered….”what are yo..u do…ing here?” I added stammering again…

Allison: I came here to say goodbye

Me: goodbye?

Allison: am going back to America tomorrow, I don’t really know why I came here instead of texting you but I guess I just wanted to see you for the last time, goodbye Jay..

I can see a drop of tears on her cheek which she quickly wiped out and made to leave when I held her back while she turned back with her eyes now full of tears…chaii…”before you leave I’ll like to tell you I’ve been wanting to tell you” I said with our eyes monitoring each other… “Allison, am in love with you” I added and I can feel the shock that entered her body cos am still holding her hand…

Me: I love you Allie, it’s alright, I am just a bodyguard and your class is much more higher than mine, I understand but….

I can’t measure how surprised I was when Allison lip collided with mine and we engaged in a very passionate kiss that I wished it last forever… She later pull back staring in my eyes…

Allison: I love you too Jay, I tried to get rid of the feelings, I tried harder to tell myself the feelings is not true but I was wrong, I can’t stop loving you.. Not talking to you feels like hell.. Jay promise me you won’t leave me…

Me: I promise…with my life…

We engaged in another passionate kiss, yes it led to something else, we landed on my bed still kissing using our hands to do various kind of works on each others body… In a blink of an eye, our clothes are gone.. “are you sure about this?” I asked but she responded with another kiss… We went on and on and on till we were exhausted.. Allison placed her head on my chest as we both fell asleep..did I just say fell asleep, yea we both slept off in my room… D–n… I woke up nextday but Allison is gone…. I yawned countless times and reminisced on what happened the previous night smiling…chaii.. My phone suddenly beeped of new text message,, I yawned again, unlocked it and clicked the message in the notification bar to fully read it.. The content was “hello Jay, am now on my way to America, Love you” from Allison…what?

I dashed out of room and headed hers knocking from time to time… But she said she was on her way to America, why will she be in her room, “I am definitely crazy” I said in my mind before I headed to my room heart shattered… I entered my room to surprisingly saw Allison smiling sitting on my bed and a cup of coffee was on a small stool before her.. I ran and hugged her…

Me: what was that about?

Allison: a prank

Me: you nearly gave heart attack..I pecked her

Allison: I shifted my flight till tomorrow, I want to spend today with you, don’t tell me you are going anywhere with that witch..

Me: smiled no, today is free…

I later have my bath and dressed in a nice suit, I checked my mirror and yes I began feeling myself,,chaii see fine boy, I mean guy,, fine guy doesn’t make sense so it should be fine boy.. Allison was already waiting for me in her soft roof Benz parked inside aso rock,,she was wearing a gorgeous pink designed gown killing and nailing it with expensive jewelries… We left aso rock and was chatting, I was actually doing the driving and she was sitting beside me in the two doors car.. We were still engrossed in our romantic chats in the romantic moments when I suddenly noticed a brown SUV following us.. I increased the speed and SUV speed was increased, oh I was wrong, it was two SUV’s.. A red and a brown.. I told Allison about this and I told her to use her seatbelt…

I was in a very great speed and was concentrated on the mirror checking out the progress of our chasers when I hit another car,, yes,, our car started making a rotational speedy movement until the tire busted,, immediately, the gun men in the SUV’s alighted and started firing at us, we managed to hid behind the car and I dialed Amanda’s number for reinforcement.. Allison shouted and pointed at my chest and blood soaked white shirt,, what?… Oh d–n, I was hit, the gun I was holding fell, I wanted to say something but nothing came out of my mouth as blood gushed out of my mouth, I fell on the floor still fighting for my life,, Two of the gunmen later arrived at the scene and they both smirked, one wanted to shoot me but the other went against it claiming I’ll die anyway, in my helpless state, they took Allison and vanished even though I tried to crawl after them..

I later gave up facing up the sky awaiting my death when the ambulance siren came to my hearing, I can see many figures of military trained men scouting the area and one shouted “a survivor” when he saw me, I was placed on a wheel by some nurses “jason, wake up” Amanda voice came to my hearing as she ran after us and was later stopped by the nurses,,the scene seemed so familiar, boom.. everything went blank



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