Story: The president’s wife Episode 9

The president’s wife
Episode 9

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….

I stared at angry Allison who now stood before me expecting an answer… Chaii…”what you mean” I stammered feigning ignorance….she angrily picked up my phone…”okay explain this” she said and gave me the phone…. “I told you to be more careful of Allison, she must not know who you are” yes the message was sent by Amanda and Allison happened to view it…how did she know my password sef… Seems I didn’t lock the phone before leaving the room,,

Allison: you are not her brother are you?

Me: Allison y….(she interrupted)

Allison: just answer me…

I was left with no choice…. I explained everything to her as she stared at me angrily…


Allison: I can’t believe I was fooled by you.. I can’t forgive you….

She angrily stormed outside after she have borrowed me a clean slap even though I tried to stop her but all my effort was in vain… I collapsed on my bed with the bottle of wine and the glass cups… “yes I really need this right now” I murmured to myself…. I began to drink the wine thinking about any available solution till I dozed off…

My phone ringtone woke me up the next day and the caller was….nis director?… I picked it instantly

Me: morning sir

Director: I saw the news about you and Allison, I know this is part of your plan but don’t get too close no one really knows what she’s capable of doing..

Me: understood sir…

He hung up while I sighed and what happened the previous night kept replaying in my head, no doubt I have already failed the mission… Amanda later sent her schedule update…yes, it was another tight day…..few days passed and I was doing a great job in avoiding both Agatha and Amanda…while Allison won’t talk to me even though she failed to reveal my identity while I was of course wondering what was keeping her…

I was lying on my bed staring at Allison’s angelic picture.. Yes that made it obvious I am in love with her… I was still doing this when Amanda call came in and I picked it… “help” she shouted then hung up…i exited my room with superman speed then enter hers wondering why she wasn’t locking her door.. Is she under attack or something?….”in the bathroom” she shouted after my successful entry…. I rushed inside the bathroom to surprisingly saw Amanda stark n_ked smiling as she watched me with my heavy breath….

Of course my brain travelled to zambisa forest immediately,,obviously it was a prank or trap or whatever you call it…”wh….” I was still still trying to say when she placed her two fingers on my lip shutting me up… “I have missed you so much” she said with her seductive smile and the show began… I don’t know how and when we landed on her bed from the bathroom…. Yes the session was hot and we later collapsed on the bed exhausted….

Amanda: why have you been avoiding me my love, is it because of agatha…

Me: I was busy i lied

Amanda: really? Your definitely avoiding me, you know I can’t do without you my love…

Me: bu…(cut in)

Amanda: I’ll find a way to deal with her, you shouldn’t worry…

I nodded okay, left the bed then dressed up.. “can’t you stay with me tonight” she said shocking me with the question….”it’s so dangerous Amanda” I replied while she stared with sadness visible on her face… Yes I cared not as I exited her room and went to mine… Agatha on the other hand sent her nude pictures which I ignored before I drifted to wonderland with only the thought of Allison…

The next day was the vice president son wedding day after several postponement… The wedding venue as I heard is the most beautiful and expensive in the country located in portharcourt..,yes what are you expecting,,we began the journey on land surely in a convoy after the plane dropped us in the airport…. After the boring wedding,, I was about entering the car with Amanda when a voice called me back,, Lo and behold it was Mirabel…

Mirabel: Hi, am sorry for disturbing…

Me: it’s okay

Mirabel: I see you are in a hurry, can I have your number instead?

Me: oh, no problem i gave my number

“thanks” she said then winked once more before she walked away and I entered the car immediately..Minutes later,, we arrived at nnamdi azikiwe airport and went straight to aso rock even though Amanda doesn’t talk to me the whole time… I was playing games on my phone later in the night when Allison thought suddenly popped in my head..chaii…whats really wrong with me… I quit the game and was about dialing her number when Amanda call came in asking me to come to her room… I went there without hesitation and there was Amanda sitting on her bed probably waiting for me as I made my way inside then sat beside her…

Amanda: has Mirabel been added to your list?

Me: i stammered

Amanda: what the b—h even want with you?

Me: how will I kn….. (she cut in)

Amanda: I have an idea Jason, how about we leave this Godforsaken place, go far where no one can find us and live our life together, I can’t bear to see you with another girl…please Jason she held my hand

Me: that makes no sense Amanda, you are the First Lady have you forgotten?

Amanda: I do not wish to be one, I only want to spend the rest of my life with you, Jason am so in love with you… she tightened her hand with mine

Me: sighed Amanda i think we are not meant to be.. You are the president’s wife and am just your bodyguard so let’s just stop this right now,,please i begged

She was just staring at me with all the world sadness on her face, d–n…”I’ll leave now” I said then rubbed her hand and turned back to leave…”I don’t think we are stopping anything, remember,, it’s either me or nobody” she said as I was still facing the door direction with my back still turned on her…i swallowed my spit, said nothing then left her room to mine.. This is serious,what have I gotten myself into… I unlocked my phone to see five missed calls.. Chaii…3 from unsaved number and 2 from Agatha… I was about dialing the unsaved number ignoring Agatha’s when soft knocks landed on my bed… “who might be knocking” I asked myself stupidly…. I later opened the door to see what is referred to as unbelievable..Allison? she here for the round 2….




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