Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 29


Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 29


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
I watched in amusement and looked at Noah
What’s she doing here? Why’s she here again??
Did she really come to visit him or what?
“Come on, Maxine” Noah hushed and stood up and I became a bit confused.
Why’s he asking me to follow him? Does he want me to welcome her with him or what?
I wouldn’t deny it. I felt a little angry and jealous.
He held out his hand to me and I sluggishly stood up, placing my palm on his.
We walked towards the door as the maid ushered her into the house.
Oh! She actually came with the baby – I suppose.
Yes, she was with a little girl and I guess that was the “daughter”.
I felt my cheeks turn red as I stood in front of her.
“Noah” she beamed in a smile and looked at me.
“Hi, Maxine” she called simply and I noticed her eyes drooped when she saw Noah and I holding hands.
“Hi. Good morning” I feigned a smile.
I must admit – the baby was kinda pretty.
Just like her father – I guess.
“Please, have a seat” Noah chipped in and we all took our seats.
She sat next to the baby,
While I sat next to Noah – facing her.
“Um…thanks for coming, Audrey. I really appreciate” Noah said and I shot him a stare.
Hold on; was he actually the one who invited her over???
“Its nothing,Noah. You don’t need to thank me” she said and the whole drama was startling me.
What’re they really upto?
Well, even if negative thoughts wanted to cloud me, Noah’s words from last night replayed in my head and gave me hope.
“She’s the one, right?” He asked, referring to the baby and Audrey nodded.
Then, he beckoned on the baby to come closer and she did.
Hmm. She seemed sweet.
He lifted the baby and made her sit on his legs.
“She’s so pretty” he said as he stroke the baby’s hair.
The baby was just quiet and didn’t say a word.
He played with the baby for a while without looking up at Audrey.
“Thank you, Audrey” he began.
“For taking care of her all these years. I must say…I really commend you for that.
“She’s pretty, smart”
He paused and scoffed.
“And I’m glad she’s my first child.
“But perhaps, if you’d told me sooner, things would’ve been different right now. Because the thing is…..I’m already engaged and can’t cancel my wedding plans for anything”.
I felt my heart skip a bit at the mention of that.
“I promise to check up on Ella from time to time and carry out my responsibilities as her father, but I just want you to know it’s in noway going to affect my relationship with Maxine.
“What ever happened between us, Audrey, is in the past and unfortunately, I’ve moved on already. So, I’d really appreciate it if you could learn to accept it”.
A long silence ensued when he rounded up his *speech*
I kept my eyes glued to the floor,my heart pounding so fast.
I….never expected it.
After a long brooding silence, Audrey finally spoke up.
“Well..” She said with a sigh.
“I might say…I actually expected this.
“You don’t need to worry about it, Noah. I perfectly understand. I mean I….I’ve been really stupid to have hidden it from you all these years and I actually wanna ask for your forgiveness.
“Heaven knows I don’t have the intention of ruining your relationship – never. I just…felt it was necessary telling you about it. I mean, you deserve to know you have a child somewhere and…I really want to thank you for accepting her.
“Actually….we were about leaving the country yesterday morning before I…I decided to inform you about it. We were leaving for Paris. So…I guess the journey will take place after all.
“Maybe once in a while, we’d come visiting and you’ll do same with your wife” she paused and chuckled.
“It’s okay, Noah. I understand.
“And Maxine….I must say you’re one lucky girl to have someone like him. Although, he might get hot-headed sometimes, but he’s still cool”
She paused and laughed again and this time around, I had to join her.
“Thank you – once again” she concluded and stood up.
The whole thing just left me speechless.
I stood up with Noah and the baby
“Thanks for your understanding…”
“Hey,its okay…it’s okay” she cut him off and gave him a parting hug.
“I wish you a safe trip. And take care of yourself and the baby” he added calmly.
She smiled and gave me a hug as well which I received without a second thought.
I’ve always sensed it around her.
She was nice.
“Bye, Maxine.
‘Ella, say bye to daddy” she urged the baby while holding her .
“Bye” she hushed and waved at Noah.
She seemed really quiet.
“Bye baby” Noah beamed and kissed her hair.
We nattered a little as we accompanied them outside to their ride and finally, they left.
Oscar’s Pov:
I walked into the room and met the boys busy with the systems.
“Any news yet?” I asked as I stood behind them.
“Not yet. They still haven’t left the house” one of them replied and it bite me up.
“I hope the boys are ready? As soon as they leave the house, I want Maxine abducted”.
“Yes. We’re working on it”. They replied and I nodded and left the room.
Do ladies like Audrey still exist??

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