Crazy Dancer [Season 2] Her Revenge… Episode 30


Crazy Dancer (Her Revenge) Season 2 Episode 30


(Her Revenge)
Grand finale Season 2

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
As soon as Noah and I returned to the house, I found myself jumping on him and wrapping my hands around him.
I was shocked beyond words.
He laughed as he held me properly, making sure my feet didn’t touch the floor.
“Hey, Wat’s up?” He chuckled and finally dropped me down.
But I still had my hands wrapped around him and didn’t let go.
“Thank you” I whimpered, our foreheads touching each other’s
“You’re welcome” he cooed and slowly reached for my lips, kissing them softly.
I wasn’t a good kisser and couldn’t reciprocate, but he covered me up by doing the job himself.
“I love you” I heard him say and realized that was actually the First time he was saying that to me.
“I love you too”, I replied a little tearfully and he kissed me again.
I couldn’t believe he’d chosen his baby mama over me – said it straight to her face.
“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up” he said and took me to his room, to his bathroom.
“But I’ve taken my bath already” I tried telling him but he ignored and turned on the shower, pushing me in immediately.
My clothes got wet immediately and I shrieked and tried moving away from it, but he pushed me again and joined me.
I laughed this time around and he helped me undressed.
Holy Molly!
I felt goosebumps all over immediately.
He undressed me, took off my skirt, shirt and p*nties and I couldn’t even look him In the face again.
He took my hand to his belt and made me unhook it, but I couldn’t do the rest myself as my hands shook.
Gosh! There’s no way I’m doing it. No way.
He smiled when he noticed I couldn’t complete it and did it himself.
He pulled off his shirt and trouser and this time around, I kept my eyes fixed on his face because I didn’t want to look *elsewhere*
I didn’t even want it to happen mistakenly.
He wrapped his hands around my waist and with the shower falling heavily on us, he locked his lips on mine.
“You’re beautiful” he whispered when he broke the kiss and my cheeks flushed.
Suddenly, I feared he was gonna do it again.
The thought hit and made me scared because I still felt pains down my legs.
He held my waist and making our foreheads touch, we stayed that way for a long time, still beaten by the shower.
I couldn’t explain it. And I had no idea if I was just experiencing it for the first time, but at that moment, she felt special to me.
So special; even her breath.
At that moment, I felt like going deep into her again. But even a lame man could tell she was still in pains.
So, perhaps, I’d just endure the urge.
Although, its damn not easy.
Her succulent bo”bs lying against my chest,
Her soft waist resting in my hands.
Her lips so tempting..
Even her bashfulness and resistance motivated me.
I just wanted every part of her.
But perhaps, I’d wait.
I finally decided to let get go before she’d die of anxiety.
I disentangled from the hug and turned off the shower.
“Come on” I hushed and led her out of the bathroom after giving her a towel and taking one for myself.
“Get dresses. We’ll be going out later”, I told her in the room.
“Huh? Where?” She inquired.
“For shopping”, I winked at her and she left.
Thank goodness.
I smiled and took in a deep breath as I plonked myself on the bed.
Then, I reached for my phone and put a call through to dad.
It ringed to an end but he didn’t pick up and I decided to message him instead.
☎Hi Dad.
I just wanted to tell you I’ve started working towards the wedding.
☎ Maxine and I will be going to shop for her bridal set today. So, I want you to speed up your own plans.
☎i want the wedding in two days time☎
And my face crinkled up in a smile as I sent the message.
Awwn! Who else felt that romance between Maxine and Noah????

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