Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 10


Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect) Episode 10





(She’s too Perfect)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:

I heard a loud bang in my head as I listened to him. What is he saying??



“What are you talking about, Pablo?” I cut him off.
“Wh…What do you mean you want me to dance at the…”

“Yes, Maxine. Can’t you see? You’re the talk of the entire city and having someone like you among the contestants is gonna be a big blast. You’ll make name, Maxine and I’m positive you’ll win” he enthused.

“But…what about my family? They’ll never allow me go for it” I said like I wanted to cry.

“And whoever said you needed their permission?” He asked, making me raise my brows.
“You didn’t ask for their permission before dancing at the party, did you? So, you definitely don’t need their permission now.

“You’ve already gotten a new identity which is recognized by the entire country. You can go on with the veil”.


My eyes beamed.

“You…want me to contest with my face covered?” I asked in surprise.

“Well, yes. I mean, you danced at the party with the veil, right? So, it should be more like your logo or something”.

“But…” I paused and scoffed.
“Who’s ever gonna accept a contestant with a covered face? And…what if I get caught one day?”

“I’ve told you, little girl. Your identity is safe with me. Or, don’t you trust me anymore?” He asked and I looked at him and blinked rapidly.

“Think about it, Maxine. The organizers are already waiting and as soon as you agree, we get on to it cause we’re running out of time. The contest is in two days time and they need to round up their list”.

For a while, we were both silent.

“Little girl, what do you think?” He asked and I sighed and turned to back him.

“Well…I’d love to do it, Pablo; I’m just scared…”

“There’s nothing to be scared of” he came up to me and said, making me face him.

“Trust me, everything will be fine. Okay?”

I let out a depressed sigh and he stoked my hair.

“So…does it mean you’re doing?” He asked, making me speechless for a while.

Oh God! Will I really do this?

Become among the star contestants? Will I be able to cope?

But on the brighter side, it’d have been so much fun. If I win – if I’m able to win – my life will change forever. I’ll finally be free from my family and live the life I’ve dreamt of.

“Maxine..” Pablo broke into my thoughts, holding my hand.

I looked at him weakly.

“You’ll do it, right?” He asked and I just nodded perfunctorily.

Then, he smiled and pulled me in a hug.

“Good girl. Don’t worry, its for the best” he cooed.
Noah’s Pov:
I walked tiredly down the stairs to the sitting room and met mum at the dining.

“Noah!” She beamed as soon as she saw me and I went ahead to join her.

“Good morning, mum” I greeted casually and took a seat.
I was still putting on my pajamas.

“Good morning, handsome. Hm. You slept like a baby. I can’t believe you’re just waking up”. She said and I shrugged.

“By the way, could you have any idea where your brother might be? He isn’t home”. She asked.

“Huh? I don’t know. He didn’t tell me anything” I replied as I poured myself from tea.

“But Noah, what the hell happened between you two? You used to be so close before you travelled. What happened?”

I took up my cup of tea and sipped from it.

“Its a long story, mum” I started calmly.

“But, to cut it short – he thinks I snatched his girlfriend from him.

“While we were in Dubai, he had a girlfriend – someone he really cherished. But for f**k sake, he had no idea she never loved him but loved me instead and was only in the relationship with him because she needed a way to get closer to me.

“Months later, she confessed her feelings to me and believe me, I never loved her; never.

“So, I rebuffed her and asked her to stay away and she went ahead to kiss me. And unfortunately, that was when your beloved son stepped in. He caught us kissing and concluded I betrayed him.

“And to make it worst, the lady told him to his face that she never loved him, but loved me instead. Although, I never accepted her. I pushed her out, but Rex still blamed everything on me – saying I was the reason she left him.

“So, that’s it” I concluded with a shrug and sipped from my tea again

Mum was completely speechless.

“Oh, my God” she finally exclaimed.

“But…didn’t you try to explain things to him? Let him know she forced herself on you and…”

“Of course, I did. But he was too dumb to believe me.

“Anyway, I don’t really care anymore. He can do whatever he wants. I spent weeks apologizing and pleading with him, but he turned deaf ears. So, I don’t think I care anymore”.

“Noah!” She gasped.

“Please, don’t say that. No matter what, you two are still brothers and you need to make peace. I believe…”
My phone buzzed immediately, interrupting the conversation and I checked to see it was my manager.


“I’ll be right back” I told mum and excused myself from the dinning, going far away.

I said impatiently on the phone.


Good morning. Please, go straight to the point. What did you find? Who’s she?” I asked curiously.
Well, I couldn’t help it.

I’m sorry Noah, but there’s no news about her. I tried asking the organizers, but none of them claims to know her. They all said she came in with the veil and wouldn’t reveal herself” he replied and I groaned and squeezed my eyes.

The hell! Did she just appear from nowhere? There’s got to be a connection! Someone brought her there. She doesn’t wear a veil her entire life, does she? Just find her, Seth. Please”

Okay, Noah. I’ll try my best to get to the route. I’ll try to find the connection and know how she got there in the first place”.

Thanks” I muttered and ended the call.

Oh, God!
Maxine’s Pov:
I sat absent-mindedly in the cab and almost passed my location as a result.

But thank goodness someone dropped from the cab and that was when I snapped out of my thoughts and realized I was already passing the school area.


I shook my head and came out of the cab after settling the cabby. Then, I held my bag and started walking sullenly towards the gate.

The thought of the competition kept crowding my mind and made it impossible for me to think straight.

I was close to the building when a man approached me and stood in my way.

“Maxine” he called, making me surprised that he knew my name.

“H…Hi”,I replied twitchily, wondering why he stopped me.

“Uh…is there a problem?” I asked.
The students passing around were already throwing glances at us.

“Of course, not. I just need you to come with me for a few seconds. My boss would like to talk to you. I’m sure you know him – Mr Rex Sigmund” he replied and my jaws dropped.


I looked around, then back at him

“R….Rex?” I stuttered in confusion.

“You mean…”

“Yes, Rex – Noah’s brother” he cut in, making me more perplexed.

“I…I don’t understand. I don’t know him. I mean, he doesn’t know me. Why would he want to see me?”

“Well, I’d suggest you come with me, please. He’s waiting in the car. Please” he said politely and stretched out his hand towards the pathway to the car.

I looked at him in shock. What’s going on? Why on earth would Rex be looking for me? I don’t understand

Rex? Rex Sigmund?

What’s wrong?

The man started walking away and slowly, I dragged my feet and followed him behind.

But I couldn’t help but wonder. Could it be possible he’s lying? Why would someone like Rex want to see me?

Well, the only reason I’m going with him is because there are a lot of people around and he can’t possibly hurt me here and go free. So, if he’s lying, He’s going to be on the losing side.

I followed him to the car and saw the biggest shock of my life.



Rex Sigmund!

Noah’s brother….

What the hell??

So, its true? He’s really the one? He came to

How am I sure I’m really the one he came to see? What if the man had mistaken me for someone else? Because I still don’t understand why someone like Rex would come all the way to my school to see me.

“Please, go in” the man said and opened the door for me.

Rex was seated calmly, chewing a gum and going through his phone.

I looked at him, expecting him to say something, but he didn’t.

“Miss, please go in” the man urged me again, but I still felt reluctant.

Then suddenly, Rex looked at me and my heart skipped.

“Please come in, Maxine” he said with a sly smile, leaving me gob smacked.

I stared at him for a while, not knowing what to say but when he looked at me again, I gulped nervously and went into the car.

I felt my whole systems shake as I sat next to him. Oh, God! What’s going on? Why does he want to see me?

Could it be possible…

Oh, my!

Could it be possible he already knows I’m the veiled dancer?

No; but Pablo had promised me no one would ever get to find out.

“Good morning, Maxine” he started, releasing a cold fragrance from his mouth.

I shot him a stare but quickly took my eyes to the floor.

“Good…Good morning, sir” I greeted nervously.

“Oh, please! First of all, you can start by calling me Rex. And secondly, I have a proposal for you”.

He paused and operated his phone briefly, playing a video in the end.


It…it was a video of me – dancing in Pablo’s bar!

What? What’s going on? How did he get it?

And….why’s he showing it to me?

I looked at him, beady eyed and he smiled. What does he have in mind?

“Isn’t it cute?” He asked and smiled again.

“I wonder what your family would do to you when they get to watch this amazing video”.

I furrowed my brows in confusion and looked at him. What’s he talking about?

“Let’s cut the long story short, Maxine. I know everything; I know you’ve been warned by your family to stop dancing and definitely, if they see this, you’re gonna be in trouble and isolation”.
He paused and chuckled.

The video was still playing in his hands.

“S…sir?” I called,confused.

How did he get to know all these? And what does he have in mind?

“Oh! I told you to call me Rex” he grunted and clicked his tongue.

Oh my God! If my family gets to watch their video, I’ll be dead. Even the dance competition coming up, I’m never gonna participate!

What’s happening???

“Okay; let’s cut the long story short, Maxine”, he cleared his throat and said

“I want us to make a deal.

“If you wouldn’t want me to send the video to your family, you’ve got to do what I want. And…being as kind-hearted as I am, I’ll be giving you two options”.

He paused and looked down at my legs, then back to my face.

The whole time, I was completely speechless.

“First option, have s*x with me and I’ll delete the video.

“Or…second option – you’ll become my personal maid.

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