Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect)… Episode 6


Crazy Dancer (She’s too Perfect) Episode 6



(She’s too Perfect)

This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.



Maxine’s Pov:
My eyes beamed as my hands fell freely from his.

I scoffed and blinked rapidly. Did I just hear him correctly or what?

“Pablo?” I called.
“I…I don’t understand”.

“What’s there not to understand, little girl?” He replied sharply.

“Its very simple. I need you to dance at the party”

“But I can’t. I mean, you know its not possible. First of all, my family will never approve of me going to the party. And secondly, you know very well I’ve been warned to stop dancing. So, how do you expect me to dance?

“And thirdly, its gonna be a big party which will be aired live and watched by millions. How can I…”

“That isn’t the issue, Maxine” he cut in, his hand on mine.
“You’re a perfect dancer and I’m sure you’ll make them go crazy. You’re just good enough for the job”

“But what about my family? They’re gonna be there as well and they’ll kill me if they see me dance”.

He paused and brought out a veil.

“What if…nobody sees your face?”

I flinched and looked at the red veil.

“You…want me to put it on?” I asked, perplexed.

“Yes, little girl. All you have to do is wait behind for your family to leave and when they’re gone, you come out to the roadside where I’ll be waiting for you and. We’ll come here to the bar and get changed – put on the veil and we go to the party. You won’t even spend up to thirty minutes cause as soon as you’re done dancing, I’ll bring you straight home and everything will be back to normal long before your family returns. Come on, little girl. The pay will be huge and with this, you’ll be able to clear your fees and have enough savings. You should make use of this opportunity”.he spoke enthusiastically, making me cogitate on jt.

It kinda sounded cool. But I was scared.

“Little girl…”

“What if someone gets to know I was the dancer?” I asked

“They won’t, okay? I promise you; your secret will be safe with me and no one; nobody at all will ever get to know it was you” he replied and I sighed.

But what if something goes wrong? Will I be able to do this?

Oh my God! Can I dance at such a huge party? Will it be possible?
My head was muzzy throughout the day in school as all I could think of was Pablo’s offer. Was I really gonna accept it?

It was cool, but sounded too risky to me. What if my family gets to see me somehow? Or my identity gets leaked? I’ll definitely be dead in the hands of my family.


And thinking about the other aspect…will I really be able to dance at such a huge party? With the entire country watching? That alone made me nervous.

The anniversary party was the talk of the entire school as the students couldn’t stop beaming and again, I imagined myself dancing in front of such a huge crowd.

The school coming to a close was more like a relief for me and as expected, Tammy and Ruby went home without me. I seriously wonder where they got this new attitude theirs – always going home without me.

Well, I guess I might really need to dance at the party so I can save up money for a lot of things. I’m just… really really scared.

Pablo had given me some money on my way from his bar and with that, I boarded a cab home with it but as expected, I stopped a little distance from the house and walked the remaining way home. I just hope everything goes on as planned.

I got to the entrance and pushed the door gently, going into sitting room and there I found Tammy and Ruby trying on their dresses. Their mother was there as well.

“Why are you home early?” Ruby snapped and I halted.

“Yes. Didn’t you trek home?” Tammy also chipped in and I thought of what to say.

“I…someone gave me a lift – a lady from the school” I replied nervously.
I should’ve thought about it. They’d suspect I arrived too early.

Oh, please! I really don’t want them to think I have a source of money

“Good evening, aunt” I went ahead to greet and all I got was a glare.

“Save your greetings and hurry to the backyard. I kept some clothes for you to wash”, she said belligerently and I nodded and took the stairs, going to change.

I got into my room and sat on the bed for a short time, contemplating on the whole thing.
Will I be able to do this? Dance at such a huge party?


I looked at the time; it was fast approaching and I needed to make a quick decision.

Maybe, I should just dance after all. I mean, no one would get to know it’s me. Pablo has already promised to protect my identity and I can trust him, right?

Yes; I can trust him.

I stood up and changed into a casual dress and went straight to the backyard afterwards. I was so hungry and can’t believe my first welcome is getting to wash a hip of clothes.

I got to the backyard and my eyes drooped at the sight of clothes I saw.

Whaaaat? How does she expect me to wash these? Oh my God! It looked more like she brought them to a laundry woman. They were damn too much. Couldn’t she be considerate for once?? Huh?

I exhaled tiredly and went to sit in front of the big rubber where I mixed the clothes, water and detergent. Will I be able to get these done before the party?

Immediately, I set out to work, washing as fast as I could.
2 hours passed and I was still washing and by then, my family were already prepared for the party.

My aunt, uncle, Tammy and Ruby. Although, I couldn’t see everyone of them since I was in the backyard but my aunt was the one who came to me, looking like a Roman Queen.

“And here you are” she said when she met me.

She paused and took a look at the clothes.

“Well, when you’re done washing, you can get some food from the kitchen” she rolled her eyes left.

I continued washing – more slowly now because I was getting tired already – and after a while, I heard the sound of the gate opening and their cars driving out and I figured they were done.

Hah! Oh, God!

I stood up and ran to confirm it and indeed, they were gone. They’ve left the party.

Oh, Maxine! Am I really doing this?
I ran my fingers into my hair and thought for a while. Of course!

And without further hesitation, I ran into the room.

I took my bath, got changed and called Pablo afterwards.

☎Hello? Pablo?

☎Little girl! Please, tell me you’re on way. They’ll be calling on the dancer soon.

☎Um…yes. I’m on my way.

☎Okay. Good. I’m by the roadside already. Hurry up.

And I hung up.

I took in a deep breath in front of the mirror and hurried out of the house.

I got out to the roadside and found him like he said – already waiting for me in his car and immediately, I rushed to him and sat next to him at the front seat.

“Thank goodness you changed your mind” he said with relief.

“Please Pablo, hurry up. I need to come home as soon as possible” I said anxiously.
I couldn’t recall the last time I was this nervous.

“Of course, of course” he replied and took off at once.

He took me to his bar where he said I’d be attended to by some make up artistes and fashionistas.

“I…I thought you’d be the only one to see my face?” I asked him as we walked into the bar.

“Don’t worry, dear. I have everything covered. They won’t say a word” he assured me, but I still felt uneasy.

Gosh! How am I sure they can be trusted? What if one of them gets to expose me or something?

He took me to the inner room and there I met them all seated like they were really waiting for me.

They were about five of them and they stood up the moment they saw me.

“Please ladies, we don’t have much time. Try and hurry up as soon as possible. We’re running out of time” Pablo said to them and they all nodded affirmatively.

“Please ma’am; take a seat” one of them said and I gulped nervously and took the seat in front of them.

And with snappy fingers, they set out to work immediately.
I wasn’t looking at the mirror, but I could bet they were transforming my face into something else. Was the make up really necessary? I mean, considering the fact I’d be covering a veil.

After what seemed like forever to me, they finally rounded up their work on my face and asked me to put on the dress. It was a pretty ball gown and I stripped and wore it on. Wow! I loved the length and everything.

I was given a pair of red sparkling heels and some pretty jewelries were worn on me as well.

And after everything, I was finally asked to have a look in front of the mirror and I did.

I walked slowly towards it and stood in front of it and my eyes gleamed at the sight I beheld.


I gasped as I couldn’t recognize my own image. Was this for real?

I had to touch the mirror for confirmation and that was when it became clear to me. It really was me. It was me – Maxine.

So…I was this beautiful?

Oh my God!

Tears threatened to drop but luckily, Pablo entered immediately, bringing me out of my delusion.

“Hey; are you ready?” He asked hastily as I looked at him.

“Yeah” I nodded with a sniff and he came to me with the veil and covered it on my face.

And that way, just my eyes were exposed, making me look like a princess from Arab.

“Come on; let’s go. The organizers are already waiting” he held my hand and said and I followed him out of the room.

Oh, Maxine! You can do this.
Ruby’s Pov:
“Will you stop drinking, Tammy? Do you wanna get drunk?” I rasped at Tammy and snatched the glass of drink from her.

“Hey; what’s wrong with you, Ruby? Let me have it back. I’m not a baby anymore” she grumbled.

“Really? You’re just 16 and you think you’re not a baby? It seems you need a slap” I glared at her, making sure I kept the drink far away.


“Have some shame for God’s sake!” I growled at her.
“Look at the people around us. Do you really wanna create a scene?”

And she frowned and folded her hands.

Gosh! I wonder why mum and dad are not here. They’ve been busy meeting up with familiar guests.

The party was a beanfeast and trust me when I say this; it was a blast.

Press men were all over, taking record of the whole thing.
Men of high personalities could be seen around.
Geez! This is actually my first time attending such a party and I feel so honored having such parents like mine.

Oh!! I wish there was a way I’d get to meet Noah

Shortly, mum showed up, having a worried expression.

“Mum! You won’t believe what Ruby did to me…” Tammy tried to pout.

“will you just shut up?” I snapped at her and she fumed.

“Mum, is something wrong?” I turned to her and asked.

“Yes, dear. My monthly cramps just came up without a warning and I need to go home. I’m afraid I might end up getting stained”, she said and I flinched.

“You’re going home?” I asked perplexed.

“Yes, I need to. I…I can’t stand the pains”.

“So, you’re gonna miss the party??” Tammy asked, abacked.

“Yes – unfortunately. But if I’m strong enough, I might follow it up from TV. Either ways, I just need to get home now” she winced and took her bag from the table.

“Okay, mum. Bye” I said dolefully and she pecked Tammy and I before leaving.
This is serious???
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