Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 17 April 2020 Written update

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 17 April 2020 Written update,

The episode starts with Ana and girls leave yoga classes in the morning, where Ana was extremely irritated. She tells the girls Poonam got her drunk. The girls ask if she isn’t angry with Harry. Ana says she is angry with Rohit, he tells everything to his wife. The girls say Ana doesn’t share anything with Rohit, then he has to talk to someone; be it his ex-wife. Ana doesn’t get it. The girls inquire what had happened in Qatar, did she sleep with Harry. Ana was shocked at this, she asks if they are crazy.

Ananya recalls, she was having a drink with Harry. Ananya looked excited. Harry says she looks happy. Ana said she is happy to go back to husband. She inquired Harry how he jumped from Aisha to Anita, is he going alphabetically. One of his girlfriend came to take a selfie with Harry. Mr. Lobby complemented Ana’s work, and offered her a visit to London with him in his private jet where he could get her good time and work. She told Lobby she was married and is leaving for India tomorrow. Lobby had said he isn’t used to hearing no. Harry overheard this, and comes confronting. He tells Lobby to back off and offers to drop Ana. Anita comes to Lobby complaining that he broke up with her. Lobby said it had to happen, there is love in Harry’s eyes for Ananya. They work together, roam around together and Harry is head over heels in love over this girl. Anita apologizes from her brother’s side, disagreeing as Lobby is from the same patriarchal background of family. He believes boys are best. It they work together, that doesn’t mean they are sleeping together. She says he got her from India, though India isn’t short of architects because he likes her. Ananya leaves. Harry follows her outside. Ananya tells Harry to leave her alone. Harry tells Ananya Lobby is stupid. Ananya says she noticed Harry didn’t say a word, he gave no clarifications. She says it was all very bad. Harry offers to drop her but she left.

Ananya tells Cherry that when she returned to hotel, Avi was asleep. She also went to sleep then. Cherry asks Ana why she gave Harry such a tough time. Ana says Harry hadn’t said a word in the party that day. She never felt uncomfortable working with any other man. The girls convince Ana that Harry never crossed lines with her. She agrees as Harry is a nice man, and she must tell Rohit as well. The girls forbid her wake the jealous man inside him. Ananya agrees. She tells them that she had wine with Poonam yesterday, and as soon as she felt they were more likes friends she said she was sorry about her pregnancy. Ananya was furious that Rohit even told her this. Avi says there is another nonsense going on.

There, Poonam asks Sheena why she is bringing Ananya into it. They were going for swimming. Sheena says she wants to prove that she is the quintessential nice person. Inside she must be irritated when her kids get close to Ananya. A woman may share a husband, but definitely kids. Poonam says she doesn’t care. Ananya must know brought up isn’t as rosy as it looks. She is right now tensed about Nickie, she is silent and won’t speak. Poonam shares with Sheena that she mistakenly said sorry to Ananya about her pregnancy. Sheena was taken aback, and thinks Rohit is gone.


There, Ananya was still in rage in the gym. She was angry at Rohit who shared their personal talk to his ex-wife. Avi says its not Rohit’s but Poonam’s shrewdness. Ananya says its Rohit’s issue, Poonam graciously invited her and talked to her. She insists Poonam is really nice. Avi and Cherry say they can talk ill of Poonam. They ask Ananya if she spoke to Rohit. Ananya recalls Rohit was so tensed about Nickie. Avi taunts that its Poonam’s upper hand. Ananya was irritated and leaves.

Rohit was preparing omelet for himself. His chef says ginger isn’t added into omelet. Rohit says he can always taste it and sends him to get ginger. He receives a call from Sheena and asks if one adds ginger in omelet. Sheena asks if Rohit is cooking. Rohit smiles that Ana came yesterday and it all happened, so he thought about making up to it. Sheena tells Rohit that last night, ex-wife said present wife that she is sorry Ananya didn’t get pregnant. Rohit asks Sheena who told Poonam. Sheena says she doesn’t know. Rohit was angry that she had left for this very reason and it started over again, chef brings ginger which de denies using.

Abhimanyu spots Poonam in the pool. Poonam tries to hide herself and swims just right next to him. Abhimanyu asks if she is stalking him. Poonam asks if she is. Sheena shakes Abhimanyu’s hand, and says she is the sister. Abhimanyu says, he is the friend.

At home, Ananya finds Rohit trying to cook breakfast for her. She says a Hi. Rohit poses to be normal, and asks if there is something she has to say to him, or is she pissed off. Ananya asks if there is something. She says she had some questions but keeping in mind his condition. Ananya says if it had happened three months ago, she must have been angry; but not now as its not important. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. She doesn’t believe in holding resentment against one’s husband over petty issues. Marriage means we chose to live with each other with the silly differences. Rohit was relieved. Ana asks what it was about. Rohit says he felt she would be angry again, and may leave to Qatar. He tells Ana to go to bedroom, and he will bring the surprise breakfast to her room. Ana suggests about ordering the breakfast in bedroom.

In the café, Harry sat with a girl. Harry was discussing with his friend Nandu that he thinks of shifting from Mumbai to Delhi. Nandu says he is seriously in love, and it’s the same girl interior designer. Nandu says she hasn’t seen this condition with any of the million girlfriends he ever had. Harry says Ananya is married and madly in love with her husband. They are only friends. Nandu says whatever he told her about Ananya, she married an already married man and fought the world for it. She is beautiful and must have thousands of single options but she is committed. If she finds out about his emotions, she won’t even work with him. Either he gets over this distraction, or stay here and suffer the heart break. Harry smiles.

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