The episode starts with Rithik watching Shivanya killing Shailesh. Shesha comes there and Shivanya says Shailesh came here to die. Sesha asks her to be careful and they both leave in nagin form. Shivanya reaches back home and becomes human again. Yamini smiles seeing her. Rithik comes back shocked. Ramya asks what happened to him and where is Shailesh. Rithik says she told him many times about nagin, but he did not believe her. He did not believe earlier, but today saw nagin today killing Shailesh ruthlessly. Shivanya gets tensed. Ankush asks if he saw her face. Rithik says he could not see her face, she came in Shivanya’s avatar earlier and confused everyone. Ankush shockingly says nagin killed even Shailesh. Ramya falls down unconscious.
Sesha does Shivjis pooja happily. Bhairavnath Gurudev says nagins must have achieved something today, so they are happy. Sesha says Shailesh is dead today and goes into flashback that Shivanya’s mother is her aunt and leaves her with aunt. She sees Ankush and his friends killing her aunt and uncle. Once her mom comes back, she informs her that they killed aunt and ulce. Gurudev says Shivanya and Sesha will take revenge and she should leave them under shivji’s protection. She comes out of flashback and says 3 enemies are killed and 2 are left.
Rithik tells that nagin is for sure, he did not believe mama and papa and guruma earlier and now believes them. He says he has nagin’s important thing which he will give to guruma and will get her killed. Sesha gets tensed. She goes to shiv mandir and tells Gurudev and Sesha that Rithik saw her from behind and has something of her which he will give it to guruma. Sesha asks what is it. Shivanya says she does not know. Sesha asks where is her maang tika. Shivanya reminisces she and sesha playing in shiv mandir in their childood and her mom gifting maang tika to her. Sesha says it is given1 by aunt and she should not have lost it. If Rithik gives it to guruma, guruma will easily identify and kill her. Gurudev says Sesha will bring maang tika from Rithik.

In the morning, family is on breakfast table. Rithik comes with maang tika and says he will go and give it to gurumaa. Shivanya says she will accompany him. Rithik says he will go alone. Shivanya requests Yamini and she asks Rithik to take her along. They both travel in car. Shivanya thinks how to take maang tika from him. She calls Sesha via telepathy. Sesha comes in front of car in half human and half snake avatar. Rithik gets out of car and tells Shivanya she is the one who killed Shailesh. He shows maang tika and says she came to take it at last. Shesha grips him in her tail. Shivanya asks Sesha to leave her husband and fakely acts as fighting with Sesha. Sesha throws Rithik and he falls on groun and hits his head on stone. Shivanya asks Sesha what is she doing. Sesha asks if she knows, why is she asking.She then grips Sesha with her tail. Rithik asks Sehsa to take her maang tika and spare his wife as his wife’s life is most important for him. Sesha takes maang tika and leaves Shivanya. Rithik leaves with Shivanya in car and tells he cannot think of losing her. Sesha says nagin takes revers if someone even after 100 years if someone kills her relatives. She thinks how to tell him that she is real nagin and wants to kill his dad for killing her parents. They reach back home. Rithik feels pain in his head injury. Shivanya forcefully applies him medicine hugging him. Sesha looks at maang tika and says it has same mark which Rithik has on his neck. Shivanya also sees mark on Rithik’s neck and thinks this is the one Seswas describing about and she will have to find out the reason behind this mark via nagmani book…

Shivanya enters Ankush’s room at midnight to take nagmani book and sees him sound asleep. Ankush wakes up and goes to washroom. Shivanya takes book and sees it is changed and in English instead of hindi. She hears door sound and hides in nagin’s form. Ankush comes out of washroom and picks book from floor and laughs that he is not a fool to keep real book and provokes to come in front of him. He continues his dialogues and falls asleep. Shivanya escapes in nagins form.
Sesha comes to Shivanya’s room and calls her. Rithik comes out of washroom and asks where is his kurta She takes Shivanya’s form and says he is wearing it. He says this one’s button is broken, but he will wear T-shirt. She says he does not get sleep in T-shirt and fixes button. He leaves. She then changes back to sesha and leaves. Shivanya also takes human form. Ankush holds her from behind and says he knew nagin would be around. Follow us on Facebook


Shivanya gets tensed. Ankush changes into Sesha who says Shivanya that she was testing her and scolds that she is between enemies and is being so care-free. She says Ankush is 4th killer and leader of killers, he will meet 5th killer soon and she will find out who the 5th killer is.
During lunch, Ramya cries reminiscing Shailesh. Ankush asks her not to worry, he will do something. Ramya says he is always trying, thats all. Yamini consoles her. Shivanya sees Ramya coming from upstairs and realizes that one having lunch is Sesha.


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