chachi, paro and rudra are walking in village, greeting all, chachi is telling about rudra and paro to everyone, paro and rudra are holding hands, rudra sees tejawat’s man is following them, rudra notices it, man pretends to be looking on other side, rudra takes paro away, chachi meets old lady, she says i want you to meet my bride, she ask paro to come but rudra doesnt leave paro’s hand, she says to rudra to not say no, you remember when something not happens according to my heart then i bring storm, rudra leaves paro’s hand,paro meets the lady, She asks chachi that she should see the face of the bindani as she is more beautiful,than the moon, Old lady lifts up the veil, All females take a look and bless her, Thakur’s goon tries to steal a glance of paro but fails to do so.\
Laila is buying bangles. She is informed that some one is marrying in the village and they were living together before marriage, Laila is not bothered. laila nd her frnd talking about 3 types men and shopping. Mohini is disappointed that none could identify paro .. She looks for those men who were looking for her Angrily, Laila notices rudra speaking to some one on phone .. She comes near the crowd .. She is shocked to see rudra with Paro … Getting blessed by all for happy married life, Laila is livid on realizing that rudra had married Paro of Birpur and ditched her. After all the females had taken a look at paro rudra gets impatient and drags Paro away But paro trips on stone and is about to fall but rudra holds her, they have an eyelock as the romantic BG plays, laila fumes. Mohini then announces the invitation to rudra’s sangeet .. Laila too hears that and is burning with rage and jealousy .she says That rudra had ditched her after eight long years of romance and wait

Scene 2
Thakur’s goons are disappointed that they could not see the face of the bride But over heard the name was parvati But they say they are not taking any chances They decide to enter the sangeet and try to identify her, Rudra makes Paro sit in the car and reached haveli ..

Scene 3
In the haveli he drags paro inside, Paro is revolting against his grip .. Rudra then tells her how he had saved her several times .. In hospital .. In village .. From the the husband who was about to kill her .. That husband was using her as his shield .. She would be killed if rudra had not killed her pati, That thakur was looking for her to kill her .. That she had invited her death by showing her face to villagers, Paro is in no mood to believe a single word of his .. She accuses him of lying , Both are in heated argument When suneheri interrupts them by asking paro to get dressed for the sangeet ceremony .

Scene 4
It is the sangeet ceremony .. Preparations are being supervised by Maithili, Sumer is furious with Mohini for over spending at her nephew’s wedding sangeet jhaanki etc, Mohini replies that she is doing all this just so that some one would identify parvati ..
In her room Paro is sitting in green lahanga … Paro is readying a dupatta for suneheri . Suneheri comes to take paro to the sangeet But paro is skeptical about going to the sangeet suneheri persuades paro to come downstairs But paro says she had bad headache, Suneheri then leaves paro to rest ..


Scene 5
Rani Thakurayin calls up Chacha to ask how did the girl look what is her name . How was rudra looking But due to noise of sangeet her voice is drowned, chacha cuts the line.
She looks at an old pic of her son and misses him .. Sheds tears ..
Mohini is waiting for some one to identify Paro .. Rudra warns Dilsher that he must not drink As sumer had brought alcohol on occasion of Sangeet, Dilsher does fake promise to Rudra, Rudra is serious. Dilsher tells him to loosen up.

Scene 6
Thakur’s goons are inside the haveli disguised as workers /waiters .. They are on the look out for Paro. All vilage women are arrived at the sangeet venue they are Asking for The bride, Rudra arrives there, Mohini tells Maithili to get Paro downstairs But Rudra interrupts Maithili not to get Paro as she was not well so she should be allowed to rest ..

Scene 7
Dilsher is getting drunk with chacha and sumer Both brothers have close heart to heart talk that there is another girl who could scold Rudra .. Who is beautiful as a butterfly .. And because of that this haveli is looking so beautiful ..

Scene 8
At birpur haveli Rani thakurayin covers herself with shawl and sneaks out of haveli, she Orders the driver to drive to chandangarh …. Driver says he would not tell anyone, Tejawat over hears the word chandangarh and wonders why is rani thKurain going to that place, At this unearthly hour, All alone and disguised under big shawl?

Thakur’s goon trying to remove the curtain to steal a glance of Paro but falling glass alerts paro and distracts the goon, Maithili discovers that stranger near paro’s room .. She gets suspicious ..She goes to check her up .. Finds her doing mirror work for Suneheri .Maithili urges Paro to take rest and warns her not to inform Rudra that she had come to check her up .. As he had warned her against it, Maithili tells her to come down after some time as she is the bride and one get married only once in life the words of Maithili replay in paro’s mind. Down in the courtyard .. The entire Kahandan is dancing and bonding over the song .. Imli ka boota … Beri ka beri ka ped …”
The goon utilizes the family’s engrossment in sangeet to look for paro in all rooms.

Scene 2
Maithili samrat romantic dance .. “Tujhmein rab dikhtaa hai yaara main kya karoo …” Paro watches them dancing and prays that maithili samrat jodi should be blessed, Rudra looks at Paro as she peeps from the balcony … eGets lost in her over the romantic song …
Laila collides with Rudra and mala otherside Thakurayin enters haveli in disguise
Next is Samrat sumer suneheri dance on song …”dharak dharak dhuwan udaye re ..”
Soon Mohini too joins the dance.the entire khandaan to join into the dance
As rudra is leaving . He colides with someone in ghoongat .. He apologizes .. But that lady tells him he should apologies for bringing a third girl in between them .. Did he really think Laila would not come to know ?? She tells him it was his marriage so she just had to come .. Just as he is about to explain she rushes into the dance floor and starts sensuous dance on the song ….”.Kajrarey kajrarey …”
As the dance is over laila loses consciousness she falls on rudra .. He promptly lifts her up in his arms carries her to his room ….
In his room Laila awakes and holds a knife at his neck threatens him to tell the truth or she would kill him ..Rudra is pinned on to his bed by her ..

Scene 3
Mohini notices a strange man dressed as waiter .. Who she thinks is familiar ..and she notices him looking up frequently towards the rooms upstairs …Mohini then finds the goon’s pic in the same pic which has paro dressed as bride … Sumer agrees that yes he was the same man .
Mala / Rani Thakurayin is seen entering the haveli covered with shawl . She has all memories flooding back into her mind and she gets nostalgic

Scene 4
In his room rudra manages to over throw the attacking of laila and warns her that if she repeats this again he would kill her with the same knife, Laila holds him by collar and Threatens him that for the last 8 years he had been telling her that he had no heart that he would never marry ..Suddenly what happened ?? Did he fall for that girl ?? Why did he have change of heart ?Rudra replies that what was visible to her was far from truth ..laila asks him for the truth .rudra says he is in no mood to offer any explanation to her for any action of his … Laila says she will not allow this marriage to take place … As long as she was alive .rudra threatens her to disclose what did she do to paro …
Else where the goon is seen peeping into paro’s room as she is seen removing her bangles …
Mala thakurayin is seen entering haveli .. She collides with rudra who rushes off in a hurry ..
Maithili supports Mala as she is about to lose balance and fall .. She politely asks if she is OK.

Scene 5
Rudra rushes to paro’s room .. And to his horror she is missing ..He finds a steel glass on the floor and recalls laila ‘s words that she would kidnap the bride to prevent rudra’s marriage

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