Story! AHOADA RIVER (+18)… Episode 10




“I dey ask you wetin dey happen you wan come dey form bloody for me” I shouted at him.

“Guy na me you dey shout for?” he released Abigail.


“Yes, wetin you wan do?”

he pushed me forcefully with both hands and I staggered backward landing on my buttocks.

“I go kill you here and bury you nobody go murmur” he said beating his chest.

I looked around and saw that Abigail has gone missing, I didn’t answer the guy instead I got up from the ground and dusted the sands off from my buttocks.
He stepped forward and started tapping my chest asking me what will I do if he try to beat me up.

“Bros, you nofit beat me” I shouted at him.

I kicked his groin and he bent forward groaning in pains, I gave him a punch on his cheek and ran away as fast as my legs could carry me without looking back.

I saw Joshua running towards me, he halted and looked at me with surprise written on his face when he saw me panting and sweating.

“Guy, wey the idiot wey challenge?” he asked looking extremely angry.

“Is Jeff, he has been harassing me to be his girlfriend” his sister spoke.

“You fu-ck up oh! Abigail, and you no tell me make I table him matter”

Joshua ran off to were I just escaped from making more shocked why someone will run to meet a giant when he isn’t David, Abigail inspected my body if I had a scratch. Her fingers were so soft and soothing making me dream of having them wrapped around my stiff co-ck.

“Did he fight you?” she asked with so much concern.

“We didn’t fight”

Both of us waited for his brother there, he took too long to return in other to safe face I had to go and look for him asking Abigail to go back home she was adamant first but gave in.

I haven’t gone far when I saw Joshua returning with his shirt off from his body.

“The manchi don misyarn, I go table him matter” he was shouting angrily.

“You see am?”

“Yes, him dey call boys for me, me immortal. No reason the matter make we dey go” he suggested.

I had to agree and followed him from behind his gait has changed from the calm one I used to know to proud kind, I didn’t come out till evening when Joshua asked me to follow him to the river for swimming.

When we got there I saw the guy who challenged the aboki man to cross the river that he will pay him, Joshua told me he is coming and disappeared.

“Brother no vex oh! the aboki man don come out?” I asked the young man who sat on a dead wood to smoke, he looked at me twice before he spoke.

“Yes, on eke day”

I was curious on how long someone that depend on oxygen in open air can survive in water for that long.

“Him go dey alive?” I asked.

He returned it with a disdainful look and concentrated on smoking away his destiny, I stood before the river and watched water games.

“This people no try oh! to separate girl and boy, wish say we dey together for make sense” I looked behind and saw two grown up guys gossiping.

I enjoyed how others were calm laughing and chasing each other in the river, I decided to join them. I undressed and wore my tight boxer and walked into the river, I couldn’t swim..


good morning, am working on episodes promise to make it longer,

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