Story! AHOADA RIVER (+18)… Episode 9




The other guy who asked him is a dark guy with beards and hairy broad chest, his huge di-ck dangled around his pubic region covered with hairs.
“Me I fit swim” the tall shepherd who bent on his staff spoke but more teasing was past on him by a guy who claimed that they have no river in their area that he doesn’t know how to swim.

“If you fit cross the river come back I go dash you one thousand naira” he proposed to the aboki man who took up the challenge without giving any deep thought to the matter.

I watched how he pulled away the matchet hung on his body, he took off his shirt and stripped himself naked to reveal a very tiny long di-ck, I nearly laughed.

Joshua came out of the river looking confused “him wan swim?” I looked at who he pointed his finger to and I nodded.

“The river nodey accept stranger” he claimed standing by my side as we both watched the aboki man ran into the river and didn’t show up for some minutes before he emerged from the water he was a distance away from the shore.

Joshua went back to the river while I moved around the shore, passing a tree and going up to higher land of the shore.
I stood there and looked around the place sighting another shrine on the girl’s riverside area, a mud house with a drawing of a woman with snakes around it.

I started hearing whispering from nowhere because the more I tried to decode what am hearing is the more the voice dwindled suddenly I looked up to see the Aboki man standing across the river waving.
He delved inside the river to swim across and I stopped hearing the whispering, I sat on the ground and dropped my both legs in the water with my hands supporting me behind.

Twenty minutes later the Aboki man was yet to emerge from the water, time went on and nobody saw him.
Joshua waved at me to come to the mouth of the river, I ran over.

“Oh boy, the aboki no come out again oh!”

“em be like say him don drink water”

“Come make we dey go house” I turned and looked at Joshua who have quickly changed the wet out-fit that he used in swimming, I nodded and we left wondering what happened to the Aboki man.

My mom called my big sister later in evening and she told her to register me in computer training to enable me be able to write Jamb, computer training is only about Jamb recently ever since Jamb introduced their e-exam.

I didn’t have any computer centre in mind so I had to speak with Joshua about it, I came out in search of him and saw him behind the house pointing torchlight towards his sister who was busy washing plate.

“Vico, this one you still come out hope we are safe from boko haram” he joked and I laughed.

“I wan register for computer centre, na em make I come meet you”

“You go ask Abigail, Abby the one you dey go na better one abi?” He asked his sister who simply replied with a ‘yes’ and he was okay with it.

“Wetin happen to the aboki man?” I wanted to know why the man didn’t emerge from the river.

“Na the same thing happen to one boy wey no from here, if you boast say you sabi swim you go miss for the river” his sister took the rinsed plates inside and I sat down with Joshua to talk about gaming and some few gists before I went inside.

The next day everyone went to school and I was watching television in the sitting-room when Joshua came to take me to meet his sister Abigail who sat in the sitting-room with a book and pen.

“Abby go show my friend the place since you dey go work”

“I never even dress up wait make I go change clothe” I rushed out of their apartment and dressed up then came out to meet her standing at the front of my house, together both of us went out of thr gate.

I tried starting a discussion but she didn’t reply much but to blush and smile, she is a beauty to be hold but not being able to talk to people is something worrisome.
The moment we came out of our street to the tarred road a guy that was older than me came towards making Abigail who was blushing always to frown.

“So na this small boy you dey follow and you dey form upadan” the guy spoke eyeing me, Abigail tried to walk away but the guy held her back.

“Big bros, wetin happen?”

“Close your mouth, abi you want my change am for you!?” he barked at me spitting all over my face, I was lost on what to do.




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