Story! AHOADA RIVER (+18)… Episode 3




We were on our way to the place to buy the airtime when I heard voices behind us, I looked behind and saw two boys in same age bracket with my nephew.
They were walking so fast that they over-took us discussing cheerfully about swimming, one of them wore complete jersey while the other one is putting on a short and a torn shirt at the back.

The road curved at a junction that led to another road that goes directly to the main-road through a fruit tree along the way whereas the route they are taking leads to the river if taken straight and up north leads to a cheap brothel down to a tarred road.

We entered an exposed house along the road while the two boys were walking towards the road that led to the stream got close to a house fenced with flowers and lots of apple trees and orange trees along the foot-path.

“Bobo and Bright, where ona dey go?” a loud voice asked from the compound fenced with flowers quite hidden by grasses and flowers, they hailed him first son and told him with loud voices that they are headed to the stream.
I was more interested in the discussion that I didn’t bother following my brother to purchase the airtime.

“Make ona come back oh! them escort water spirit today, nobody suppose go swim” the owner of the voice coming from the compound appeared at the entrance of the compound wearing only short.

“Salvation na your brother be this” I looked towards the house and saw a girl standing in the verandah blocked by protector with my nephew Salvation, my nephew has started telling her everything about me including telling her I came from Port-Harcourt to stay for awhile.

“Allow me marry your brother na, I wan go PH back with am” she teased my nephew “no” my nephew retorted leapt out of the house almost falling face down with his irrational reaction, the girl inquired whether he is fine before leaving presenting a view of her wonderful behind.

We went home and I entered my room dialed my girlfriend number she picked up in a matter of sec.

“I think say you no go call na” she registered her displeasure immediately.

“My sweetheart, my moimoi, indomie of my noddles” I teased making her to laugh.

“Yeye boy, I won’t forgive you sha..” she bare her mind to me.

We talked for a long time but mostly I had to apologise because she can be insensible whenever she is emotional, the was asking me when I will return and I told I don’t know yet. After I promised to be calling her regularly, I hung up.

I tossed my phone aside and remembered how I was able to get Jennifer to be my girlfriend, she and her parents moved into the Estate in my area newly in Port-Harcourt.
It has always been more of a contest for who to tap into the newest sugar-pot in my area, boys were on hot alert after finding her beautiful.

We were disappointed when boys that live in the same estate with her were giving red-flags and telling us the girl was an indoor type, those who didn’t give up hang around believing she will socialize but were disappointed when she didn’t even come out of the estate except going and returning from school with school bus.

Meeting her was nearly impossible until a day like that I was able to get to know her younger brother who was finding it difficult to cross the busy tarred road in my area, I was sent by my mom to give an owner of the shop along the road a package from her friend to her.
I helped her brother in return the little kid introduced me to his sister and we became friends, the kid was actually fond of me.

It took me three Months to be able to get her laid, I was the only one at home when she visited after we had se-x chat the previous night.
She was acting all bad girl during the chat but surprisely she started being nervous when we got inside my room, I locked the door and sat with her on the bed.

My first move was to drop a soft kiss on her neck and then moved to her lips, she was acting defensive with the kiss but I was able to find the zipper of her gown from behind and pulled it down mid- waist.
I ended the kiss and shifted the both hands of her gown, her eyes were shut tightly as I unclasped her bra and feasted on the standing twins on her chest.

She rubbed my head letting out inaudible mo-ans when I su-cked on the nipples on those rounded firm bo-obs on her chest interchangeably, taking time to fondle anyone that my lips isn’t on.

It took a lot of struggle before I could get her naked and lay on top of her preventing her from closing her both legs, her hairy pu-ssy was glistening with her love ju-icy when I thru-sted a finger inside fingering her.
I added another finger when it was w-et enough to let in, I positioned myself and thru-sted in but was finding it difficult to bury my di-ck inside her pu-ssy.

“You be virgin?” the evidence of shock was registered in my voice when I asked her that, she nodded and I wanted to pull out but she crossed her legs around my waist tightly pushing me deeper.
She grabbed the bed sheet and her lips curved into an O shape, I kissed her and worked my way in breaking her hymen.

I took considerate time in making love to her, su-cking her bre-asts while moving my waist thru-sting in and out of her pu-ssy slowly.
Our first time wasn’t much to write about because the little pains she was feeling was written on her face, I had to consider her feelings when the rubber I wore wasn’t allowing me to burst my knot and ended it.

After that day she was all over me for se-x, we fu-cked our brains out but when I resisted her for the first time she got angry and refused to talk me for days eventually falling ill.
A knock landed on my door bringing back to reality, I inquired about who was on the door.

“Na me Salvation, my mommy say make you come eat oh!”




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