Story! AHOADA RIVER (+18)… Episode 6





The girl was kind of reckless with what she did I indeed saw her white pant when she twisted in the air, Joshua marched up to the group of boys while the girl hissed and walked away.


I spent the evening with the guys performing aerial twists, I sat by the corner watching them ’cause I had no knack for doing such.
A fat guy ran from afar shouting while running towards the down slide making loud noise.

When he jumped and tried to twist in the air unfortunately he didn’t carry out the needed skill when needed and pinned his head to the dust, everyone picked up race including Joshua.

“Guy, come oh!” he shouted at me because I wanted to see what happened to the fat dude, I had to back out and followed Joshua who ran gingerly home.

I wash my feet in the tap and went inside while Joshua went inside his apartment, I met my older sister in the sitting-room watching Yoruba christian movie.
I greeted her and she told me to go get my food in the kitchen because she and her son had dinner already, Salvation followed immediately.

“Brother see fight na, mommy talk say two people dey shoot each other ehnn! gun no enter” he spoke demonstrating with hands, I didn’t even understand what he was saying because the more I tried to ask him questions the more he deviated from the subject matter.

I picked up my food and took them to the dinning table, after eating I washed it and sat in the sitting-room with them.
“Aunty, how is school today?” I asked, according to Salvation that what happened occurred in the secondary school my sister teaches in Community Secondary School Ogbo.

“My brother, no be small thing. This children of nowadays and cultism, sign of end time everywhere” a notable trait in all Nigerians, instead of condemning the atrocities committed by people and salvaging it they will quickly pass it on to religion and do nothing about it.

She narrated how two boys fought in school, one of them is from the community but the other isn’t. The one from the community went home and invited a group of cultists with guns to the school, everyone ran for his life even the principal locked up his office and teachers that are not from the community disappeared to the school farm, even students who are not from the village had to make a way home through the surrounding thick bushes.

The teachers and students from the community salvaged the situation without turning the other guy in who has even gone home after the fight, my older sister had to find her way home when those cultists left.
She claimed she love her life and not render to live her little boy behind, I laughed sha..

The following days I got closer to Joshua and his family, his younger brother Fred is a talker and a big mouthed kid who speak before reasoning.
His parents began to welcome me in their home according to Joshua he dare not bring a guy home because of his sister, they will skin him alive.

I didn’t even understand Mr. And Mrs. Ojukwu in dealing with their only daughter, the protection was much and the she attended Government girls secondary school, my fear she won’t be turned into a lesbian by her classmates.

Joshua was so happy when he invited me to play Playstation2 with him, he claimed that he would have sold the game because he was tired of playing against computer and his younger brother who had little passion for the game.
The next day was Saturday that I don’t normally go out to mark the Sabbath day rest, I knocked at Joshua’s apartment door and his pretty sister opened the door.

I was stunned by her well carved face with defined feature and a pointed nose with two little eyes and long hairs, I was still admiring her when she disappeared from the door frame.
“Who be that, Fred?” I heard Joshua’s voice asking his little brother.

I entered and saw Joshua sitting on the marbled floor face to face with the TV, he quickly got up and welcomed me.
I joined him on the floor and handed over the second controller pad to me, he was boasting of his performance in the game.

We did the needed settings and we both went for the different teams with Ronaldo and Messi, I picked Real Madrid because Ronaldo was with them around 2017.
We started the game and singled out Messi to outplay all my players, he was so good with using Messi that he scored twice before I ear-marked Sergio Ramos to tame him.

I then equalised with Ronaldo and Bale respectively, he looked hopeless without his Messi.
He tried using other players but they weren’t a good match, Neymar wasn’t very strong. Bale was better with his speed and sharp turns, before the game ended by 90mins I had beaten him six to his five goals.

He played till evening without him outscoring or winning any of the matches, it was late when I left there due to power outage the fun had deleted hunger totally from my mind.
I looked around to see his beautiful sister but didn’t find her, my stomach made a funny reminder when I stepped out.

The next day was Sunday while others were preparing to go to church I was on my bed sleeping, I woke and discovered my older sister has left with her son.
I got up and start sweeping and mopping the house, I took the drinking bucket from the kitchen to refill it in the compound tap.
I was waiting for the bucket to get full when Sample Dem Baba rushed to where I am.

“Guy, how far? abeg no vex, come stay with my madam my babe dey come I no want make she near here” I was lost when he held my hand without my consent, he wore only boxer with his di-ck making a bulge. He didn’t even allow me to take the bucket inside when he took me to his room and I was face to face with almost uncla-d girl.


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