Story: Gardener’s Daughter… Episode 21


Story: Gardener’s Daughter… Episode 21

Gardeners daughter ???
Episode Twenty continuation
I held rosie by her hands as we both stepped out to the living room to receive more guests..
“My condolences..!”a lady said as she went to drop her flowers on the coffin..”hmm..!”Miguel sighed as Isadora interrupted..”am so sorry for your loss..!”Isadora said while staring at rosie..”and who is she..?”Isadora asked..”am Rosie..!”Rosie quickly introduced herself to Isadora as Isadora excused them..
“I don’t think this is a good idea..!”Rosie said..”what..?”Miguel asked..”yeah ..I mean very affluent people are here and am just not like your type..I don’t want people thinking something else..!”Rosie said..” are perfect the way you are my dear Rosie..,so please no complaints ok..?or do you wanna go see my brother..!”miguel asked..” at all..I ll just keep you company till the end of the service..!”Rosie said..”thank you..!”Miguel said

Mean while fernando was outside drinking again and again not minding where the guests are..he was very annoyed for the fact that Rosie liked his brother..
“You here..when your brother is pulling his shots with that b—h..?”Isadora interrupted..”just get outta my sight…what do you know?”Fernando said angrily..”hey..lower your voice when you talk to me..I met Rosie just few minutes ago..and she seems to be like the good girl..and here getting drunk while she’s there with your brother..?”Isadora said..”oh just keep your dirty mouth shut..already..!”Fernando said..” only trying to help here…if you really love her then fight for her..that’s all m saying because I think Rosie is falling for your brother slowly..!”Isadora replied..”ugh..don’t make me do you know barely don’t know her…you just met her today..!”Fernando said..”yes..but don’t forget am a woman…and I can see it when a woman is in love..!”Isadora said
“So..what are you trying to Insinuate..that I go fight with my bro..? Fernando asked..” don’t mean fight physically…just make sure your brother doesn’t win her over before you..!”Isadora said..”too much talking…baby girl..I really loved your sweet S_xy lips..the last time we did it..!”Fernando said standing very drunk..”I missed your hard c–k..but this isn’t the right place or time to do little joystick..!”Isadora said..” right..let’s go to somewhere else then..I really need you bad ass..!”Fernando said kissing Isadora with one arm around her waists..

Roxana was inside her room.. throughout the funeral service..she kept thinking of what had happened that day…”oh little tramp..I would have killed you but that is not our mission so get lost..”Roxana remembered the voice..”it was a female ..!”Roxana said..”that voice sounds very familiar..”then she had another flash back..”isadora so sorry for your lost..oh little tramp..I would have killed you but that is not our mission…!”Roxana kept on thinking until she mentioned out..”Isadora verdugo..could it be that she was the one who husband..!”Roxana said as she screamed out loud crying very hard..just then the maids around heard so as miguel and Rosie..has they rushed to keep her calm..the captain Ismael also joined them with Teca by his side..Roxana was on her bed crying while Rosie was standing beside her..Miguel sat beside his Roxana turned to see Teca..” and your are all murderers..”Roxana said pointing to Teca while crying..”mom..calm down..that’s Mr Teca Verdugo..!”Miguel said..”yes so..n..I know he killed my husband..he did it..!”Roxana said still crying
“Mr verdugo..I think it’s best if you leave here for now..!”captain Ismael said..”I don’t know why she’s accusing me..I didn’t do anything..!”Teca said..”you heard the cap..please leave us alone..leave you bloody liar..!”Roxana the top of her voice as Teca exited…”am so sorry Roxana..but you need to calm down..!”the captain said as he wants to leave..Miguel follows..”I ll be right back..Rosie..please take care of my mother..thanks..!”Miguel said as he pecked his mom on her forehead and left running after captain Ismael..”captain..captain..,wait..!”Miguel said holding the captain jacket..”hey..Miguel..what’s the matter..?”captain asked..”I wanna Know if there’s anything you ve found out about my father’s death..!”Miguel asked..”oh..I was expecting you to ask me..I didn’t wanted to say anything in the room..because of your mother..!”captain Ismael said..”so..what is it..where you able to catch the criminal..?”
“Well starting from tomorrow..we LL ask all the relatives and friends of Mr Orlando some questions..a serious investigation and interrogation..process..I have good news for you..!”captain Ismael said..”what is it then..?”
“The beach house has cameras all over it and we LL be going there lastest tomorrow to check all the CCTV footage..I hope we find something very valuable..!”captain ismael said..”ok.thanks mehn”


Gardeners daughter ???
Author Favour Oroso
Episode Twenty one..
TWO months later..everything changed in the beltrans mansion..Roxana became the head of the company even though she hadn’t still forgotten about her husband’s death…captain Ismael is still finding concrete informations as Isadora and her father verdugo clashes all the cameras so no one finds out what happened..Miguel continued with working at the beltrans company and had been having a great time with Rosie..
Fernando on the other hand has changed so much so that he kept on skipping classes and doesn’t even come back home.. sometimes… things hasn’t settled between two brothers..who will Rosie del monte end up with..?
“Where the hell are you coming from…because I can recall that you didn’t sleep home last night..where were you..?”Roxana asked Fernando her son..”I went out to have what’s wanna lock me up inside here all day..!”Fernando said
“Mind the way you speak to our mother..”Miguel interrupted..” stay outta this. This discussion is between I and my mother..!”Fernando said..”what has gotten into you Fernando..why are you acting like this..?”Miguel Fernando was fed up with his brother..he turned round in front of the both of them…and before you knew what was going on he punched Miguel really hard on his face..”that is what you get for stealing my girl..!”Fernando said as he ran off..Miguel didn’t retaliate..he just kept Roxana interrupts..”what ferro..talking about..what is going on here..son..?”Roxana asked..”it’s nothing mom..,just let us late for the meeting..!”Miguel said..”hmm..ok..if you say so..I ll talk to Fernando..and why didn’t you scold him..I tell him not to ever lay a finger on you again…because you are his elder brother..”Roxana said..”oh mom.. quit worrying so much and let’s just go..!”Miguel said..”wait..there’s a little injury on your lips..!tell Nana to fix it up..or I’ll call the doctor..!”Roxana insisted..” fine..ok..!”Miguel said

“Oh paps..poor beltrans brothers..since when they lost their father..they ve been going through a lot..!”Rosie said serving her father some coffee..”well I hope you not the cause of all that is happening..!”tiger said…” not the cause of anything..what Happened..?”Rosie asked..”Fernando hasn’t been coming home and it seems he’s never gonna talk to his brother anymore..I don’t want any trouble with those please stay outta trouble..!”tiger said..”sure I will paps..!”Rosie said as her phone beeped..”how’s my pretty lady doing..?”Miguel chatted her first..”am good handsome..and you..?”Rosie asked..”not too good..I and my bro clashed..!”Miguel chatted..”what..that’s not cool..where are you..?”Rosie asked..” at the you wanna come over..?”Miguel asked..”ugh..!”Rosie chatted..”please come over..I wanna see your pretty face…!”Miguel chatted..”oh really..I will come over..but just for tonight..ok..I can’t come very busy..!”Rosie chatted..”ok my pretty damsel..if you!”Miguel added as she smiled to his texts and kissed his picture on the screen of her phone..smiling..even though she didn’t want to admit it..she was so madly in love with Miguel..deep down..
(The Beltrans Mine company)
“Hey watch the dare you barge in to my office like that..?”isadora yelled out at Fernando..who was breathing heavily..”am sorry but I really need your help..!”Fernando..” now you ve come back crawling for my help you bastard..?”Isadora said.. while closing the door..”I need you to help me with some really broke now..and I don’t want anything from Miguel or my mother..!”Fernando said..”are you insane or what..why..don’t you want anything from them..I mean they own this company and they are your family..!”isadora replied..”I know but I don’t want anything from would you help me or not..?”Fernando said..”what’s my gain in it..?”Isadora asked..”I don’t know..what do you want..?”Fernando asked..”I want your brother to be mine..have always admired him..and I think am in love with him…!”Isadora said as Fernando gave her a weird look..”oh don’t look at me like that now not a one man’s cake..don’t get me wrong now..buddy..i like your brother..alot..but that doesn’t mean I will stop seeing you even though am with your brother..!”Isadora said..” how can I with that..?”Fernando asked..”just leave it up to me..can’t you see.. I’m madly in love with your brother..I don’t love you Fernando…you just my S_x toy…!”isadora said jokingly as Fernando held her tight on her neck.. “shut your little mouth before I shut them forever for you..!”Fernando said…”let me go..let go off me..!”Isadora said cos she could hardly Fernando let go..”ok how much do you want you beast..?”Isadora asked..”seven hundred dollars..!”Fernando said..”ok..I ll send it to your bank account..soon..!”


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