Story: IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted).. Episode 1

Story: IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted).. Episode 1

(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)

By: Faith Lucky.


Story IDENTICAL Episode 1




Kim Ji Pov: (Kind):
I gave myself one final broody stare in front of the mirror before leaving the room with my bag.

As soon as I stepped out the door, the first unfortunate face I saw was my brother – step brother, actually.

“Hello sis” he smirked and touched my cheek.

“How was your night, huh? I must admit it,you always look good in your school uniform”.

“Thanks” i muttered and tried walking away, but he held me back.

“You couldn’t even greet me. Have you forgotten I’m older than you?” He asked, holding me roughly by the wrist.

“Please, Mal-chin, I don’t want any trouble” I replied tiredly.

“Oh, really? And do I look like a trouble making machine to you?” He asked rudely and I just stared at the floor.

“Anyway, you’re lucky I’m in my good mood today” he added and left me, walking down the stairs.

I took in a deep breath and followed him behind and we both bursted out in the sitting room where dad and step-mom were already having breakfast.

Mal-chin pecked his mum on the cheek before taking a seat beside her.

“Good morning, mum.
“Good morning, dad” I greeted both of them.

“Good morning, pretty. How was your night?” My step mom asked warmly.

I know she was just trying to be nice because dad was around. Else, she treats me like a slave.

“It was fine, thanks” I mumbled with my gaze on the floor.

“Are you set for the excursion?” Dad asked and I nodded.

“Where is it holding again?”

“Jeonju city” I replied and tucked my short hair behind my ear.

“Alright. Um…by the way, the cook told me you were the one who prepared the stew. It’s delicious” he said and my eyes beam.

Wow! That was the first time in a long time dad was actually complimenting me about something.

“Thanks” I smiled.

Well, that’s one thing you should know about me; I have a great passion for cooking.

“Um…I’ll be on my way now” I said as I adjusted my bag on my arm.

“Why? Won’t you be joining us for breakfast?” Step mom asked with a smile.

“Um…I’ll just find something to eat later. We’re supposed to meet in school by 8 before proceeding to the excursion and I’m running late already” I replied, looking at my wrist watch.

“Okay, then. Take care. Have a safe trip” she smiled.

Wow! How do people manage to be so good at pretending?

I just smiled at her.

“Bye, Kim” dad replied and I finally left the house, prepared for the excursion to Jeonju city.


Kim nana’s Pov: (Crazy)
I sat on my bicycle, whistling as I drove along the street, headed home.

Hm. The weather is so sweet today.

As I rode on my new bicycle, the sweet air kept blowing my long hair crazily and I loved it that way.

“Hey! Get off the road, you blind dwarf!” I yelled to a man who was backing and standing in my way and he turned and moved away in shock.

“Who did you just call a dwarf?” He asked after me and I showed my tongue to him and continued riding.

Then, I saw two women in front of me who were chatting noisily and I purposely passed between them to split them up.

“Kim! What is wrong with you?” One of them asked in fear after thinking I was going to knock her down.

“You’re too lousy. Shut up” I turned and told them and continued riding.

“This kid has no respect” a woman who had seen the whole thing said when I got to where she was.

“Well, do you have some for sale?” I asked and drove pass her.

I continued whistling and finally, I arrived home and parked my beautiful bicycle by the door.

Hope I didn’t take too long?

I opened the door into the sitting room and a burnt smell welcomed me immediately.

Hm. What’s that smell? It smells like roasted chicken.

Oh my God! Its the beans!!!

Aigo! Aigo! It seems i overstayed.

I took to my heels and ran to the kitchen immediately, turning off the gas.

Oh, heavens! Why did it have to burn? Couldn’t it wait a little longer?

I opened the pot but started coughing and quickly closed it Back.

What do I do now?

Just then, the door opened in the sitting room and I knew mother was back.

Great! I’m finally dead.

“Kim!” She called and I ran to her immediately.

“Mother!” I called and embraced her and she was a little surprised.

“What’s that smell?” She asked, crumpling her face.

“Uh…what did you get from the market, mother?” I asked immediately as I collected the bags she was holding and kept them on the table

“By the way, Kim; we need to talk” she told me and I rolled my eyes.

I already had a hint on what she wanted to say.

“Why haven’t you been going to school for some days now?” She asked with her right hand on her waist.

“I told you, mother. I’ve been waking up with strange head aches these days” I replied.

“Seriously? Strange head aches for five days???”

“Fine! I’ll tell you the truth. I was suspended” I pouted my lips and she scoffed.

“Are you…Are you kidding me? What the hell, Kim? You were suspended two weeks ago, and you’ve been suspended again??” She snapped.

“It wasn’t my fault. Simply because I beat up the principal’s son, they…”

“What??” She cut in.
“You beat up the principal’s son??”

“Yes, mother. He was…staring rudely at me. Simply because he’s father’s the principal, he feels he owns the school as well. I needed to put him in his place”. I defended.

“Kim nana! For Christ sake! How could you beat up a boy?? Haven’t I warned you enough?
“How long were you suspended?”,

“It’ll be over by monday” I replied with a frown.

She huffed and placed her hand on her forehead.

“Okay. And Mrs Chin-su told me you stole her apples…”

“I didn’t steal it, mother. I just took it on credit” I replied and bit my nails

“Really? Well, Boon-Hua’s mum stopped me on the way and also told me you had a fight with her son. What the hell happened?”, she asked.

“Point of correction, mother. I didn’t fight with him; I actually beat him up” I corrected her and she scoffed.

“Kim! I’ve been talking to you about this. Do you really want your name to be known in the entire Jeonju city?? If you continue this way, it’ll be difficult to find a responsible man that will come for you.”

“Hell! And whoever said I needed a man mother? Of course, I don’t. They can all go to hell. I’m not ready for all those funny wife commitments.”

She looked at me and shook her head and I smiled.

“I wonder where this girl comes from” she muttered to herself.

“I’ll just drop this in my room, mother” I told her as I carried the bag I had returned with to my room.

My mother and I…we’re not that rich, but we’re happy. At least, there’s never a day that goes by with us starving.

She loves me and I love her sooo much and that’s the most important thing.

And our snug little house is just okay with me.
I got into my tiny room and my eyes beam at the sight on the table.


I rushed to it immediately, picking up the picture.

Thank goodness mother hadn’t entered my room to see it.

I stared at it before I’d put it away.

It was an old picture I had found in mother’s belongings. She was young and pretty then and was sitting beside a young handsome man and guess what? They were with three identical babies.


I tried asking mum about it and she casually said the babies were not hers and they were dead.

It was confusing tho, but she wouldn’t explain any further and when I had tried persisting, she flared up and almost beat me up. So, since then, I just kept the picture to myself and never questioned her again.

But I wonder…who were the three babies in the picture? And are they really dead like mum claimed?

And who’s also the man in the picture with her? She wouldn’t say. She looked so happy in the picture.

I don’t know why I just have a cranky feeling about it. Could mum be hiding something?

I clicked my tongue and put the picture away before leaving the room. I needed to buy some wax some colors. Well, if there’s anything I love doing, its drawing.

I got to the sitting room and couldn’t find mum.

Oh my God!! She’s in the kitchen!!

I’m dead.

“Uh…m…mother, I’ll be right back. I need to get something” I stuttered.

“Kim nana!!!” She yelled my name and I had to close my ears.

“Did you burn the food again?”

“Y…Yes” I replied, already waking to the door.

“Aigo! What do you expect me to eat?” She grouse.

“It’s not that bad, mother. It smells like roasted chicken after all” I replied as I got outside and took my bicycle, taking off immediately.
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