Story: IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted)… Episode 9


IDENTICAL (Kind, Crazy & Cold-hearted) Episode 9

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(Kind, crazy & cold-hearted)

By: Faith Lucky.

Episode 9


Mi cha (Cold-hearted):



I moaned in a whimpering voice, holding tight onto the bedsheets as Josh drilled into me – roughly

He was so fast and hard and was kind of hurting me. He’s been f**king me for close to an hour now.

He opened my legs wide, giving him free access to it. I was so tired but couldn’t stop him.


“Yeah, come on” he groaned and spanked my ass.
I let out a light plaint.

After a while, he pulled out of me and I took in a deep sigh of relief.

It was obvious he released inside me.

He laid beside me, breathing heavily at first while I tried to close my legs. I just wish I could get separated from this guy.

“That was awesome” he smiled and wrapped his hand around my waist.

I laid, backing him and after a moment, I decided to go for my drugs. I tried leaving the bed, but he held me back.

“Are you going for the pills?” He asked and I gave a light nod.

He always makes sure I don’t run out of them. I use them each time he sleeps with me. It prevents me from getting pregnant.

“You won’t find them. I’ve taken them already” he said and I flinched.

“Why?” I asked, confused.

He sighed and made me lie beside him again.

“Don’t you think its time for us to have a baby?” He asked and my eyes drooped.

What the f**k?

I scoffed at him.

“Are you serious?” I wanted to ask, but feared the slap I might get from him.

He hates any question that’s likely to sound rude or opposing.

I narrowed my eyes and felt confused.

“Don’t worry, Mi cha. All you have to do is get pregnant for me. And you won’t have a thing to worry about anymore. So, from now on, I don’t ever wanna see you taking the pills again. Is that understood?” He asked and I nodded slowly, though, I was backing him.

Sh*t! Why does he want me to get pregnant for him?

Damn it. God! I can’t get pregnant! Not at this stage and not for someone like him.

How do I get the pills?
Kim ji (Kind):
When I was done dressing up, mum and I left the house and I discovered she was taking me to a supermarket.

Oh! She probably wanted to get more provisions for the house.

I felt so happy walking beside her, although she didn’t really talk much on our way there.

We got to the reception and coincidentally, it turns she met with an old friend of hers.

“Deya!” She exclaimed.

“Oh my God! Look who we have here!” The woman exclaimed and they ran into each other’s arms.

I smiled and looked at them and that was how it started. They looked for a place to sit and started chatting.

Oh! Perfect idea!

“Um…mum”, I interpolated their conversation, but making sure I was polite enough.

“Can I lend your phone, please?”

She shut me a cranky stare before handing the phone to me.

“Thanks” I smiled and went away from them.

I needed to speak with Kim nana – make sure she’s safe and everything’s working out as planned.

I got to another part of the store and dialed my line – since she was the one with my phone.
I just hope she picks up.
Kim nana (Crazy):
Thankfully, Williams left after we had lunch together.
Gosh! I just hope that guy doesn’t come here for the next two weeks. I really don’t know how to cope with him.

The so -called step brother left the house a while ago and I was yet to see his mother or my dad. I wonder if they’re together.
I was having a look around the house when my phone started ringing and I checked and discovered it was an unsaved phone.
But the number kinda looked familiar.

I picked it up after a little reluctance.

“Yes?” I said on the phone.

“Kim? Kim? Is that you?” The called called, sounding like she was whispering.

Of course! It was my twinnie.

“Kim ji?” I called, sounding happy.

“Hi” she beamed and her voice became clearer.

“Please Nana,make sure you don’t call me with this line, okay? I’m making use of mum’s phone. So, don’t call. And even if I do call, don’t say a word until you hear my voice and you’re sure I’m the one calling” she explained and I nodded like she could see me.

“Okay. No problem. How’s mum?” I asked.

“She’s fine. And how’re you, nana? Did you arrive safely? Are there any suspicions?”

“No; at least, not yet. But, you just need to warn that step brother of yours. Else…”
I paused and sighed.

“Anyways, that reminds me! Can you please, tell your boyfriend to leave me alone?” I asked.

“Boyfriend? What boy…”

“Williams, of course. Isn’t he your boyfriend?” I cut in.

“Of course not, nana. Williams is not my boyfriend. He’s just a close friend of mine and someone I…like. It doesn’t make him my boyfriend” she laughed.

“Yeah, whatever. But why did you have to crush on him in the first place? He’s so ugly”.

“What are you talking about, nana? Williams isn’t ugly. He’s a nice person and is one of the cutest guys I know”

“Oh, please! Stop defending him. Besides, couldn’t you crush on someone like that cutie close to your house?” I rolled my eyes.

“Cutie? Who’s that?”

“Come on, Kim. You should know him. I don’t know him, tho. I just saw him from the window for the first time. He’s so cute and was riding a bicycle”.

“Oh! Is he from that silver colored house next to ours?”

“Exactly! You got it all right, Kim! Who the hell is he?”

She paused and laughed.

“Well, that’s Jeremy” she replied.

“Hmm. Jeremy – nice name” I nodded with a smile.

“I know him, but we don’t really talk much. I don’t think we’ve spoken more than twice and that was during an exchange of greeting. He’s actually my grade mate” she said and my eyes beamed

“What?” I gasped.
“He attends the same school with you and also your classmate? But…I’m not sure I had seen him on our way from the excursion”.

“Yes, he couldn’t make it. He didn’t go with us to the excursion”.

That means, when I start going to school as Kim ji, we’ll be classmates.

“But you need to be careful around him, nana. I heard he’s very rude” she said and I rolled my eyes

“Whatever. That’s none of my business.

“Anyway, I…”

“Oh, my God!!” I suddenly heard her exclaim on the phone.

“Kim?” I called, but there was no reply.

I checked and discovered the call had ended.
What happened to her?
Kim ji (Kind):
I was still on the phone with nana when I tried turning around but mistakenly bumped into someone.

Oh, God! No.

It was a young boy who was dressed in all white and looked classic.

Oh, Kim!

He was holding a cup of drink and because of the way I had hit him, the drink spilled on his shiny white dress.

“Oh, my God!” I exclaimed immediately.

I had no idea there was someone behind me.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry. It…it wasn’t intentional. Please, forgive me” I gibbered.

“Are you blind?” He snapped.
“Look what you done to my shirt!”

I was a bit startled and looked at him.

Geez! What an attitude.

Mum showed up immediately.

“I’m…I’m so sorry, mister. I really didn’t do it on purpose. I had…”

“Whatever. Save your explanation for someone else” he cut me off rudely and walked away.


“Kim?” Mum called as she hurried to where I was.

I turned and looked at the boy as he walked away

“What the hell happened?” She asked.

“I…accidentally bumped into him and spilled drink on his dress” I replied, still feeling guilty.

She paused and placed her hand on her waist.

“Hold on; did you just apologize to him?” She scoffed.

“I..I had to. I was at fault” I replied, not having a clue of what she meant.

“Seriously Kim? You apologized to someone???” She shrieked.


Was my twinnie that troublesome?

I stared down at the floor and couldn’t say anything and she lifted her hand to my face and opened my eyes.
“How am I sure you’re not sick? You’ve been acting strange for some hours now. Talk to me, Kim. Is there a problem? I think I have a little change to spare. I should take you to a doctor”.

“I’m fine mum. Please. I…I just don’t feel like fighting today” I replied, hoping I was convincing enough.

She stared at me for a long time without saying a word and it made me really nervous.

Then, she grabbed a shopping basket and started walking away and I quietly followed her behind.
Koraine’s Pov:
I returned home, feeling so angry and bittered.
Damn it! I can’t believe I’m gonna be late for the party.

I met mum and aunt Nessa in the sitting room.

“Koraine!” Mum called in fright.
“What the hell happened to your dress? I thought you were going for the party?”

“One clumsy lady bumped into me at the mall.” I said angrily and took the stairs to my room.

Gosh! I hate this! I can’t believe she ruined my white dress. She ruined the unique appearance I wanted to make at the party.

I rushed into my room and found something else to wear. It was still classic but I kinda preferred my white to it.

I left the room afterwards, returning to the sitting room and now, I met mum, aunt Nessa and Soo-min – our cook.

That reminds me.

“Soo-min” I called
“What’s this trash I’m hearing about you quitting the job?” I asked angrily, forgetting the fact that she was older than me.

“I’m not entirely quitting, Koraine. I just have something important to do for two weeks. So, I need a cook that’d take over till I’m back” she explained calmly.

“That’s useless, Soo-min. No one cooks better than you and you know it” I rasped
I couldn’t tell why I just felt angry that evening. It was probably because of my ruined dress.

Soo-min smiled.

“Don’t worry , Koraine. I promise to look for someone that’d impress you. Trust me. As we speak, we already have 5 applicants”. She said

I itched my hair and scoffed.

“Well, I don’t care how many applicants we have. I’ll be the one to personally interview and test them and I’ll be the one to make the choice. If none of them matches my taste, then you’re going nowhere” I said bluntly and walked away.


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