Story: Married To Mr Popular (Rude and grumpy)… Episode 11 – 20

Married To Mr Popular (Rude and grumpy)… Episode 11 – 20

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?Married To
Mr Popular? (Rude and grumpy)

By: Faith Lucky.


Married To Mr Popular Episode 11

Ryan’s Pov:
“Ryan, come on; you can’t possibly do this to me. You can’t ditch me” the bitch said as she stood in front of me.


I stood up quietly from the bed and went to sit in front of my system which was facing the window. This way, I was now backing her.

I was shirtless and undoubtedly, just my bare skin was driving her crazy.

“Get out of my room Michelle’ I said calmly as I brought out stick from my cigarette pack and reached for my lighter.

“Ryan please; you know I love you. You can just use me and dump me. I gave you my dignity” she said and had to scoff.

“Stop lying bitch” I said lowly as I lit the cigarette and stuck it in my mouth.
“Fine! I know you didn’t meet me as a virgin; but you’re the second guy’s that ever crossed my legs. I told you the first one was done forcefully. You’re the first guy I’ve given it to willingly. You can’t do this to me, Ryan.”

I sighed and turned on my laptop.

“I’m not interested in you, Michelle. The only thing I wanted was to f**k and go and you knew it. So, stop chirping” I told her blatantly and heard her sniff.

“Ryan…Please, I promise to be faithful to you. I’ll do whatever you want. Just give me a chance” I pleaded.

These ladies; when will they even learn?

I reached for one of my phones and made a call, placing it on speaker.

“Sir” the security said over the phone.

“Come and get a bitch out of my room” I said coldly and ended the call.

I heard her whimper and next, she grabbed her bag from the bed and ran out of the room.

I puffed out smoke from my mouth as I heard her whack the door. I wonder when I’ll stop seeing such drama. Cheap ladies.

They know the only thing I want is their body. Yet, they still go ahead to make attempts on me. When will they understand I can never fall in love?

I started going through my system and not long after, a call came into my phone.
I checked and discovered it was mum.

I sluggishly picked it up and kept it back on the table, putting it on speaker.

“Hi mum” I said with a sigh.

“Ryan where are you?” She asked and I heaved.

What does she want this time around? I really wanted to be alone.

“I’m at my mansion. Is there a problem?” I replied and asked.

“Of course, not, Ryan. But you need to come home now. There’s something we need to talk about. It’s very important”.

I paused and touched my forehead. What could be more important this time around?

“Ryan?” She called and I sighed.

“Fine. I’ll be there” I told her and hung up.
I wonder what they’re upto this time around.

Bethel’s Pov:
I scoffed and looked at mum, my head spinning from what she said. Or did I misheard her?

“Ryan?” I asked.
“Married? I…I don’t understand, mum. What are you talking about? I mean, who’s getting married…to Ryan? What Ryan?”

“Bethel” she called and tucked her hair behind her ear.
“I know you must be confused okay? But you need to understand this. You’re getting married to Ryan”.

“Ryan?” I repeated.

“Yes, Ryan! Ryan Winthorpe’.

A short silence stepped in as I stared at her, stunned.
This is a dream

“His parents and I have been taking and about it and we’ve finally come to a conclusion. He’s the heir to the winthrop incorporated and you’re also the heir to my company. So, we’ve decided to do a partnership and that’s the reason both of you need to get married for the future of the company. That way, we’ll never have a thing to be worried about, Bethel”.

I dropped my bag on the floor and tried to comprehend the whole thing. Is this woman serious?

“So you…you’re trying to say I’ll be getting married to R…Ryan? Like…Ryan?” I asked bemused.


“Mum! Are you kidding me?” I snapped and stood on my feet.

“I mean, you want me to get married to someone because of some worthless company?”

“You better shut that mouth of yours, Bethel, before I shut it up for you” she retorted.

“Well, you better do, mum because I wanna believe you’re joking. Like seriously, can you even hear yourself? You want me to get married to someone I know nothing about and for goodness sake! At this tender age! I’m just nineteen”.

“I gave birth to you at the age of seventeen” she said as she stood up and I halted.

Hold on; seventeen???

“You…” I paused and scoffed.

“Listen, I have no idea how it happened. But you can’t make me pass through the same way you did. I can’t let you do this to me. I can’t get married, mum; not at this age and not to someone like Ryan”

“And what are you talking about? Do you know how many ladies are out there, dying just to touch his finger? You should be happy you’re getting married to him’

“well, I don’t care mum! And I’m not one of those cheap ladies. I don’t love him. How do you expect me to get married to him?”

“Trust me, Bethel; you will love him as…”

“He’s a flirt! A rude brat! Do you even know what I caught him doing in the restroom last night? He was actually making out with a lady” .

“Well; he’s a young boy and you don’t expect anything less from him. But all that is likely to change when you get married”.


“Shut up, Bethel!” She said raucously and I kept quiet, stunned.

“I don’t care if you like it or not, but I’m not gonna let you make all my efforts go down the drain. You’re getting married to Ryan and that’s final. The wedding’s on Saturday and they’ll be coming over for dinner tomorrow” she said coldly and turned around to leave.

“I have a boyfriend, mum” I said tearfully and she turned back to look at me.
“I have someone I care about”.

For a second, she kept quiet and didn’t say a word.

“I don’t care. What’s important right now is getting married to Ryan and that’s what you should be thinking about”. She replied.

I looked at her in disbelieve as tears came running down my cheeks.
How can this happen? What kind of a mother is this?

I couldn’t say any other thing and I ran away in tears.

Ryan’s Pov:
I walked into the sitting room and met mum and dad already seated there, discussing.

“Ryan!” Mum called as she stood up to embrace me.
She’s the only woman who gets to hold me this way.

“Hi mum” I said as we unlocked from the hug.

She smiled and arranged my hair with her palm.

“Good evening dad” I took my eyes to him and greeted.
He was a chubby looking man.

“Welcome home Ryan. Come and have a seat” he said and mum held my hand and made me sit beside her.

“Okay. so why did you call for me?” I asked, looking at mum.

“Because we have something important to tell you about” Dad chipped in and looked at mum, as if giving her the go ahead.

“Um…Ryan” mum called and held my hand.
“Do you remember Maltilda’s daughter at the party last night?”

I narrowed my eyes and tried to think.
That tiny girl?

“Yes. What about her?” I replied and asked.

“Maltilda and I have decided to do a partnership and for that to happen, we need both of you to get married” dad said but I maintained a straight face.

I mean, I didn’t get what he said.

I kept staring at him without saying a word and then I looked at mum.

“What’s going on?” I finally asked with a scoff.
“Ryan” mum called with a sigh.
“I know it’s coming as a shock to you, but it’s the truth and for the future of the company. Both of you will be getting married on Saturday”

This people have got to be kidding me. I mean, what are they talking about? Who the f**k is getting married?


“Hold on; are you guys trying to trick me or something? Because I wanna believe you’re joking” I cut mum off who was talking.

“This isn’t a trick, Ryan and we’re not joking. It’s for the best and you’re doing it” dad said.

“So, you’re tryna tell me I’m getting married to who? What shit is that? Are you for real?” I rasped and stood on my feet

“Yes Ryan and that’s the only way you can inherit the company”.

“Well; fk the company. Fk everything. I don’t need it” I said and stormed out of the house in anger.

“Ryan!” Mum came calling after me, but I ignored her and headed for my limo in front of me.
My guards were already there.

“Ryan please” she finally caught up with me and held my hand.

“Seriously mum; I never expected this from you” I turned back to her and said, anger eating me up.
“How can you really expect me to get married against my will? I thought all you ever wanted was my happiness?”

“Of course, Ryan. And I’m doing all these for your sake. Can’t you see? Finally, you’ll become the heir to the Winthorpe incorporated. The fame will be ours” she enthused.

“Well, I don’t f**king need the company, mum. I’m already successful without it”.

“Of course, you’re not! Do you know what it’s gonna mean for us to own the company? We’ll finally become the winners!”

“I can’t get married mum; I can’t. It’s gonna be hell on earth. I’m not ready to stay committed. I’m only going to make life miserable for the bitch because I can’t be a husband right now”.

“Ryan please; you don’t necessarily need to stay committed when you’re married. I mean, I’d understand if you’re tempted to have a taste of other ladies once in a while. But the most important thing right now is getting married to that lady so you can gain access to the company. Please, don’t make my efforts go down the drain. This is all I’ve ever wanted”.

“Oh, really? And talking about efforts, I guess it includes the fact that you slept with your bestfriend’s husband so you could give birth to an heir”.

She paused and looked at me in shock. That was enough to get a slap, but she wouldn’t even dare.

She bent her head and started weeping.
Yeah, f**k.

“Ryan please,” she whimpered and held my waist.
“Try and understand with me. I’m doing all these for your sake. Please, son.”

She hugged me tight and I rolled my eyes.
She knows my weak point. She knows I hate to see her cry.

But what the heck?
How can they expect me to get married to…that tiny girl? I don’t even know her.

And mum…she isn’t the type that’d want me to do something I don’t like. But why’s it different in this case? Why’s it necessary for me to get married first? Why do I smell something fishy?

Married To Mr Popular Episode 12

Bethel’s Pov:
I laid on the bed as the door opened and mum came in, fully and brightly garbed.

“Bethel” she called but I didn’t flinch.
I just maintained a straight face and remained the way I was.

“And why’re you still in bed? Don’t you have classes today?” She asked in a strict tone.

“I can’t make it” I replied, trying to sound less peeved as possible.
I heard her sigh.

“Well, whatever you wanna do. Just make sure you’re ready before 4 pm cause that’s when the Winthorpe family will be coming over for dinner. Put on something nice and look good.

“I’ve already called for some caterers and they’ll be here In a while to prepare the meals. So, stay indoors and get ready when it’s time”.

And with that, she left.

I heard her retrieving footsteps and tears came up to my eyes. I can’t believe this is really going to happen. I’m getting married!

But why does mum have to be this cruel? What kind of a mother do I have? Why does this have to happen to me?
I stayed all alone in the room for a long time, not being able to go out. I just felt like staying indoors the whole day.

I had switched off my phone because I didn’t want to talk to Jackson at that moment. I was sure he must’ve been trying to reach me already. But what do I say to him? Am I really gonna break up with him?

And Ryan…how can I get married to him? He doesn’t even love me. He’s a flirt and is rude. How’s he gonna treat me?

I buried my palm in my face and wept. I just couldn’t help it. I felt tortured. Any other lady in my shoes would’ve been happy. But with me, I don’t know. It’s just complicated.

I never dreamt my life would get this way.
I stood by the window and saw the caterers coming in.
This isn’t a dream.

They were about four of them and I watched them as they walked into the house.

I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took my bath. I actually forgot I was yet to eat and it was noon already.

I went downstairs into the kitchen and there I met the careers, busier than bees.

“Good day ma’am” they greeted when I came in and I just waved at them and went ahead to take what wanted.

I took some milk and cornflakes and went out to prepare it myself .

As I sat on the dining and tried eating, I kept thinking about my life and what the future holds. What kind of a family will I be having with someone like Ryan?

He’s a s3x freak and I wonder if…
I can’t even think about it. I can’t give aa thought to such a thing. I’m not ready for it.

I suddenly heard a knock on the door and my heart skipped. No; why am I scared? It isn’t time yet.

I stood up to check it out and when I opened the door, I discovered it was Nicole.

Oh God!

“Bethel!’ She called with relieve as soon as she saw me.

She was still in her uniforms and it was obvious she was just on her way from school.

“Hey” I sighed and said as I led her into the house.

“Oh, my God! Bethel, I was scared to the teeth. I mean, I can’t remember the last time you skipped school and I’ve been trying to call you for like a zillion times now, but your line isn’t connecting. What the hell happened to you?” She talked non stop as I went back to the dining and sit.

She joined me there as well.

“I’m getting married” I finally spilled it out, looking down at my cornflakes.

“Oh my! Bethel, so this is for real? You’re really getting married to Ryan?” she asked in bemusement after listening to the whole shit.

“Yeah” i mouthed.

“But…come to think of it; isn’t it great news? I mean, you’re getting married to Mr popular”

“Oh, Nicole, please. I don’t even know a thing about this guy aside the fact that he’s rude and a flirt and you expect me to be happy?”

“But it doesn’t matter. As time goes on, you’ll get to know each other better. Oh, my God! Bethel, you’re going to be Ryan’s wife. Do you know what that means? Like…Ryan Winthrop – the world’s famous Ryan. It’s more than an honour Bethel”.

I sighed and didn’t say anything as I faced my empty plate. It was pointless arguing with her.

“Or, why do I even have a feeling you’re feeling this way because of Jackson?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.

“Well, yes. I do love him, okay? And I never planned on ditching him anytime soon” I snapped.
“Oh! Please, Bethel. You don’t love Jackson. It’s only an infatuation. I don’t even like that Jackson guy. He’s weird. You don’t even know a zilch about him” she said.

“Well, that doesn’t make him a bad person” I said quickly and paused, recalling what he did to me the other day in his house.

Suddenly, the door opened and mum came in.

“Good day ma’am” Nicole greeted with a slight bow.

“Hi, Nicole” mum replies and shot me a stare.

“And why are you still undressed?” She asked but I didn’t say anything and just bent my head.

“Um…Bethel” Nicole called as she reached for her bag.

“I’ll just be on my way now. Take care of yourself” she said and waved at me and headed for the door.

I suddenly felt so bittered.

“I told you to get ready before time. Why are you still here?” Mum snapped immediately Nicole left and I sighed and stood on my feet.

“I’m sorry” I mumbled and started walking away.

“And you better hurry up ’cause they’re on their way already”.

I paused and tuned to look at her.
On their way already?

Oh, my God! This is really happening?

I shook my head and took the stairs, headed for my room.

I rifled through my wardrobe for something suitable to wear and finally settled for a long red gown.

I blearily wore it on and packed my hair in ponytail. Then, applied a light lip gloss. Well, I wasn’t in for much make up.

I sat on the bed and cogitated. I can’t believe Ryan’s on his way here.

How did he even take the news? What was his reaction?

That jerk; I wonder if he knows I’m the same lady he called blind.

I opened my phone and goggled his name and informations and pictures of him came up.

Wow! I can’t believe I’m getting married to this guy.

I went through few of his pictures and decided to check his relationship status.
Surprisingly, he’s had just one girlfriend – Naomi.

Well, I guess Nicole was right. The only thing he’s interested in s3x and go.

I looked deeper and noticed his relationship with Naomi only lasted for four months and he broke up with her.
And it was noted her family had to place her on suicide watch after the incidence.

Wow! I wonder what could’ve happened between them.

I kept looking around and checked out his relationship with lady k.

Hm. They were pretty close. There were so many pictures of them together.

They had been staying together in Georgia city and returned here to Dallas together.

They’ve recorded a lot of songs together and it was noted Lady K always accompanied him to most of his shows, appointments and other important places.

I wonder why they’re not dating.

I continued going through his records until the door suddenly opened with mum coming in, gorgeously dressed.

“Come out now. They’re here” she said and a cold breeze suddenly clouded me.

I felt my throat becoming dry and almost forgot how to walk.

I stood up and prepped through the window and there I found numerous flashy cars and guards all over.
Is this really happening?

“Come on, Bethel” mum said again and I turned back to look at her, my heart beating rapidly.

I took in a deep breath, trying to control my anxiety. And then, I started following her out of the room.

“Um…mum, are they that much?” I asked nervously as we headed for the stairs.

“His parents and step siblings are here. So, yeah” she replied and my anxiety increased.

His step siblings? Why do they have to be that much?
Besides, I thought he wasn’t in good terms with his step siblings?

Oh, God!

Mum was in front of me as we climbed the stairs and finally, we got to the sitting room.

Oh, heavens!

I saw them – his parents, some brightly garbed ladies and…whaaaat?

What the hell?

Are you kidding me?
Ryan’s step brother!

Hold on;
Is he really Ryan’s brother?

I mean…This guy???


Married To Mr Popular Episode 13

Roxanne’s Pov:
My eyes dilated in surprise as I paused and stared at him for a while. He also looked surprised seeing me.

He’s the same guy I had encountered on the night of Ryan’s concert – the bag guy with a gang that had wanted to take on me forcefully before the police’s presence saved me.
So, he’s Ryan’s brother???

What the hell?

Mum turned and looked at me and that was when I realised I had stopped walking.

I blinked rapidly and continued down the stairs and finally, I was standing in front of the Winthrop family.

Hold on; where’s Ryan? I mean, he’s not here.

“Bethel!” Ryan’s mum called with buoy as she came towards me and gave me a hug.

“Um…good evening ma’am” I greeted with a nervous smile and looked at her husband -my father in law.

“Good evening sir’ I said and walked a few steps closer to him

Well, I guess I have to be respectful to them.

“Good evening dear. Guess you inherited your beauty from your mother” he said and I smiled and heard mum chuckle.

I took my eyes to the young pretty ladies beside me and mumbled a ‘hi’ to them and just one of them waved back at me with a smile.
They were four in all.


Then, I looked at the boy. He was the only guy present.

I gave a hard stare at him as we exchanged glances but mum’s voice finally broke the contact.

“Um…Ryan isn’t here, yet?” I heard her ask and turned to look at her.

Mrs Winthrop looked at his wife who looked displeased.

“Uh…he’ll be here soon. Please pardon us” Mrs Winthrop said as she brought out her phone from her bag and walked outside.

Okay: what’s going on?

“Alright then; let’s go to the dining” mum said and we all proceeded to the dining which was filled with assorted kinds of food.

Never forget this day, Bethel. This is your marriage feast.

I sat next to mum and the lady next me was Ryan’s step sister – I guess.
She looked bittered and I wondered if they were forced to come here or something.

The “bad guy” was sitting opposite me on the other side of the table and we could easily stare at each other.
I wonder what must be going through his mind. I still can’t believe he’s the so called Ryan’s step brother – so dangerous.

“Okay; so why don’t we do a little introduction, girls?” Mr Winthrop said as the maids started dishing out the meals.

“Okay; I’ll go first” the one who had waved at me said.
She seemed friendly.

“I’m Hannah – Ryan’s cousin” she added with a smile.

Oh! She was Ryan’s cousin; not step sister.
Hm. No wonder she was friendly.

“Um…Thanks. I’m…”

“Bethel” she interpolated and giggled and I smiled.

“I’m Tanya” the second lady said with a straight face.

Odd name. She must be Ryan’s step sister.

“Bonnie” the other said, looking down at her food.
She looked older than the first and had a slight resemblance. Maybe they were sisters – daughters of the first wife.

“Well, you can just call me Judy” the last one said as she tossed a blueberry Into her mouth

Wow! She looks… rouged.

By the way, where’s Mrs Winthrop…and Ryan?

I looked at the jerk opposite me and that was when I realised it was his turn to introduce himself.

He cleared his throat a little and took in some wine.

“Well” he said lowly.
“You can just call me Royce.

I scoffed, but tried not to make it obvious.

“Nice meeting you…Royce” I said sarcastically and he smirked.

He even had the guts to smirk.
Shouldn’t he be remorseful?

Just then, Mrs Winthrop walked in and all eyes darted to her.

She looked angry but tried to dissemble it with a smile as she drew closer to the dining.

“Sorry for taking long” she said and took a seat, opposite her husband.

He turned and looked at her and I noticed she was trying to avoid his gaze.
What was going on?

Where’s Ryan? Doesn’t he have plans of showing up?
Geez! I should’ve expected this.

“Um…Becky, is there a problem?” Mum asked her but she didn’t reply.

I noticed the jerk – Royce – actually grinned.

I bent my head and stared blankly at my food. Ryan isn’t showing up.

Of course! I should’ve expected this. He doesn’t want to be part of this. Why would he want to get married to someone like me? a high school girl?

I was about picking at my food when someone suddenly entered, flashing sparkles into my eyes when I turned to have a look.

He walked gracefully like a god into the garden and as I tried to have a look into his face again, I noticed it was ryan!

For a moment, I was lost staring at him – his features; footsteps, cold aura – it was indescribable.

He looked sad – yet cute – like the most handsome guy I’d ever come across.
He was putting on a white long sleeve and the long gold chain he wore on his neck glittered – not to mention the one on his ear.

What was it about him? That made him this perfect?

At some point, I felt it was impossible getting married to someone like him. This shouldn’t happen. I don’t think I’ll be able to cope.

I quickly took my eyes from him and looked down at my food.

“What took you so long?” Mr Winthrop asked but he didn’t say a word as he just went ahead and took a seat next to his mum who was now looking relieved.

He touched his forehead and sighed. He didn’t even greet anyone.

“Welcome Ryan” mum said and I wondered why she had to great him first.

Why’s everyone treating him this specially?

“Thanks” he said almost in a whisper and the maids hurried to serve him his meal.

He didn’t even look at me.

We all started eating silently for a while, but mum and Ryan’s parents finally broke the silence with business talks.

I slowly lifted my eyes to look at ryan and since he kept his gaze on his food I decided to steal some glances from him.

He had this long straight eye lashes ; pointed nose, tiny soft looking lips.
His face was cold, yet the sweetest.

Trust me, now I understand why all the ladies are crazy over him. I can’t believe this is man I’ll be getting married to.

He suddenly lifted his face from his food and our eyes ran into each other’s.
Oh, God! I think I just stopped breathing for a while.

I quickly took my eyes away and somehow, I heard him scoff.

“So, Maltilda” Mr Winthrop later said.
“I trust you’ll be taking care of everything Bethel will be needing for the wedding?”

Oh, God! Do they really have to talk about it,? It makes me really nervous.
“Of course. You should know I wouldn’t dally in such issues’ mum replies with a smile.

“Despite the short notice, we’re gonna make sure the occasion is one in a million. And Ryan and Bethel, we’d really need your cooperation to make this thing a success…”

They went on talking about the wedding and it made me really nervous. Ryan didn’t even flinch, but just concentrated on his meal.

“Excuse me. I…I need to make use of the restroom” I said after a short while and left the dining, scurrying upstairs to my room.

Seriously, I just needed some alone time.

I walked into my room soberly and sat on the bed.
The whole thing still felt like a dream to me. I couldn’t believe I was getting married to Ryan – a day after tomorrow.

I bent my head and thought wistfully and not long after, my phone started ringing and I took it from the bed where it was and discovered it was Jackson.

I sighed before picking it up – reluctantly.

“Bethel.” He called immediately.
“oh, my God! What the hell happened to you? I’ve been trying to reach you for hours now. You got me really scared.” He said without a pause and I itched my head.

“I’m…I’m sorry Jackson. Something came up. I’ll explain everything to you tomorrow” I replied dolfully.

“O…Okay. but are you alright? Is it something serious?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything to you tomorrow. Bye” I replied and ended the call, switching off the phone.

I covered my face in my palm and sighed. Everything seemed to be happening. How will Jackson react to the news when I break up with him?
How will he feel?

I heard a knock on the door and it snapped me out of my thoughts as I opened my eyes to have a look.

“Y…Yes” I replied, wondering who it might be.

The door opened and one of Ryan’s sisters came in.

Oh! it twas the friendly one – Hannah.

“Hi” she said warmly as she stepped into the room.
I was lost staring at her.

“Uh…sorry, but I’m actually looking for the toilet. Am I in the wrong room?” She asked with a cringe and I stood up.

“Of…of course, not. You can make use of mine” I told her and she smiled and went into the toilet room.

I sat back on the door and after a short while, she came out and I turned to look at her.

“Your room’s beautiful” she said as she gazed around the room.

All I did was smile.

“Though it’s nothing compared to the one you’d be having with Ryan” she added and it struck me to the guts as I stared at her.

She noticed my expression and came to sit next to me on the bed.

“You don’t like it, huh?” She asked and I just looked down at my long pretty nails.

“But it’s every lady’s dream to end up with Ryan. Shouldn’t you be happy about it?” She asked and I sighed and looked up.

“Well…he’s dreamy and all that, but…I just didn’t plan on getting married to someone I knew nothing about” I said despondently

“You know, if not for the fact he was my brother, I’d have killed to end up with him. Sometimes, I wish we were never related.”

I turned to look at her and she laughed.

“Anyway” she continued.
“Since you’re sad you’re getting married to him because you don’t know a thing about him, I could help you with a little bit of information.

“Well, Ryan’s a gentle guy – perhaps. I mean, he can be really gentle. But just one rule – don’t get him angry. He can be really nasty and dangerous when he’s angry; like; he acts crazy.

“He’s a snub – 100% – and is very full of himself – no doubt. He always wants things done his way and any other person who opposed automatically becomes his enemy.

“He can be sweet – perhaps – although, I’ve never seen him act sweet towards anybody not after he broke up with Naomi.”

“Naomi?’ I asked immediately.

That was…

“Yeah, Naomi. She was my best friend and Ryan’s first and last girlfriend. One thing you should know about my brother is this – he’s veeeeery jealous. Like, extremely jealous.

“When he likes or loves someone; he wouldn’t want that person to pay attention to any other person. He wants to be the only person around her. And he finds it very hard to forgive. I know it’s a bad character, but yeah, that’s his problem. Once someone offends him; he doesn’t forgive. It’s almost impossible. He’s too hard hearted.

“The reason he broke up with Naomi was because he caught her talking with her ex. According to Naomi, they were just talking and had nothing in mind, but when Ryan saw them; he got angry and jealous and broke up with her, despite all her cries and pleas.

“After that, he noticed he wouldn’t be able to handle a relationship because of his jealous state and that’s why till date, he hasn’t had a girlfriend again. So, all he does is s3x and go.

“But perhaps, since he’s getting married, all that’s likely to change because with the look of things, you’re a lovable person”
She smiled and I huffed and rolled my eyes.

“My brother can be really really sweet when he’s in love. But there’s just one piece of advice – don’t ever make him angry or jealous” she said and I huffed again.
What stupid advice?

“And one more thing you should be careful of” she continued and I looked into her face.
“His family. They’re vipers and are ready to do anything. Right now, they’re all angry because Ryan’s about owing the company since he’s getting married to you. So apparently, they dislike you right now. So, you should stay far from them when you get to the mansion”.

I bent my head and sighed. I can’t believe I’ll be getting mixed in such scandalous family. Especially that Royce of a boy; why does he have to be Ryan’s brother?

“Do you stay in the mansion as well?” I asked with my head still bowed.

“Ah. No, I just came over for the dinner. I stay with my family. But I do come for visits once in a while.”

Immediately, the door opened with mum standing by the doorway.
Oh, shit!

“And what are you doing here? Have you forgotten you have some guests downstairs?” She asked rashly and Hannah and I stood on our feet.

“Sorry aunt. We were just talking” Hannah said as she held my hand and started walking out of groom with me.

We passed mum and walked downstairs and there I noticed the Winthorpe family were already on their feet. Royce wasn’t with them anymore.

Oh, please. Just tell me they’re about leaving already.

“Bethel, where have you been?” Mrs Winthorp asked as I climbed down the stairs with Hannah.

“I’m…I’m sorry. I was just busy with someone” I replied perfunctorily

Ryan was sitting on the couch, operating his phone, looking like a god.

“Okay dear. We’ve decided to give you and Ryan some alone time so you can…you know? Talk to each other and get to know one or two things” Mr Winthorp said and I heard aloud bang in my head.


Ryan also lifted his eyes from his phone and scoffed. It was absurd.


“Come on now; let’s excuse them” mum interrupted me who was talking and Mrs Winthorp nodded happily.

And simultaneously, they all left the room, leaving just me and Ryan behind.

Oh, my God! I could feel my throat becoming sore.

His eyes weren’t on his phone, but were just staring at the floor.

Why do they have to do to me? I’m so nervous.


Married To Mr Popular Episode 14

Bethel’s Pov:
We remained silent and I felt like falling since I was the only one standing.

Am I supposed too speak up first? But what do I say?
And what about him? Doesn’t he have anything to say?

Oh, God! I can’t believe I’m standing in front of my husband to be who turns out to be the world’s famous Ryan Winthorp.
It still felt like a dream to me.

“Um…” I tried speaking but stopped.
What the heck? Why doesn’t he say something first?

I was scared to look directly into his face. I mean, I was tempted to, but couldn’t. What if our eyes ran into each other’s and he kind of thinks I’m drooling on him or something?

No; I can’t do it.

But this is so weird. I suddenly recalled everything Hannah told me about him. Could they be true? Was he really jealous and hard hearted? What’s it going to be like being with someone like ryan?

I don’t know if he was about saying something because he sighed, but immediately, a call came into his phone and he looked down at the screen and I noticed his countenance changed.

Since he was sitting, I could have an easy look into his phone and when I did, I noticed the caller’s name was Shirley.

With the look on his face, he seemed troubled by the way call and silenced it without pickin it up.

I flinched and wondered. Shirley – who could she be?

Ryan doesn’t have any girlfriends. Or, could she be one of his s3x toys? But why does he look troubled by it?

It started ringing again – same person – and this time around; he switched off the phone.

Okay; this is really weird.

Immediately, he stood up and took in a deep breath.

“Since all you have to do is stare into my face like a movie, I guess we’re done then” he said brusquely and walked out.


Did Ryan just say that to me? And…did he just walk out on me?

I watched in dismay as he opened the door and walked out of the room. How can someone be this rude? Am I really doing the right thing getting married to this guy?

Of course, I’m not. How can I cope?


I woke up the next morning feeling very weak and reluctant to go to school. But mum was still at home and was just busy making and receiving calls in preparation for my wedding ceremony coming up the following day and thinking about it alone makes me sick.

So, not wanting to hear any of it, I decided to get ready and go to school.

“Your wedding dress will be ready by the time you’re back from school” mum said as we had breakfast together.
I didn’t say anything but just sipped from my tea.

“By the way, Bethel, what color of shoe would you prefer? White, black or red? Oh! Of course; black would be perfect” she asked and replied herself and it made me scoff.

I wonder why she’s so excited over this marriage issue. It must be of great importance to her.

“Um mum…” I called in a frail voice after a little while.

“Yes dear” she replied ecstatically, looking at me.

“Uh..when I get married to Ryan, will I have to be living with him in the…Winthrop mansion?” I asked, feeling nervous to know the reply.

“Well, of course! What else do you expect from married couples? You guys will have your own room to yourself. He might even decide to take you to one of his mansions so you could live alone”.

I bent my head and felt my stomach rumbling. I didn’t want to think about it – staying in the same room with someone like Ryan. What’s it gonna be like?

I hurried up my breakfast and left for school, not wanting to hear anymore of it.

As I sat in the van headed for school, I couldn’t help but think about the big day ahead. I still couldn’t believe I was getting married the next day.
I never thought something like this could happen to me – getting married at such a young age. I’ve always dreamt of going to college first, then getting a good job before settling for a family. But everything’s changed now. I’ll be getting married at the age of nineteen – to Mr Popular.

We finally arrived in school and I heaved a huge sigh of relief before coming out of the van. I started walking soberly to the class and noticed something different; like…different.

The entire students were staring at me. Okay; what’s wrong?

They kept staring and making side talks and it was obvious they were talking about me.

Most of them were going through their phones as well.

I walked pass a set of students and what I heard almost froze me to the teeth.

Getting married to Ryan

Hold on; don’t tell me they’re referring to me. I mean, it’s obvious they’re talking about me; but…what the hell? How come they’re talking about my getting married to Ryan? How did they…

No, no; ,no. This isn’t possible.

As I passed more students, the rumours became clearer to me:

? I can’t believe it. She’s getting married to Ryan.

? It’s unbelievable.

? I heard they’re being forced by their parents.

? She’s so lucky.

? I don’t like her.

My head was spinning from all the voices and I almost tripped to the floor, but fortunately, Nicole’s presence saved me.

“Bethel!” She called and held my hand.

It was more like she’s been waiting for me because I saw her at the facade.

“Are…Are you alright?” She asked and I shook my head and looked around.

I couldn’t even speak. All eyes were revolving around me..

“Come with me” she said as she took my hand and led me to a place which was free of students.

“Your name’s all over the school; Bethel. Everyone’s talking about your wedding with Ryan” she said as we stood, facing each other.

“Well, I…I’m pretty confused, Nicole. I don’t know how it got to spread out. I don’t want this to happen” I replied, perturbed.

“Hmph. It must be the work of Ryan’s relatives. It’s all over the net”

“Oh, God! Nicole, what do I do? I’m confused. How do I stay in class? Everyone’s talking about me. I can’t take it.”

“Chill Bethel; you’re getting married tomorrow, right? So, the truth was bound to be exposed anyway. It just came sooner.”

“No; you don’t understand. I…”

I was speaking when the presence of one of our lecturers interrupted me.

“Bethel” she called while climbing down the stairs.
Nicole and I turned to face her.

“It’s a good thing I found you. The principal’s calling for you in her office. She wants you now” she said and it sent shivers down my spine.

I swallowed had and turned to look at Nicole who was biting her lips.

Oh, God! I’m dead.

“Um…okay ma’am” I replied nervously and tried walking away with Nicole behind me.

“You’re not included Nicole. You should go to class’ she said and we stopped to look at her.

Oh, heavens! Really?

I looked at Nicole and she shrugged.

“I’ll just wait for you in class” she said and walked away and I swallowed hard and proceeded to the principal’s office.

I can’t believe this is happening to me. I couldn’t even walk properly as all the students I came across kept staring at me.

I knew the news was gonna spread. I just never expected it now. I don’t know how to face it.

I got to the principal’s office and took in a deep breath before walking in. I met her on a call.

? Um…okay sir. I understand.

? Alright bye.

And she dropped the call.
“Good morning ma” I greeted nervously as I drew closer.

“Morning, Bethel” she replied and started scribbling something down in her book.

Could it be for me?

“Um…ma’am, you sent for me” I decided to speak up since she wasn’t saying anything.

“Oh, yes” she paused to look at me and adjusted the glasses on her eyes.

“Well, I had intended talking to you about the rumors going around about you getting married. But I just got off the phone with your…father in law and everything’s cleared out now”.

I bent my head and cringed.
Father in law?

“I was just really surprised you were getting married. I mean, it’s stunning. But, you don’t have to worry about a thing anymore. It’s not gonna affect your belonging here. And I’m sure you’re still gonna sort things out with your family so it doesn’t affect the studies either. Good luck dear” she said without a smile, sounding very strict.

“Thanks” I stared at the floor and mumbled.

She continued with what she was doing and I figured we were done. So, I left the house.

As I walked palely to class, thinking about the whole thing, I felt bittered.

I couldn’t believe I’d be getting married tomorrow.

I walked quietly, cogitating and was almost close to the classroom when I got Interrupted by the presence of the gangster – Mawthie – and three other boys.

Geez! Seriously, not now.

“Hey, pretty face” he said with a smirk as he drew closer.

I sighed and tried walking away, but he held me back by the wrist.

“Seriously Mawthie, not now. Let me go” I said blearily and he chuckled.

“Woah! Why, Bethel? Why are you in a hurry? Are you tryna make plans for your wedding tomorrow?” He asked and busted into laughter with the rest of the boys and I fumed.

“So, you’re really getting married, huh? I can’t believe one guy’s finally gonna gain access to that pus*y of yours” he said and busted into another round of laughter with his friends.

I could feel my head burning up.

“You’re insane, Mawthie. You’re as ugly as your name” I said fiendishly and he gasped.

“Woah!” He gasped.
“I think I’m gonna have to cut off this tongue of yours someday” he said and moved very close to me, almost making our foreheads touch.

“it seems you don’t even like the idea at all” he whispered into my ear.

“Just say the word and I’ll make sure it doesn’t work out”.

I looked at him in disbelief. He thinks he can help me stop the wedding?

I scoffed and glared at him.

“Get lost” I said and tried walking away again, but one of his friends drew me back roughly with my bag and it made my bag fall from my hand to the floor.

“We’re not done yet, hot legs” Mawthie said with a smirk and held me by the wrist.

What the heck?

“Let her go” I suddenly heard someone say from behind.
It was the voice of a male.

I quickly turned to have a look and…what?


Married To Mr Popular Episode 15

Bethel’s Pov:
It was Kyle – like, Kyle the braniac. The quiet boy who’s father owns the school.

What? What’s he doing here?

He stood and stared at Mawthie and his boys.

“Yeah – joy killer” Mawthie grumbled and looked at me.

“This isn’t over. Just remember, I’m still the ruler of this school” he whispered angrily and left with his crew.

I looked at Kyle as he stared at me without saying a word. Did he really save me?

I bent and took my bag from the floor and by the time I turned back to look at him again, he was already walking away.

I watched in amusment from behind as he left. Wow! I can’t believe he actually saved me. He doesn’t associate with anyone. I wonder why he’s always so quiet.

I continued on my way to class – trying to forget what happened. What’s Mawthie’s problem anyway?

When I got to the class, the lecturer was already in and perfect! All the students turned to look at me as I walked in.

I fixed my gaze on the floor and sauntered In and even the lecturer stopped talking and I was pretty sure he was staring at me as well.

I went over to my seat next to Nicole, ignoring the ABC girls who were shooting me angry stares.

The lecturer resumed teaching and when he was done, two other teachers came in before lunch time.

As soon as the last teacher left, the students started dispersing but I remained on my seat, unable to go out any more.

Nicole also stayed behind – of course.

The ABC girls stood up from their seats and came to where I was.

“Hey, you” Blair said, placing her left hand on her waist.

“What’s the meaning of this?” She asked and showed her phone to me.

It was the news about Ryan and I getting married. I still can’t believe this.

“Has she gone deaf?” Alma asked and I scoffed.

“Well, why don’t you go ahead andand ask the phone?” I replied and she fumed.

“Hold on; is this for real?” Blair asked.
‘Are you really getting married to Ryan?”

“Why don’t you wait and find out yourself?” I replied peskily.

“Do you really think we’re here for jokes, Bethel? Seriously, we’ve got more important things to do” Claire said with a huff.

“Then stop wasting your time here” I replied.

“This is bull shit. Just pray it’s not true’ Blair said angrily and walked away with her companions.

Geez! I can’t believe this is what I’m gonna be facing now.

“Gosh, Bethel; you really know how to put these ladies in their place. I wish I was as bold as you are” Nicole finally said and I just gawped at her.

Well, I hate it when someone tries to bully me.

But this situation’s really serious. What did the principal tell you by the way?” She asked and I sighed.
“Don’t worry, Bethel; everything will be fine” Nicole said to me as she accompanied me to my van.

“Seriously Nicole? I’m getting married tomorrow and you’re telling me everything will be fine?” I asked and she sighed.

It was just hopeless.

“Don’t worry Bethel. Besides, Ryan’s a nice guy. Can’t you see how crazy everyone’s going about it?” She asked and I looked around.
All eyes were still on me.

“What?” I suddenly heard Nicole shriek and I turned to see her staring at a particular direction, surprised.

I traced it and discovered it was Jackson -coming towards us.

Huh? Jackson?

“What’s he doing here?” Nicole asked with a crumpled look but I couldn’t say anything as I just kept staring at him.

He was looking really handsome – dressed in a black trouser and Tshirt.

Nicole and I had stopped walking and he finally got to where we were.

“Hey” he called lowly, looking at me.

“Um…good evening” Nicole said and turned to me.

“I’ll call you later Bethel. Bye” she added and hurried off.

She really doesn’t like this guy.

I took in a deep breath as I now stood alone In front of Jackson.

“H-Hi” I tucked my hair behind my ear and said.

I suddenly felt shy…and nervous. What do I tell him?

“I had to come over here” he said.
“I mean, I was worried. You made me feel like you’ve been avoiding me after that incidence. But I told you I’m sorry already…”

“It’s not that, Jackson.” I cut in and sighed.
‘I’ve forgiven you for that already”.

“So, why does everything seem different now?” He asked.

“Is there something wrong?”

I didn’t say anything immediately, but just fixed my gaze on the floor.


“I’m sorry Jackson; but I can’t go on with this relationship anymore” I chimed in and noticed a sparkle ran across his eyes.

Oh, God!

He furrowed his brows and scoffed.

“What…What are you talking about?” He asked with a little crack in his voice.

“I’m getting married” I replied nervously and took my gaze to the floor again.

I was so nervous. I can’t believe I’m really doing this.

Oh, Jackson; I’m sorry.

“So…The rumours are true?” He spoke calmly but I still couldn’t look at him.

“I’m sorry” was all I could say after that.

He didn’t say any other thing and I ran off immediately.

Ryan’s Pov:
“Please; Ryan you need to be serious about this. Stop making this difficult for me’ mum grouse as I sat with her in the sitting room.

I just rolled my eyes and focused on my phone.

She’s been so busy with the wedding preparations and has been trying to make me participate as well, but I don’t care.

They don’t understand. They’re making a mistake trying to get me married. I can’t get married now.

The door opened and one of the guards came in.

“Good evening ma’am” he greeted mum and turned to me.

“Sir, there’s a lady requesting to see you outside. She said her name is Shirley” he said and my eyes dimmed.

What the f**k?

Oh, God! This is what I’m talking about.

“Who’s she?” Mum asked quizzically, but I didn’t say a word as I just stood on my feet and walked out.

Shirley; why did she have to come over here? That bitch.

She was standing by the gate, putting on a short and a crop top. She still hasn’t changed – always looking bitchy.

I got to where she was and grabbed her arm immediately, leading her away from the gate and securities.

“Ryan” she called, feeling uncomfortable with the way I held her hand.

I didn’t stop until we got to a dark corner.

“What the hell are doing here?” I asked angrily as I let go of her hand, pushing her roughly.

“Really?” She scoffed.
“Are you asking me that? Well, if I’m not mistaken, tried calling you for like a million times, but you were ignoring my calls. So, what were you expecting me to do?”

“Well, you should’ve stayed the f**k away. What do you want?”

“Stop asking me that, Ryan. You know what I want. What’s all this shit about you getting married…tomorrow?”

I sighed and brushed my fingers into my hair.

“It’s not my fault, Shirley. My parents want me to get married to her for the company’s benefit” I said, trying to control the sound of my voice.

“Really?” She scoffed again.
“So…what are you trying to say, Ryan? I mean, you can’t possibly get married to someone else. You promised you’d come back for me. You can’t just ditch I and…”

“Shut the f**k up, Shirley. Didn’t you get me when I said my parents wants me to get married to her?” I cut her off angrily.
“Well then, show me to them. Tell them what I am to you”. She said.
Really? She must be crazy.

“Don’t keep quiet, Ryan. Say something; because I’m not gonna sit back and watch you get married to someone else. Tell your parents about me or I’d have to do it myself” she said, widening her bulgy eyes.

“Stop ranting Shirley. You’re not even my girlfriend. So, you have no right to do that.” I said.

“Oh! Wow!’ She exclaimed and laughed – dryly.
“I’m not your girlfriend? Is that what you have to say to me?

“Well, you’re right, Ryan. I’m not your girlfriend because I’m far more than a girlfriend to you and there’s no way I’m gonna sit back and watch you dumb me like a piece of trash. So, If you’re not gonna spill out the truth, then I will.”

Immediately, I grabbed her hand and drew her closer to myself, holding her roughly.

“Ryan” she winced in pain.

“Listen to me carefully, Shirley. I didn’t plan for any of this to happen. But since it already has, we just gonna have to go along with it. I paid you 15 f**king million to keep shut about it. So, don’t even think of telling anyone cause you’ll regret it. You know how I get when I’m angry. So, trust me, you don’t wanna get me angry”.

And with that, I pushed her and walked away.

I didn’t hear a word from her as I walked away and it was obvious my words really hit at her.
But I know her; she’s not gonna stay still. This is what I’ve been afraid of – getting married to Bethel. It’s gonna bring so many complications. And too bad I can’t tell my parents the truth about Shirley.

No, I can’t even think of doing that. It’s gonna create a lot of disaster.

I just need her to stay away from me. But too bad, that’s impossible.

Jackson’s Pov:
I walked into the house and met dad sitting and smoking – as usual.

I walked past him without saying a word and went over to the wine counter, taking a bottle from It.

I opened it and poured some into a glass cup.

“She’s getting married” I finally said in a serene tone without looking at him.

He kept mute for a while.

“Who’re you talking about?” He asked and I emptied the drink in my glass and poured more from the bottle.

“Bethel. She’s getting married to Ryan tomorrow” I said and he scoffed and sat up.

“What the heck are you talking about?’ He demanded.

I still wasn’t looking at him.

“Their parents wants them to get married for sake of the company. She’s broken up with me today”.

“Damn it Jackson! You were supposed to stick to that lady!” He said raucously as he sprang on his feet.

“Well, I didn’t f**king engage her” I also said angrily, turning to face him.

“Damn it!” He growled and kicked the table.

Then, he smoked from his cigarette.

“No matter what, we can’t lose that girl. She’s the weapon we need to achieve our plans. So, you have to stick to her, Jackson. Stick to her tight and don’t let her go for even a second” he said and I turned back to my wine and drank directly from the bottle.

“Ryan – He’s already taken what’s mine before. I won’t let him do it again” I said angrily and made a feast with my hand.


Married To Mr Popular Episode 16

Bethel’s Pov:
I sat in front of the mirror as the make up artists transformed my face into something else.I couldn’t believe I was staring at my own image.

They made me look so beautiful and stunning,just like a princess.but my dolful look wouldn’t let me completely admire myself.

Finally, I was getting married. It was certain now and I guess nothing can stop it. In a snort time,I’ll become Ryan’s wife. I’ll become part of the Winthrop family. Am I really ready for this?

“You look pretty ma’am” one of the make up artists said as they finally rounded up their work on my face.

I sighed and looked into the mirror.

Immediately, the door opened and I turned to see one of the maids coming in with an envelope.

“Good morning ma’am” she greeted with a slight bow.
“Someone asked me to deliver this to you “.

She stretched out the envelope to me and I stared at her for a while without collecting it.

“Who was it?” I asked.

“It was a lady,but she didn’t mention her name. She just said it’s important” she replied and I collected it from her.
What could it be?

I opened the envelope and in it was a letter which I brought out and read:

You must not get married to Ryan.
There’s something you don’t know about him.
Stop the marriage.
I repeat; stop the marriage

I flinched as I read it. Who could have sent it and what does she mean by there’s something I didn’t know about Ryan?

I quickly stood up and left the room.. I needed to show it to mom.

I searched for her and found her outside at the balcony with some ladies.

“Bethel!” She called with surprise.
“What are you doing here? Why are you moving about? Do you wanna stain your wedding dress?” She asked as she left the ladies and Came close to me.

“Mum, there’s something important you need to see” I said and showed her the letter.

“One of the maids just brought this to me, saying it’s from a strange lady. Look at the content mum”

She went through it and scoffed.

“Who sent this?” She asked.

“Like I said, I don’t know. A maid just brought it to me…”

“Well, it’s useless. You can’t possibly believe a word from this. Ryan has so many haters and other ladies who are crushing on him. Grow up Bethel”.

“But mum…”

“Enough of the drama. Go get the bouquet so we Can head straight to the church immediately” she cut me off and walkied back to the ladies.
All eyes stared at me as I walked down the aisle towards the alter. Some of the faces were smiling at me, while some just maintained a straight face.

Ryan was already at the alter with the priest and he looked like someone who was angry enough to kill the whole world.

I was so nervous.I felt scared about the whole thing. And the letter that had come in that manner worsten the whole thing.

What if the content was true? What if there was something about Ryan that I didn’t know about?

And look at his family – how do I cope with them? What if I was endangering my life by going into that family?

The whole thing just made me scared and unsecured.
Why is mum doing this to me? What kind of a mother do I have?

I Finally got to the alter and stood in front of Ryan.
My face waa covered with a veil but I couldn’t afford to look him in the face.

So, I just kept my gaze on the floor.

The priest took hold of the marriage book and commenced the process.

First, he prayed before going into the marriage rites.

“Ryan Winthrop” he started.
Oh, God! He was starting with Ryan.

“Do you take Bethel Cyrus to be your lawfully wedded wife? To hold and to love and cherish forever?” He asked and a stunned silence atepped in as Ryan didn’t say a word.

Oh my! What if he says no?

Slowly, I lifted my eyes to look at him and caught him staring at me.

I quickly took my eyes away and heard him sigh.

“Yes I do” he finally mumbled a reply.

“And do you promise to be there for better for worse, till death do you part?” The priest asked again.

“Yes I do. Like I have a choice” he replied and mumbled the last part.

“And Bethel Cyrus” the priest turned to me.
“Do you take Ryan Winthrop as your lawfully wedded husband? To love and to hold and cherish for ever?” He asked and my throat suddenly became sore.

Oh, Bethel. This is really happening.

“Y…Yes I do” I replied with a hopeless crack in my voice.

“And do you promise to be there for better for worse, in sickness and in health till death do you part?”

“Yes I do”.

Nezt, he gave the marriage rites to me to read out:

“I Bethel, take you Ryan to be my lawfully wedded husband; to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish. And I promise to be faithful till death do us part” I read nervously.

Ryan was also asked to do same and he did – grumpily.

We wore on the rings and finally, we were joined by the priest.

“With the powers vested in me by God Almighty, I hereby pronounce you, Ryan Winthrop and Bethel Cyrus husband and wife from this day on”.

Oh God!

My eyes glistened immediately.
It was fine! I was married; married to Ryan.

There was an outbreak of joy from the congregation as they all started clapping blissfully.

I looked at Ryan in the face and his expression was vacous.

We really were married.

He was asked to kiss me and that was when horse racing began in my heart.

No; he couldn’t kiss me.

Like a Flash, he lifted the veil from my face and brought his lips close to mine and my eyes deamed.

Was he going to do it???

But instead, he just gave me a peck on the cheek in such a way people wouldn’t notice.

He really didn’t want to kiss me.

I took in deep breaths as I tried calming my nervousness. The congregation were still Clapping and Oh, God!
I was married to Ryan!


Married To Mr Popular Episode 17

Bethel’s Pov:
The reception party was held outside the Winthrop mansion and trust me when I say this – 80% of the country’s superstars were present. I even saw some celebrities from outside the world.

“Happy married life bad” Lady K walked upto me and said as I stood next to Nicole.

She was putting on a long red gown that exposed her thighs and a little part of her breast.
But she looked really sweet and pink.

“Thank you” I replied and she smiled and walked away.

“Wow! Looks like you’re becoming a celebrity Bethel” Nicole said and nudged me and i scoffed.

I looked around for Ryan and found him sitting and drinking with some other celebrities. Shouldn’t he be around me?

Mum and Ryan’s mum were busy with the guests. The whole place was just buzzing with life and that was when it dawned on me that I was really a married lady now.

I wondered where Ryan’s step mothers were. I saw alot of women there and couldn’t tell which was which.

I also saw two of his step sisters but couldn’t find his jerk of a brother.

“Excuse me Bethel. Need to make use of the restroom” Nicole said and left.

I sighed and sipped from my glass.

“Hello sister” I heard someone say behind me and I turned to see the jerk.

I scoffed and crossed my hand as he stood in front of me, putting on a proud look.
I can’t believe he even had the guts to face me.

He took a glass of wine from the table and sipped from it.

“So…how’re you enjoying your party?” He asked.

“Well, I just feel itd have been better without you” I replied and he laughed.

“I’ve been wondering…do you even recognize me at all?” I asked.

“Of course. How Can I ever forget the big ass girl?”

“Oh, really? And you still have the guts to show your face to me?”

“Well, of course. I mean, we’re jnlaws from now on. So, I guess we need to be in good terms.”

“Oh! Please, I don’t have any plans of being in good terms with a criminal”.

“If you don’t watch your tongue, I might have to cut it out for you”.

“Please be my guest”.

He smirked and bent his head.

“You’re lucky the police came to save you that day” he said.
“Else, I guess you wouldn’t be so bold to talk to me right now.”

“And I guess you wouldn’t be so bold to breath right now” I replied and he smiled and drank from his glass again.

“Well, I guess it’s never too late to finish what has been started” he said and I scoffed.

Hold on; is he trying to say…

“Darling” a young pretty lady Called as she scuttled towards us.

I didn’t know her.

She Came to where we were and hugged Royce.

“Hey love” the Royce guy replied and gave her a peck.

Okay; what’s going on?

“I’ve been looking for you. I didn’t know you were here” the lady said and looked at me.

“Oh! Its the latest bride! Hello” she beamed.

“H-Hi” I gave a perfunctory reply.
I was still confused.

“You’re so petty dear. Nice having you into the family” she said.

“You..Are you also a relative?” I asked and she laughed.

“No dear. I’m Royce’s fiancee” she replied and I rose my brows.

Hold on;

I looked at Royce and he was smiling and staring at me.

“Wow!” I mouthed.

“So…you do have a fiancee?” I asked, referring to him.

“Of course he does. And actually, I do live here in the mansion with him. Besides, we’ll be getting married in a short time” she replied happily, leaning her head on his shoulders.

“Wow. Congrats” I said, looking at him.

So, he’s actually engaged? Yet he’s such a flirt.

Oh! If only the poor girl knows what she’s getting into.

“By the way, im Lana” she said and brought out her hand for a handshake.

“I’m Bethel” I said with a foax smile as I received the Handshake.

“Come on baby. Let’s go” she said to Royce and her sighed and dropped his glass on the table.

“See you later Bethel”,he said with an eye wink and left with the Lady.

Geez! Disgusting.

I really Can’t believe this.
The party finally came to an end after a very long time as all the guests started dispersing.

I also became tired and decided to get some rest since Nicole had left as well.

“Come on Bethel.I’ll show you to your room” Ryan’s mum said as I was about entering the sitting room.

I smiled and followed her.

“I hope you enjoy your stay here Bethel. Perhaps, very soon, Ryan might decide to take you to one of his mansions so you two can have alone time” she said and I felt like puking.

Oh, please!

She was so excited – same as mum who left a while ago.

I climbed the stairs with her went a long way until she finally stopped walking.
“Your husband’s waiting for you” she said with a smile and looked at the room in front of us.

Oh! Was that my room?
Sorry; our room?

I stared at the door and stared back at her.

“Come on. Go in” she said and I swallowed hard and opened the door.

A sweet scent filled my nose immediately and the room wasn’t too bright; so,I couldn’t see clearly immediately.

I went fully into the room, closing the door behind me and slowly, my eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room.

Oh, my! Ryan was on the bed!

I mean, he was sitting on the bed.

I swallowed hard and suddenly, he turned to look at me.

Our eyes met and that was the moment i wished I could just disappear.

He looked away and continued with what he was doing – operating his phone.

I bit my lips and looked down at the floor.

Am I really going to share the room with Ryan?
Mr Popular.
Mr S3x freak.
Oh, geez!

How do we share the bed?
Am I really going to sleep on it?

Oh, heavens.

I can’t believe im married I’m married to this guy.

I walked few steps further into the room.

Then a thought suddenly niggled at me.

Oh, God!
My dress.

How do I unzip it?
My hand wouldn’t be able to reach the zipper.

Who’s gonna help me with it?

Married To Mr Popular Episode 18

Bethel’s Pov:
He stood up from the bed immediately with a sigh.
I became nervous. Why did he stand up?

He took off the suit he was putting on, now left with just a white long sleeve.
Surprisingly, he started walking towards me.

Okay; what’s going on?

His dark eyes stared at the floor as he walked towards me and surprisingly when he got to where I was, he opened the door and walked out.

I flinched and turned to look at the closed door.
Did he really walk out…

I had actually been scared he waa coming to meet me.

Oh, Bethel.

I took one a deep breath and sat on the big comfy bed.
The room wasn’t bad. It was beautiful and looked kingly.

There was a keyboard in front of the window and a two laptops there on the bed. I wonder what he needs them for.

I covered my face in my palm.
I really need to get used to this.I need to be strong.

After a while, I stood up from the bed and walked out of the room. I needed to find someone to help me with my zip.

Ryan’s Pov:
I Came out of my car ans walked into the house and right there in the sitting room, I found them all sitting and drinking.

“Hey! Look whom we have here. The latest groom in town” Davis said.

Lady K was sitting beside him.

I didn’t say a word and went ahead to take a seat.

“Welcome Ryan” Mira said with a smile.

I still didn’t say a word as I reached for a bottle of wine and turned some of it into a glass.

“Hey dude , are you alright?” Mason asked.

“I’m fine.” I mumbled and drank from my glass.

“By the way Ryan, what’re you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with your high school WIFE?” Davis asked, being emphatic on the wife.

I scoffed and emptied all the glass into my mouth. Then I Reached for the bottle and turned in more.

“He’s right Ryan. Shouldn’t you be drilling her by now? Isn’t that what married couples do?” Bonnie asked, Making the rest of them laugh.

“Mind you, Mason; she might be a high school lady, but the goodnews is – she’s still a virgin” Mira said.

“Yeah. You’re right. And I must say virgins are the Best” Davis said and busted into laughter with the rest.

“Maybe you should get one for yourself” I said and grabbed the half bottle of wine from the table and stood up.

“Hey, where are you going?” Davis asked.

“Your voices are worst than sirens” I replied and took the stairs.

I got into his room – Davis’ room and plonked myself on the bed.

I just needed to be alone.

I started drinking from my bottle – restlessly.
I couldn’t even think.

Shortly, the door opened and Karen – Lady K – walked in.

Oh please! I really wanted to be alone.

She walked in stylishly, tracing her steps.

“Ryan” she called in an endearing tone as she got to where I was and sat next to me on the bed.

“Are you okay?” She asked, leaning her hand on my shoulder.

“I’m fine. Just wanna be alone” I replied and drank from my bottle.

She smiled and touched my jaw.

“Maybe I know what you need” she said and collected the drink from me.

She kept it on the floor and next, she kissed me.

Not now.

She kissed me so perfectly like she used to and I couldn’t help but reciprocate.

Then she came up and sat on my legs, Making her big butts touch my torso.
Damn! She’s turning me on.

She made sure our lips didn’t get separated and slowly, she started moving her butts front and back, Making me hunger for a ride.

I grabbed them like a pillow and made her fall on the bed with me on top of her.

I lifted her dress upto her waist level and brushed my hand through her bare soft thighs. My c**k was already as hard as rock.

I placed my head on her chest and gave her nipple tiny bite from outside. She gasped in ecstasy.

She wrapped her hands around my shoulders and wanted me to come deeper into her.

But suddenly, I restricted myself and Disentangle from her hold.

I left her and sat on the bed, Reaching for my bottle of drink.

She was quiet for a second.

“Ryan” she called.
“What’s wrong?”
She was still sitting behind me on the bed.

“I Can’t” I muffled a reply and drank from my bottle.

“You Can’t do what?” She asked, sounding perplexed.

“I can’t do it” I replied and she scoffed and stood up, coming to stand in front of me.

“What are you talking about Ryan? Its something we’ve always done” she grouse.

“Well not anymore.”

“What do you mean by that? Why?”

I scoffed and drank angrily from my bottle.

“I’m married” I replied and she chuckled.

“Are you kidding me, Ryan? What does being married have to do with us?” She asked angrily.

I sighed and stood up with my drink.

“It has to do with everything” I told her and walked out of the room.

Lady K’s Pov:
“Come on Karen; you need to Calm down” Mira Said as I broke the fifth glass on the floor.

“Stop telling me that Mira. Didnt you get what I said? Ryan’s avoiding me!! He resisted me for the first time today and made me look stupid!”

“Well, that doesn’t mean you should kill yourself” Bonnie said.

“No! I won’t let this happen. I won’t let that bitch take what’s mine from me. This is the reason I got upset when I heard about the God damn marriage stuff! I must do everything to make sure they get separated” I rasped and turned to Bonnie.

“You’re on an assignment right? Haven’t you gotten anything?” I asked and she folded her hands.

“Well, I have. She did had a boyfriend, but was forced to break up with him when the marriage issue Came up. His name is Jackson” she replied and my eyes beamed.

“Oh, Bonnie! I need that guy. I need you to get me to him. Find out everything about him. No matter what it’s gonna take, I must make sure Ryan and Bethel get divorced” I said eagerly.


Married To Mr Popular Episode 19

Ryan’s POV:
I returned home hours later, buggered.

I went straight for my room and when I got there, I found her lying on the bed – Bethel.

She was curled up under the duvet and was fast asleep.

I ambled to where she was and sat on the edge of the bed, staring into her face.
She was so pretty and her long hair fell over her eyes.

I thought of waving it aside, but stopped myself.

She was a nice person – perhaps. But I couldn’t fall in love; no I couldn’t.
It’d only hurt her.

That’s the reason I never wanted to go on with this marriage stuff. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt because of me.
But since its already happened…

I just can’t fall in love. I wasn’t ready for it.
And I hate it that I was forced into this.

I sighed and leaned on the wall. My head ached a lot.

I guess we’d have to share the bed.


Bethel’s Pov:
I turned and turned on the bed and finally forced my eyes open.

Wow! What a nice long sleep.

I yawned and sat up and looked around. I was the only one in the room. Where was…Ryan.

Did he come home last night? I can’t even recall what happened.
All I could remember was showering and falling on the bed after taking off my dress.

I itched my eyes and checked the time. Geez! Do I really have to go to school today? I was pretty sure my name and pictures would be all over the place and the eyes and romours would be triplled.

I sighed and left the bed. Everything I needed was already present. Mum had transferred all my belongings yesterday.

I walked into the pretty bathroom and turned on the shower after taking off my clothes.
Ryan’s room was one in a kind. No wonder Hannah had talked about it.

As the cold water poured on me, so many thoughts kept flashing through my mind.

How would my married life with Ryan be? What was going to happen between us?

I’ve heard about couples getting divorced. What if…
What if this union doesn’t even last?

Geez! What am I thinking?

I better stop trying to console myself. There’s no getting out of this.

Ryan’s POV:
I entered into the room and couldn’t find her on the bed. Then I heard water running from the bathroom.

I drew closer and confirmed the water was indeed running. Could she be in?

I looked and noticed the door wasn’t properly closed – just a little opened space.

Somehow, listening to the running water and imaging them pouring on her made me hunger for it.

Immediately, I head the water stop running and I had a peep at the door and saw her tying her towel.

Our eyes met.

Oh, geez!

She gasped in fright immediately and I turned away, moving away from the door.

Oh Ryan! What the heck?

The door opened immediately and she came out, anxiety written all over her face.

“Hey you; what do you think you were doing?” She asked as she supported her towel with her right hand.

Does she know how short this is?

I ignored her and headed for my wardrobe.

“I’m talking to you” she snapped.

“What are you talking about?” I possum without turning to look at her.

“Hey, don’t play dumb with me okay? I saw what you did. Why were you peeping at me in the bathroom?” She asked and I sighed and touched my forehead.

What the f**k?
How do I get rid of this?


Married To Mr Popular Episode 20

Bethel’s Pov:
Gosh! I Can’t believe this. What does this guy think he’s doing?

Its a good thing I was already tying my towel before he looked at me.
But who knows if he had already been peeping at me long before I saw him?

Oh, God!

“I’m talking to you” I said as I stood behind him.
I really needed an explanation for it. How could he think of doing such a thing?

“Well , maybe you should’ve been wise enough to close to the door properly” he said unruffledly as he brought out jacket from the wardrobe.

I scoffed.

“Oh, really?” I asked as I crossed my hands below my chest.

“Well, I think I must have forgotten the fact that I’m living with a Mr s3x freak at home”.

“Hold on; are seriously ranting about this?” He asked and turned to look at me.

“Aren’t you supposed to be my wife? Don’t you have any idea what married couples do?”

My heart gave a mighty leap immediately as his white eyes stared into mine.

His words struck at me.

He drew closer in such a way I was scared he was going to hold me.

He narrowed his eyes from my face down to my chest, giving it a cranky stare.

What is he…

“Don’t you think I have access to your body now?” He asked almost in a whisper and my eyes dimmed.
I felt my throat becoming sore as I became speechless.

I tried to speak but couldn’t find the right words.

Then he smirked and turned away.
He took the jacket he had gotten from the wardrobe and left the room.

As soon as he left, I placed my hand on my chest and took in a deep breath.

What the hell just happened?
Oh, mum! What have you gotten me into?

Ryan’s words replayed in my head:
Don’t you have any idea what married couples do?

That was when it really dawned on me.
We were married and he had every right to…

God! I can’t even think of it. I’m not ready for something like that. I…I Can’t even imagine it with…someone like Ryan.

Oh, God! Im just not ready for it. But what if he asks me for it soon?

No; he wouldn’t even dare. I’ll just pluck out his eyes.

I brushed my fingers into my hair and took in a deep breath, trying to get over it.

Then, I went over to my wardrobe to get my school uniforms.
Completely ready for school, I took my bag and left the room.

But hold on; I hadn’t eaten. I mean, no one served breakfast to me.

I shrugged and proceeded out of the room.

Geez! This is really a mansion indeed.

It was so big and Beautiful.

I climbed down the long stairs which were meant to take me to the sitting room and as I did, so many thoughts kept clouding my mind.

I got to the end of the stairs, but as a result of my much thinking, I bumped into someone who was trying to walk pass me.

“Hey, watch it” she grumbled.

“Oh, my! I’m sorry” I said immediately and looked into her face.

She was one of the step sisters and she was chewing a gum.

I think her name is Judy – the one who behaves rouged.

“You Can keep your apology” she said with an eye roll and walked away, making a bubble with her gum.

I stared at her, stunned.
What the hell was that?

I shook my head and continued walking, Actually following her behind.

Then I got to the dining.

“Bethel!” Ryan’s mum called immediately she saw me.

They were all seated there – like the entire family.

Oh, Geez!
They were so many of them. Were they this much?

The Judy girl in front of me had already taken a seat next to the jerk – Royce.

Let me guess – she’s his sister.
Argh! Obviously.
Why didn’t I think about it? No wonder she behaves the way she does.

Like brother like sister.

“Come on, Bethel. Let’s have breakfast together. I was about sending a maid to call for you” Ryan’s mom said and I gave a light smile and walked further to the dining.

“Good morning ma’am” I greeted as I scoured my eyes around for a place to sit.

The Closest Vacant seat I saw was next to Royce’s fiancee and I took it.

“Hi” she smiled at me immediately.

“Hi. Good morning.” I replied with a smile and she looked back at her food.

Gosh! They were so many of them.
I finally saw the two extra wives.
Was I supposed to great them or something?
They were looking…angry.

Ryan’s mom was sitting next to Mr Winthrop. And Ryan…he was sitting opposite me on the other side of the table.

I shut him a stare and took my eyes Away.

“So Bethel, how was your night?” Lana – Royce’s fiancee – asked.
She seemed really friendly.

“It was fine. Thanks” I replied and awaited the maids as they served my meal.

“By the way, Tanya” Ryan’s mum said.

“I received some complaints about you skipping classes in school. How true is that?” She asked, referring to one of the step sisters sitting on the other side of the table.

I stared at her as she fumed and looked down at her food.

“Hold on;” the first wife said with a scoff.
“If my daughter’s skipping classes, I think it should be my problem”.

“Woah! Chill, Charlotte. I’m not committing a grave sin, okay? I’m just trying to be a caring mother” Ryan’s mum said.

Okay; what’s going on?

“Point of correction, Becky; she isn’t your daughter” replied the first effort.

“Hmph. Don’t worry, Charlotte. I don’t have time to drag your daughter with you. I already have a son” Ryan’s mum said with a smirk and shock crept into the first wife’s face.

Oh goodness.
What’s this?

“That’s enough” Mr Winthrop chimed in.

“Its never gonna be enough” the lady sitting next to the first wife said loathfully, looking down at her food.

“I said that’s enough, Bonnie!” Mr Winthrop said again and the whole place went silent.

Okay; let me guess;

Tanya and Bonnie are daughters of the first wife while Royce and Judy are children of the third wife.

Hm. I guess Ryan is the only one who doesn’t have a sibling here. And I guess it’s the least of his problems.

“Can we all eat peacefully?” Mr Winthrop asked and the jerk scoffed – Royce.

The maid was done with my meal and I sighed and started eating from it.

When I heard the Winthrop family was on fire, I never understood what it meant.
But now, I think I just did.

I ate my food pitifully as everybody else ate in silence.
What a family.

“By the way, Bethel” Ryan’s mum said after the long silence and I lifted my head to look at her.

“Before I forget, I’ve had you and Ryan enrolled into a marriage class so you could take some marriage lessons which would enable you…”

“What?” Ryan cut in.

Oh God.

“What’re you talking about, mum?”

“Yes Ryan. It’s gonna be of help so you two Can create a good relationship. I mean, since you got married unprepared, its gonna aid you in growing your home” she explained.

What the heck?

“Really mum? I don’t need it” he blurted and she sighed and looked at me.

“As I was saying, bethel; it’s Gonna help you both in building your home. Although, it’s meant for just engaged couples who are planning on getting married, but I was able to speak to the organizer and luckily, she gave her consent.

“The days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by 4 pm. So, you’ll be commencing today”.

“I told you mum; I don’t need it” Ryan said.

“Listen to your mother, Ryan and do as she says” Mr Winthrop said and he rolled his eyes.

But geez!
I can’t believe they’re really making this marriage stuff official.

“When it’s time, Bethel, I’ll let you know” Ryan’s mum said and I just nodded with a smile.
Soon, I was done eating and I took my bag and left the dining after waving bye to the important ones.

My driver was already waiting outside for me and I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I sat in the van.

Oh God; help me.

I leaned my back on the car seat and closed my eyes, trying to enjoy the ride. That family’s one in a zillion. Why did mum have to push me into something like this?

After a long while, the drive came to a stop and I figured we were there.
I opened my eyes and confirmed we were really in school.

Dear Bethel;
Get ready for another set of eye recording.

I came out of the van and took in a deep breath before proceeding towards the building.

Surprisingly, I saw someone that made me halt.

Hold on;


I scoffed and stopped to look at him as he walked towards me.

What’s he doing here?



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