Story: Married To Mr Popular (Rude and grumpy)… Episode 21


Married To Mr Popular (Rude and grumpy) Episode 21

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?Married To
Mr Popular?
(Rude and grumpy)

By: Faith Lucky.


Episode 21


Bethel’s Pov:
I stood and waited for him to get to where I was.

He was putting on a Black jean and Jacket and wore a despondent look.

“Hi” he smiled when he stood in front of me.

“Jackson?” I called instead, tucking my hair behind my ear.

He sighed and inserted his hands into his trouser pockets.

“I came to say hi” he stated.

“Oh; you…came all the way to my school just for that?” I asked and he chuckled.

“How’s Ryan?” He asked and I lowered my gaze to the floor.

“He’s fine”.

A short silence stepped in. I guess I wasn’t really comfortable talking to my ex-boyfriend.

“Bethel” he Called and I looked up at him.

“I want you to know I hold no grudges against you – despite the fact you broke up with me and got married. I mean, it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t plan for it to happen.

“So, I’d very much want you to feel free around me. Can we be friends?”

I stared at him, stunned.

He really wants this to happen?

“Come on, Bethel; just friends. Your getting married shouldn’t make us enemies.” He enthused and I smiled.

“So, we’re good, I guess?” He asked.

“Of course” I replied and he hugged me.

Okay…I didn’t entirely like that hug.

We disentangled and I adjusted my bag properly.

“So…I guess we’ll talk later. You should hurry up for class. Bye”

“Bye” I waved at him and left.

That was heavy.

Well, perhaps it wasn’t a bad idea. Maybe we needed to be in good terms.

As expected, all eyes were on me as I walked in the building, headed for my classroom.
But this time around, I didn’t let it have much effect on me like it did the last time. I just kept my head straight and tried not to look at any of them.

Trying t take a corner, I accidentally bumped into someone who was taking the same direction and the pile of books in his hands came crashing to the floor.

Wait; it was Kyle!

“Oh, my! I’m so sorry” I said apologetically as I squatted with him to pick them up.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing” he spoke calmly as he also assisted in picking them up.


Kyle just spoke to me.

So, he knows how to talk to others?

I shrugged and we finally picked up the books together.

“Are you okay?” He asked and I looked behind to see if he was talking to someone else. But he wasn’t.

“I’m…I’m fine. Of course” I replied, trying to cloak my surprise.

I was the one who bumbed into him and he’s asking if I was okay.

He arranged the books in his hands and looked at me.
Gorgeous eyes.

“Alright then. Thanks for helping me with the books” he said and walked away and as he did, I turned to look at him.

What the hell just happened?
How was kyle sounding so…Nice?

I kept watching in amusement until he took a corner and couldn’t be seen again and I smiled and proceeded to the class room.

As usual, Nicole was already seated and waiting on the seat and I joined her.

“Hello girlfriend” she beamed as I took my seat next to her.

“Hi” was all I could mutter.

“Hm. Looks like someone has got a lot of things up her head. Come on, Bethel; I’ve been dying to hear them. How was last night? Did…did you really share the same room with Ryan? What happened…”

“Nicole please” I cut her off with an eye roll.
“Stop adding to my problems”. I said and she laughed.

“I’m sorry bethel; but I’m really curious. What happened?” She asked and I looked around and noticed all the ladies in the class were stealing glances at me.

Geez! Seriously?

“Well, I Can’t talk about it here. Perhaps, when we’re alone” I said and she looked around and nodded after noticing the eyes revolving around me.

Immediately, the three brats walked in.
Oh perfect. Just enough to worsen the moment.

They walked in stylishly with Cheryl taking a selfie.

They got to their seats which was in front of mine and of course they didn’t sit immediately but stood and faced me.

“Hello little bride” Blair teased while the rest chuckled.

Can these ladies ever shut up?

I folded my hands and looked at them.

“Tell me, Bethel; how was your night?” Alma asked and I huffed.

“It was fantastic. Actually I dreamt someone peeled off your skin” I replied and she laughed – feignly though.
I could tell she was angry.

“Seriously Bethel; how was your night? Did the normal couple stuff happen between you two?” Cheryl asked.

“Yeah. Does it hurt?” Alma added.

“Of course it should. I heard Ryan was an expert” Blair said and they all busted into laughter.

I scoffed and shook my head.

“So, how did you know it’s supposed to hurt?” I asked, looking at Blair.
“Does it mean you’ve tasted it before? Wow! So, you’re no longer a v*rgin?

“Hm. Its quite a shame you know? It’s quite a shame you’ve tasted what your mother has”.

Her face got swollen with rage immediately as few of the students around who got to eaves drop busted into laughter.

She glared at me and made a fist with her hand and immediately, the lecturer came in.

“Good morning Mr Adams” the students greeted simultaneously as he went to takr his stand in front of the class.

I smirked at Blair as they had no other option but to return to their seats.

“Wow Bethel; you’re the perfect match for these ladies” Nicole whispered to me and I just rolled my eyes.

“Good morning students” Mr Adams said as he adjusted his glasses.

“I take it your night was lovely and pleasant?

“Well, before we go into the morning lectures, I’d love to pass a special announcement to you all.

“There’s been a slight adjustment to the inter school mathematical competition which is scheduled to hold tomorrow.”

Oh! The inter school competition.

It was a competition involving different schools and here in my school, the representatives were Kyle – the braniac- and Samantha – a lady in the arts class.

What adjustment could there be?

“Samantha is seriously ill and won’t be able to participate in it again. So, we’ve chosen a new representative and partner to kyle Donavan. And the new representative will be Bethel Cyrus” he announced and my jaws dropped.


Bonnie’s Pov:
My name is Bonnie Winthrop and I’m the first child of the Winthrop family.

My mother is the first wife and everything was peaceful before the gold diggers showed up and created a chaos.

“The nerves of that woman to insult mum” my younger sister – Tanya grouch as she sat next to mum who was crying.

I was just fuming and stood facing the window.

“She thinks Having a male child is the best achievement in life huh? She thinks she’s won already?” Bonnie further quarried.

Mum just kept whimpering.

“Come on, mum. Its okay” she consoled.

Then I turned and faced them.

“She’s going to regret everything she’s done” I said through gritted teeth.

“I’ll make her pay for it and every other person who’s made my mum cry. She feels so boastful with that son of hers right? Well, I’m going to take him away from her.

“Dont worry, mum; I’m going to be the son you never had”.



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