Story! Mr Arrogant (Ând the strânge maidën) Season 2… Episode 34

Mr arrogrant and the strange maiden season 2 episode 34


This story is officially written By: Faith Lucky.

Delaney’s pov
I’d pay a hundred dollar just to see the look on Hera’s face all the time.
She looked a bloated goat and her face had gone all pale as if she’s just seen a ghost.
She looked shocked as she continued to stare at me.
“What!” She finally shouted in anger.
“A boiled orange juice? How am I supposed to do that?” She asked, with her eyes splitting fire. And I know if she had the chance, she’d smack me hard on my face.
But then, I’m her boss and Xavier’s mom had strictly told her to answer every of my need.
She dare not go against me, else she’ll loose her job.
I was shocked when Xavier’s mom had introduced her to Xavier and I as a new maid – that will be attending to our needs and tidy up our rooms.
At first I was pissed because I’d been seeing all the time, but at another thought, I was happy.
I’m gonna frustrate her and use her like trash to she decide on her own to leave.
I knew she came back because of Xavier and I wouldn’t allow her even have a chance with Xavier.
I’m gonna make sure she knows that Xavier is off limits and I’m gonna put her in her right place, where she belongs.
I’ll make her know she doesn’t even have a chance with Xavier – especially not under my watch.
Besides, it’s her turn to serve me, just like I’ve done for her back then in Marazona.
She’s gonna see how it feels.
“What! Are you gonna go against her command?” Xavier snapped angrily and glared at Hera.
Her mouth dropped in shock and she flinched in fear.
Good! At least, I know Xavier doesn’t like her. He’s not been friendly with her and he doesn’t even smile at her and that has made me really happy.
I feel safe that Xavier wouldn’t turn his attention towards her and start neglecting me.
“No sir…I’m sorry. I’ll go get it for her.” She muttered lowly with her head bowed.
“Now out!” I snapped at her.
She flinched and hurriedly twisted the Knob of the door.
“Hey! The tray!” I called back as she got out of the door.
I heard her sigh angrily before turning back and entering into the room.
She took the tray and as she made to leave, I placed my leg on the way and since she didn’t expect it, she kicked my leg and she fell flat on the floor, with the tray flying up with it’s content before crashing on the floor.
“Ouch!” She groaned in pain.
I smirked and walked back to Xavier’s bed.
I haven’t even started!
Alicia’s pov
“Grandmaaaaaa!” I squealed enthusiastically as I ran to meet grandma at the door.
She looked pale.
Mom was supporting her as she walked, with her arms around her waist.
Grandma smiled weakly at me, “Alicia.”
I smiled as I heard my name from her mouth.
God! I really missed her.
Glad she’s back home and in a good shape.
“I missed you grandma.” I pouted and hugged her lightly.
“I missed you too.” Her voice was low and barely audible.
I took the bag mom was holding and we started into the house.
Chelsea’s pov
“Mom, dad?” I called, as I started towards them on the sofa.
“Chelsea!” Mom beamed and stood up from the sofa and walked towards me.
“Wow! I thought you weren’t coming back again. I thought maybe you finally decided to abandon me and not come back againt.” I scoffed. She pretended not to have heard me, because instead of replying me, she hugged me.
I stood still, not hugging her back.
How can both parents just leave for weeks without caring about their only child?
They called just twice and it was just a brief conversation.
Are they gonna continue the treat me this way?
Even if I have everything I’ve dreamt off – not really everything, I just want my parents attention, affection and love.
At least, they should spend more time with me than they do in their work places.
“You could have just stayed in Paris forever.” I hissed.
“Baby, we are sorry.” Dad said.
“Sorry won’t fix anything! And you’ve said that a million times. I’ve heard sorry too much!” I snapped and rolled my eyes.
“We are truly sorry. And Chelsea, we have good news for you.” Dad said instead.
“We are gonna be home more often. We won’t be staying weeks and months away from you, just days.
And when we return, we’ll make it up to you by having enough time with you.” Dad said with a smile.
I huffed and rolled my eyes.
“This isn’t the first time you’re saying this dad and what happens? You never keep to yourself words. It’s just another lame excuse of yours.” I scoffed.
“No, we are serious baby. This time, we are serious.” Mom said.
“Whatever! I hope you keep to your words this time.” I tucked in my hair behind my ear and made for the stairs.
“And if you like, leave tomorrow early morning for another business trip and return two years later.” I huffed as I climbed up the stairs.
I heard mom gasped but I didn’t give a damn.
I feel like am an orphan!
Delaney’s pov
A soft knock came on the door and I knew it was Hera.
Xavier told her to come in and seconds later, she was in the room with a glass of juice in her hand.
I stood up and walked towards her.
“I took the glass of juice and placed it on my lips.
I removed it and glared at her.
“I’m sorry.” Hera apologized like she already got the signal that I’m mad at her for giving me a chilled juice instead of hot one.
“Sorry for your miserable self!” I lashed out and poured the the whole content in the glass on her.
She bent her head and whimpered.
She raised her head and there were tears in her eyes. She glared at me before running out of the room.
I smirked as I watched her run like a scaredy-cat.
Rio’s pov
“Woah! Easy there!” I hollered as a girl almost knocked me down because of the way she was running.
I held her by her arm and when she took her gaze to look at me, she was in tears.
I haven’t seen her before and she was putting on a maid uniform and I noticed that she probably would have been coming from Xavier’s room.
Our gazes locked and I was awed by her beauty.
Wow! She looked really pretty even if her eyes were a bit swollen from perhaps – crying.
I didn’t know how it happened, but I found myself drawing her closer and hugging her to myself.
She looked vulnerable.
She sobbed harder while I patted her back.
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