Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 132


Oga Landlord Episode 132

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I sat on my bed reasoning then something entered my mind, how on Earth did I forget NPF.
The highest bidder has their backup those guys are only loyal to money, I checked my time and it was around 6am.
I grabbed my brush and did a quick brush then find my way to the only police station in my local Government.
As I reach their gate drive enter naso I sight Okoye dey talk with one police officer wey I suspect say na D.P.O or na Area command sef.
I got out of my car and greeted the both of them but Okoye was fuming.
Okoye: small boy, wetin you come do here?
Me: wetin you come do here.
Okoye: really? A lizard find in the palace doesn’t make it a palace guard.
Me: this one you dey talk like old man, hope all is well?
Okoye: my good friend, I will see you after the election.
Police officer: alright, sir.
He left and I went with the D.P.O into his office, the man wan dey hostile to me but when I called the Governor to speak to him.
He melo and co-operated sharp sharp, I paid him handsomely and he nearly worshipped the floor I walked on.
I demanded to see the officers following the materials, and he told me they have all left.
I don late, I told him to call them and he did the calling one after the other, I requested for their bank details and they all sent it.
I left there around 12pm after making sure the police are on my side, I received a call from my Aunt.
Me: aunty, wetin happen?
Aunty: them no gree make the election hold, gun shots everywhere.
Me: no worry.
Okoye has a plan to scatter the election in my village to reduce my vote, see coward.
I entered the car and called the governor to deploy more army officers to my L.G.A.
I called the army officer that the governor gave me his number and told him the situation on ground, as I enter my village na like four checking point I pass before I enter.
Come see soldiers everywhere, I rush go my polling unit.
People don dey come out after the soldiers handled those Okoye boys, I stood on the queue and made a call to the press people.
They came in time to record when I voted and even testified that the election is free and fair.
After I voted I called Ugochukwu twice before he finally picked.
Me: guy, how far the election?
Ugochukwu’s voice: which election?
Me: wetin you mean?
Ugochukwu’s voice: material never near any polling unit for this village.
Me: hope say the press guys dey with you?
Ugochukwu’s voice: yes.
Me: the protest still dey go on?
Ugochukwu’s voice: yes.
Me: make sure say them put the non arrival of the materials as agenda, also make sure say them interview as many people as they can. Okoye don hijack the materials.
Ugochukwu: that man ehnn..
Me: later I go call you.
I ended the call and drove home took my bath and then find my way to the coalition centre after putting my party agents in charge.
I texted Ugochukwu for them to air the situation in Okoye’s village immediately so that any electoral results coming from that village should be cancelled.
I drove inside the coalition centre to meet military men and police officers everywhere.
We did a quick meeting and told them not to allow Okoye and his supporters inside, they should in fact flog their smelling bumbum.
We stayed in there receiving many calls from my party agents telling me how I won all the votes except two votes was casted for Okoye, I know say na jealousy uncles go do that one.
Results started arriving with returning officers, naso another money sharing went round again before coalition of results.
See the way re-writing was going on in favour of party.
Okoye’s voice: make ona allow me inside, I contest election too!!
I left the large room and came out to see group of people gathered at the gate shouting, Okoye was the one ranting the highest.
The soldiers were not looking friendly as they stood in positions to shoot any idiot mumu.
Me: abeg, tear them gas jare!
Soldier1: yes, sir!
Naso them start to handle them while I went inside and watch how I was cruised to victory.
Results were been uploaded bit by bit in favour of NPP, I come dey wonder how the will of people go even reflect in Nigeria politics.
The compilation lasted the whole night, when I wa satisfied the remaining work to do there can’t hinder my victory.
I left there only to receive call from Ugochukwu.
Ugochukwu’s voice: you don win oohh!
Me: I know.
Ugochukwu’s voice: you be baba.
Me: enter my village make we enter PH.
I drove off to the village took my bath and ate, see the way people full my house dey collect board trustee go shock you.
Loyal servants just dey present themselves one after the other, I just dey dash them money make them never tag me stingy politician.
Ugochukwu came and we drove together to the City, he dropped me off at the hospital.
I find my way to were Veronica is and met a strong guy standing by her side.
Me: baby…
Veronica: you are back?
Me: yes.
I just dey look the guy that looked mean face to face, he was just forming boss in the room.

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