Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 133


Oga Landlord Episode 133

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Na Veronica side-man be this? if naso I no go ever mad go challenge am. Me and my posterity know say if you no slim and look hungry we no go ever bother to fight you at all.
Veronica: baby, meet Agent Carl and Carl meet my boyfriend.
Me: boyfriend ke! I be her fiance.
Veronica: when you propose to me?
Me: when you dey coma.
She laughed and Carl joined her, proposal na proposal even if the person no too dey aware of it.
Carl was a nice guy the way he talked freely and laughed easily you will say isn’t the cold fellow standing there before.
Carl was to take over from Veronica after her undercover had been exposed, we talked about her travelling back to US but she refused to hear that one.
stubborn girl, I stayed with her through out that day and received a call from the Governor to come over next morning.
I drove to the Governor’s residence with Ugochukwu and we met a lot of people there, so the man nofit even allow the news to be calming down before he will go into crazy jubilation.
See wine and etcetera etcetera, who talk say money nodey this country must be stoned to death.
The kind wine and designer I see for there make me feel like say I no belong there at all, the Governor asked both of us to walk.
We went out of the house and stood around the garden.
Governor: son, am proud of you.
Me: thank you, father.
Governor: what is your next plan?
Me: to serve my people.
Governor: your servitude depends on more power you command, inform me if you need anything.
I nodded and we both went inside the house, no wonder I dey see expensive cars upadan.
Nothing dey disturb this elite league at all, them dey cash out steady steady.
I hang around there and ate what I could eat, the Governor introduced me to all the honourable members that won their constituency and also introduced me to the former speaker who has decided to run for the seat of senate.
So wetin this man mean say make I run for the speaker, no shakings.
Ugochukwu and I left to purchase a ring, we went around till I bought the kind of ring I was looking for.
I was just staring at the ring without understanding what kind and type of ring it is, my mama no wear this one oh!
Me: Ugo, which kind of ring be this?
Ugochukwu: na engagement ring?
Me: so, we nofit use am after the wedding?
He shrugged and both of us drove out of that place, we arrived at the hospital and he told me he will be leaving.
Me: you for come witness the engagement na.
Ugochukwu: as a representative of your ancestors or wetin?
Me: I nodey like am oh! so, which finger I go put am?
Ugochukwu: the fu-ck you finger.
Me: wetin be fu-ck you finger?
Ugochukwu: the tallest finger.
I nodded and alighted from the car, I went inside the ward were Veronica istisd knocked twice before opening the door.
I saw Veronica sitting on the bed her back placed on the wall, I knelt by the side of the bed and said the best lines I could remember.
Veronica: I will manage you.
Me: as if you get choice *I grin*
Veronica: no be that finger this one.
I thrusted it on the finger she directed and everybody is okay, I sat on the bed with her.
She looked at the ring smiling and then send sexy looks my way.
Me: you no well but your mind still dey reason bad thing.
Veronica: shhhh! *place a finger on my lips*
Then she started a kiss and we nearly ripped our clothes off if no be say one nurse scatter the show.
Through out the night we were doing sexy things, but we nofit do.
The next Morning Carl came and the doctor declared that Veronica is fit to be discharged.
I had to use the imaginary baby to convince her to leave for U.S.A.
Veronica: baby, will you wait for me?
Me: yes na, ofcourse.
Veronica: promise me, you will stay away from Her excellency.
Me: I promise.
She got into the car with car and they both drove away, I felt empty and then I realized how much I love that girl.
I drove to my yard and those guys nearly mob me with their way of celebrating my political victory.
I fought my way to my room and locked the door, my phone rang and it was a call from Veronica.
Me: baby.
Veronica: Aisha son isn’t…
I heard crashing sound of something and the call ended, I dialed the number several times but it didn’t connect.
Maybe is network.

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