Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 151


Oga Landlord Episode 151

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Mr. Sam: then you are welcome *he hug me*
I be wan remind am say I no be homo and in case the brotherhood consist of homo make them avoid me, the hug was on the proper side so I didn’t go on with it.
He told me to come to his house the next day for me to be introduced to the brotherhood.
I drove home and saw Vera discussing with my gardener, I don dey suspect this two tay tay, they were talking in the porch when I stepped in.
Vera: welcome, sir.
Jackson: welcome, your excellency.
Me: Vera, why you dey always dey around this young man?
Vera: we are colleague.
Me: is it only both of you are in the colleague, what of your female colleague? Jackson hope you are ready to be a father?
Jackson: *scratching his head* I still dey young.
I left there two needed to visit my aunt with her children, Josh and Harry-p then visit Ugochukwu the next day see Deputy Governor position is just to be errand boy to the governor and the governor wan show him face, nothing concern me.
I went inside and ate then took my bath before driving to my aunt new residence, I parked my car and entered inside the room to see Josh smooching away somebody’s daughter destiny.
Me: eehhhnn! *I scream*
Both of them behaved immediately while Joshua became terrified but the babe na fine girl.
Joshua: uncle Vic, good afternoon.
Me: I can see what is good about the afternoon.
Girl: good afternoon, sir.
Me: Joshua, I want to talk to you in private.
I went upstairs and he followed me, immediately we got to where the girl won’t see us anymore.
I grabbed him and gave his flat head a strong knock.
Joshua: aahhh! brother, my head oohh!
Me: shut up! your head no gree enter book but to tear pant and give gal belle fit enter abi?
Joshua: we were just studying, wetin you see no be the meaning?
Me: minister of meaning I hail you, why you no explain to waec board the meaning when you fail waec?
Joshua: no be my fault, the expo them give us no legit. Our teachers for village no sabi anything.
Me: them no sabi anything? na person wey sabi something dey know who sabi something, tell that girl to go their house you need to pass WAEC before you get girlfriend.
Joshua: I go tell am abeg no tell my mother and elder brother.
Me: where them dey sef?
Joshua: them don commot go village.
Me: no wonder! I for talk how you take do am.
I went to my room and slept off woke up when my aunt and Harry-P returned, when I told them that I will be vying for the government position everybody was very happy.
Harry-P was even including himself in my cabinet as commissioner of music and culture, I wonder who wan give am that kind position for state government, election wey dey tie wrapper.
I left there at night and the next morning I visited Ugogoro my man, I met him kissing his wife Shantel who now have big belle.
Me: Ugogoro my man! *I hail*
Ugochukwu: profit Governor, my man.
Me: na me, our wife how you dey na?
Ugochukwu: who be our wife? behave oh! I nodey do our wife.
Shantel: good afternoon, sir. Don’t mind him jare!
Me: I won’t mind him, why I go mind someone that is jealous of our love *I wink at Ugo*
Ugochukwu: Shantel come and be going before this one will make me kill somebody.
He escorted his wife out while I sat and relaxed to wait for him to discuss what brought me to his abode, he returned some minutes later and sat down.
Ugochukwu: this one you come my house, how far?
Me: oh boy, I just dey. I wan run for governor?
Ugochukwu: why? You don tell Madam Stella?
Me: the one wey tell me say make I no think about am?
Ugochukwu: I think her husband want make you take over from him?
Me: yes, but the woman nodey in support of the idea.
He still insisted on me mending fences with Madam Stella, I didn’t even understand his allegiance anymore.
I had to leave when I felt uncomfortable with the way he is putting that Dolce in the topic.
In the night I went to Mr. Sam’s house and we both went out together without his security aid, we drove for hours in the dark till we got to a thick forest that I didn’t believe it exist around the city.
He came down and joined him, he tied my eyes and every was dark couldn’t hear any sound not until another voice ordered me to untie the clothe.
I opened my eyes and saw a man who is sitting on a lion throne and everywhere looked like where I haven’t been before.
The place was seemed to be decorated all round with red, Mr Sam stood by my side.
Suddenly lions started coming in and suddenly transforming themselves to men and women, men of calibre.
I hide for Mr. sam back but the Supreme master ordered me to behave.
I come dey look their face one after the other and saw all the powerful politicians in the ruling and opposing party, no wonder the country nodey move forward all of them are their for their own interests to share the country treasury.
Their master: metem! Metem!!
Voices: metempsychosis!

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