Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 153


Oga Landlord Episode 153

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I paced around the farm and suddenly I heard sound of something flying and landed before me before I could cross over to the other farm across the bush footpath.
I looked at the waterproof and paced slowly towards it smelling what was oozing from the waterproof.
I came close to the waterproof and tossed at it suddenly stench smell oozed from it, I stepped back from it.
Anybody wey throw this shit for waterproof em no go better for am oh, I paced out of the farm and came out of the farm to the bush footpath.
I started hearing voice from the farm divided by the footpath, I left the road to avoid someone from seeing me.
Woman: thunder go fire ona! na ona shit person go chop!! em no go better for ona, ona wey dey throw shit for my farm.
I come dey wonder who the woman dey talk to, her voice loud oh! she was working and swearing for people.
She bent low with her huge ukwu jutted backward giving me a fantastic view, I bent low dey observe as she dey weed her farm. She got up again and started cursing on top of her voice.
Woman: sas I dey use my hand dey carry shit, that person wey do this thing go shit sotay em go shit out everything inside him belle or her belle.
Me: madam, na who you dey talk?
She quickly look around wondering who was talking to her.
Me: madam see me here.
Woman: ewoooh! Jesus!!
She threw her hoe my way if no be say I sharp I for don get injury, the woman ran out of the farm.
I made up my mind to leave that place before she will bring vigilante and they will murder me here, I came out of the farm and looked both sides of the footpath and saw tarred road at my left and a house close to the bush at my right.
My mind come tell me say make I go the house maybe I go see something to chop, hungry dey wire me here sef.
I was pacing towards the house slowly when I heard bike sound, I looked up and saw tyre moving my way.
I leapt out of the road immediately, damn niggar! This bike man isn’t a real niggar at all.
I used bush go the house when I got to the backyard, I looked at the wall before me and turned to right left side of the house that led to a bush, I paced towards that side slowly when I got to the end of the block I saw another small built block house and started hearing water splashes sound.
I got closer in between the house and the small house at the side, I started hearing sweet melody of song coming from the bathroom. I paused and looked at side then saw legs with slippers underneath, the girl stopped singing and squat giving the view of bare bumbum, the wrapper she used as coverage to the entrance of the bathroom wasn’t able to cover everywhere especially beneath.
I come dey get the coding say she dey wash her toto no wonder she stopped to sing.
Voice: Bridget oh! where you dey?
The girl in the bathroom answered.
Bridget: wait small, I go soon baf finish.
I started hearing foot-falls, mehn.. I had to delve inside the bush and chill there till it is late then I will go about the hunting for what to eat.
I went from house to house looking for what to eat, my stomach was doing me somehow when it was getting dark.
I went back to the house that I ate fish earlier and find out they didn’t leave any fish again, see wahala oh! I hang around looking for what to eat till day broke, I had no choice but to sleep in an incomplete building because I was so weak and feeling sleepy.
I slept up only to be woken by voices, I opened my eyes slowly and saw four angry and hungry looking guys with big big rods and sticks.
Boy1: can position that side make em no run.
Boy2: Joe, pass window side in case em wan run.
Boy: Brain, stay for my back, if I miss am no miss am.
Chaii! wetin be this? human being dey eat cat too?
Boy4: see pepper soup.

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