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Oga Landlord Episode 175

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Me: I was singing a song that my grandmother sang when I was afraid.


Profit: rolling her eyes village man.

I feigned anger and tried to walk away, she rushed over and hugged me from behind and buried her face in my back chuckling.
I just had to forgive her because she is too weak for melodrama, I stayed with her in the hospital till night.

I earlier instructed maids and nannies to take good of my daughters, Baby was being stubborn insisting on seeing her daddy and mommy.
I had to caution her several times on calls before that small girl stayed one place after promising her that she will come over to the hospital tomorrow after school.

I stayed in the hospital till the next day, that small pikin can cry abeg I no get strength to dey wake upadan, I woke up the next morning to see Profit bre-ast-feeding the baby.
I took my bath and wore the same clothe because I didn’t change clothe but Profit had changed her clothe, I wonder who brought clothe for her.

Profit: are you not going home?

Me: are you chasing me away?

Profit: bring out her tongue yes, you better go house and change your out-fit.

I got angry and left the hospital room, Profit have been looking for my trouble.
I got out and received a call from one of the chairman, I picked the call my security aides were guarding me left and right with centre.

Me: hello, my chairman.

Chairman: good morning, your excellency. Ehnn.. Mr. Sam is dead heart attack.

I was shocked how the man who was healthy yesterday now dies of heart-attack, is it the hand work of Profit’s grand father.
Profit called but I refused to pick her call she have been pissing me off.

I went home and rested also logged in to my whatsapp only to receive a message from her.

Profit message: are you home, eat before you come?

Me: am not coming.

Profit message: don’t come, Victor jnr is here with me.

I feel like throwing that baby outta of the window, I picked Baby and Johannah from their schools and brought them to the hospital, on our way Baby and J almost killed me with questions due to excitement.

I saw fleet of cars when we arrived and the security is very tight, I realized someone is about to kidnap my lovely wife.
I met Profit grand father and some helpers that have come to pick her up, the girls where all over the little child.

Baby: daddy, he is so small, can he see me?

Me: do I know?

Profit: don’t mind your daddy, he is your little brother.

Baby: I love you, mommy.

Me: what of me?

Baby: I love you small, Daddy.

I didn’t know coup is going on in my house under my nose, Profit grandfather took my kids and their mother away and told me I shouldn’t worry about their safety that I should focus on my state.
I returned to the empty house and realized I haven’t been calling my friend Ugochukwu, I was about dialing his number when four persons appeared in my room.

I looked around and saw four angry looking men which I surmised they are senators, rep member and the speaker of my state assembly.
They turned into lions and roared to coward me, I didn’t understand why they have to show their allegiance before transforming back to human.

Man1: from today you cease to be a member of the lions cult.

Man2: metem! Metem!!

Man3: metempsychosis!

Four of them stretched their hands towards me and raised it up, that is how I struggled in vain when I was lifted up from were I sat and landed on the floor feeling extremely weak.
I felt a throbbing headache before passing out and find myself in a dark path walking naked.

Along the way I saw a man cladded on white looking like an angel.

Angel: your destiny is to change the old order, go back!

Me: who are you?

Angel: find light in your life.

I woke up to find myself in the hospital, immediately I opened my eyes I saw Profit she looked weary and tired.

Profit: thank God, sweet. What happened to you?

Me: I chuckle I died but am now back to life.

She smacked me and tears fell from her eyes, I had to cleaned them and promised never to abandon her. I know she has lost a lot of love ones in this life.

I started having enemies left and right different kind of propagandas were carried against me by medias, I went mute without responding to any of them.
I went about my project Rivers first making those in the state to believe that the betterment of Rivers is the betterment of all, I opened up the seaport and supported industries financially.

Elevated business from small scale to large business empires, chairmen were doing very well on their own.
I visited Profit in her father’s house and find the man carrying the little child, he hardly goes out nowadays always taking care of my little child I was shocked when I met him bathing the baby once.

Me: why is your grandpa into this little boy?

Profit: he is the only son of his father amongst six daughters, and he gave birth to my father as his only child and lost my grandmother.

The man consider my son as his dead son, Profit grandfather seemed to love Profit father a lot. It was rumoured that he sacrificed them then, wetin concern me sef?

I concentrated on doing everything right in my state, there was a gang up to remove me from the ruling party and it actually worked because I was kicked out of the party.
I didn’t even say a word to them I was just doing mumu, opposition parties lined up to woo to their party.

Profit grandfather was begged to be the next president because of his political weight, he called me over for a drink.

Profit grandfather: do you want to be president of this country?


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