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Oga Landlord Episode 174

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Me: doctor how is my wife?

Doctor: congratulation, sir. Your wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Who you? wakanda wahala is this na, na wetin I ask this one?

Me: how is my wife? I mean my wife.

Doctor: sorry, sir. She is in a good condition but you can’t see her now.

Better, I smiled because God has actually answered Profit’s prayer, she was desperate about giving birth to a boy.
If I mistakenly say the foetus in her womb is a girl she will bit me, is good she gave birth to a boy how would I have comforted her, thank God oh!

I sat down and whistled away looking around, I saw a man standing with a little boy. He was engrossed in discussing with the beautiful nurse with him, the little boy ran to were I am with a phone in his hands.
He gave me the phone laughing, I didn’t want to take it but he dropped it off from his hands that I had no choice to grab it before the phone drop on the floor.

He turned and ran away to were his father stood discussing with the beautiful nurse, the man wanted to take her number.
He searched his trouser pocket wondering where he had dropped his phone, he looked at his little boy and asked him.

The nurse left them to attend to patient, the man searched with frustration for his phone I had to get up and hand over the phone to him.

Me: na your phone be this?

Man: he look at the phone with shock yes, thank God. Where you see am?

Me: take.

I went back to were I sat down and waited patiently for them to ask me to see my wife, I didn’t know when I slept off.
I woke up to see Profit family with heavy securities, Profit grandfather was there in person.

Immediately the doctor appeared they rushed him and then all of them headed to meet Profit.
I follow from behind because all of them were desperate to see her, I opened the door and started hearing congratulations upadan.

No one is congratulating me that score the goal, is like they will give me the trophy.
Just then one of Profit’s aunt appeared with her baby girl, that girl can worry me.

She got inside the room and the baby started crying for me to carry her, I go find trouble carry this pikin after my wedding ceremony and she messed my hairs up.
Nana’s mother gladly hand her over to me and the little girl let out a wicked giggle, she no even waste time to drag my hairs.

I threw her up and caught hold of her while she chuckled, I repeated while watching Profit’s grandfather looking at the new born baby sleeping.
I could see the love in his eyes and I started looking around me and saw that they are all females.

Her grandfather called me aside.

Profit’s grandpa: son! son!!

Me: father! father!!

Profit’s grandpa: in-law! in-law!!

Me: yes, sir.

Profit grandpa: I said it you will be a good husband to my daughter.

This one wey this man dey praise me, hope he isn’t investing sha..

Me: thank you, sir.

Profit’s grandpa: I will like to borrow your wife and child for three Months, you are such a wonder father.

How I wan come be wonderful father when you don take my wife and pikin, how many days dey in a month and weeks then a whole three Months.
This man have been oppressing me since 80s, they started leaving promising to come tomorrow to take my wife away.

At least my wife can now see me all she was seeing is her new born baby, and receiving praises from her family members.

Profit: sweet, why are you standing come here.

I went to her she looked tired lying down on the bed, she used a lot of strength to lift herself up and hugged me tight crying.
I didn’t even understand her again, why is she crying again? I thought she wanted a boy.

Profit: am so happy, I gave birth to a baby boy.

Me: why are you crying?

Profit: you don’t understand Vic, my baby is the first male in my grandpa lineage.

Make somebody tell me something no wonder the man was so happy, Profit rubbed her palm on my face and wanted to kiss me when our baby started crying.

I jerked up and went to the bed or wetin be this sef them put the pikin to carry am, the baby is so fragile. But his small mouth is opened wide crying very loud, he seemed so soft didn’t even know how to carry him as he is busy dragging the cap on his head.

I was helpless so Profit got up and carried the baby from there and he stopped crying immediately she sat down and started bre-east feeding him, see the way him dey possess everything dey su-ck dey go.

Profit: why are you looking at the baby like that?

Me: he eat too much, he will just finish all the br-east milk.

Profit: chuckling are you jealous? Oya come and su-ck too.

I just dey look Profit the way she is radiating with happiness make me wonder what is the secret behind the male child stuff sef.

Me: are you going to stay with your grandpa?

Profit: if you are okay with it.

Am not okay with anything aunty but local man no get choice la, papacy don talk him mind.
She kept the baby back on his bed and went to use the restroom, I walked to the small bed the baby is and looked at him.

Me: as you small like this, the first thing you come to earth to do na to separate husband and wife, what if I throw you outside the window.

Profit: throw who outside the window?

I looked at the restroom door looking at me is Profit, she seemed angry with what she heard.
Wakanda of wahala is this?




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