Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 62

Story Oga Landlord Episode 62

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Episode 62

Jack: adieu he mumble


Ugochukwu: this Mr. Okoye get wings like bird oh!

Me: I swear, to threaten a whole honourable talk and do.

Michael: oga, make we take the threat serious. The man get strong backing.

Me: wetin you mean? so Madam First Lady nofit drag this Aba goat enter prison?

Jack: em get strong backing from the cartel ruling the state.

Ugochukwu: you don’t mean it, no wonder em dey feel like superman.

Michael: the governor is one of them, they are three but no longer a member. The two senators are against him, them wan even commot am for power.

Me: you mean the two powerful senators are the ones backing Mr. Okoye?

Jack: yes, one of them dey even contest for governor.

Ugochukwu: you dey in the middle of crossfire, Psalm23 the Lord na your shepherd oh!

Me: na serious matter be this oh!

We were silent thinking of a way to get out of the Guest House alive and appear in the field to attend the primary, the man no wan even see me alive and I know nobody go ask questions because at the look of things the governor go loose the primary, Madam Stella hoooolllllyy ghoooossst!! I nofit back down now, choi! I don throw away lots of millions of naira.

Ugochukwu: I get plan.

Me: to dash us to death or to surrender us.

Ugochukwu: call First Lady, to bring five more securities with a car with tinted glass. I dey come.

Ugochukwu dressed up and left the room, I called Madam Stella to supply more bodyguards according to Ugochukwu instructions. Hope say no be suicidal.

Michael: sir, you don chop?

Me: at least I no go die with empty belle.

Jack: nobody go die.

Me: why Shantel nodey here sef.

I regretted why I let her go when I knew am dealing with senior brother to lucifer, Michael and Jack had their breakfast while we await the return of Ugochukwu. He came in 10am remaining an hour to arrive at the primary school compound.
He stepped into the room through the door with two bags, grinning.

Ugochukwu: I go shopping for you.

He threw the bags at me and I caught it, I opened it and find women clothes.

Me: I go soon die, you dey go do shopping for Shantel.

Ugochukwu: na for you na, to confuse the enemies.

The idiot forced me to put on those wears, and after some minutes I was looking like a handsome lady, no ask me to write wetin I resemble before I go just blow you.
We came out of the guest house with Michael looking like me, my phone rang and I picked the call.

Voice: sir, the first lady sent us to you.

Ugochukwu: ask them to wait for road.

Me: we are coming.

We took the two cars and drove out of the Guest House, on our way Ugochukwu asked us to abandon his car on the way.
Both of us came down and Joined Michael and Jack in their car leaving his car on the way.

Me: this your plan tire me oh!

Ugochukwu: confusing the enemies strategy.

Me: confuse the enemies oh, I be the last man standing in my family.

We took the car and drove to were the new securities were waiting for us, Ugochukwu asked two of the bodyguards to come down from the car and join them. While I joined the other three, he told us to take another road to the school compound.

While they took the short cut, ordinary primaries na em everywhere dey shake like this.
On our way we met police block, ten police officers stood at the road block is unusual na.. Na so the money hungry them or na Mr. Okoye, they stopped us and one of them came over to driver seat smoking away.

Police officer1: who dey inside the car?

Driver: my madam.

Police officer: I wan see am.

They allowed him to take a look but I was looking like a handsome lady, em nodey possible to recognize me na. He apologize and we drove inside the school compound, people dey everywhere. The party banners were planted in many positions, I have not remove all the disguise and then step down from the car after washing my face.

Voice: please… Those contesting should come to the podium, we are about to start.

I hurry quick quick go front as the securities pursued me, them dey serious.

Voice: those contesting for assembly seat in constituency one should step on the podium, now please.. So that the voting can commence.

As na head count na, Mr. Okoye climbed the podium all smiles, I also climbed the podium he was shocked to see me.
The excos were watching us, the media were there to get something to take home.

He masked his shock and brought out his hand for handshake with all smiles, I took it smiling too. Political public deception, you go look like angel before the media.

Voice: we will start in ten minutes.

Mr. Okoye: you get five life whispering to me

Me: you don see am na I whisper back

To people seeing us will think we are having a friendly talk, because we will talk in low tone and laughed out loud. All those wicked political laugh na.

Mr. Okoye: since bullet nofit kill you, na heart attack.

Me: I get surprise for you.

Mr. Okoye: I need am to record your last good deed.

My phone rang and I quickly reached for it, the people there were making lots of noise. I came down from the podium and walk inside the classroom to receive the call it was Madam Stella.

Me: hello, ma.

Madam Stella: are the state excos there?

Me: I don’t see any oh! is just the electoral bodies and party chairman with securities, and the constituency excos.

Madam Stella: what! I will get back to you.

I called ugochukwu, he picked at the third ring.

Me: where you dey na?

Ugochukwu: Michael don die!

Me: what!!

He ended the call and a message entered my phone from private number.

“No state excos buddy, come out and celebrate my victory”.



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