Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 65

Story Oga Landlord Episode 65

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Episode 65


Me: na by force? baba I believe you, no mind this boy oh.

Baba: umhh.. I need to test am to confirm.

Me: you no believe yourself? Baba you don do am.

Ugochukwu: baba no listen to this fear fear, shoot am make we test am.

Me: you dey mad? Baba no listen to am, your work no get shaking.

Ugochukwu: baba, shoot am na.

Baba: leave am, as em no wan test am.

Ugochukwu took the gun from the Baba, I nearly ran to the drum when the burning fire told me not to. He shot me and it felt like somebody tapped me, he shot me again making it twice.

Ugochukwu: you too dey fear, you die?

I didn’t say a word to him, I felt like strangling the idiot fool.
We left the hut at sudden time, I no understand how many days I have spent in the drum.
Baba instructed me to never sleep with a mother and daughter or else the power of the charm will be nullified.

We walked along the footpath in the bush, the grasses were wet.

Me: no be morning be this?

Ugochukwu: no, na afternoon evening.

Me: so, how many days I dey inside that pot?

Ugochukwu: two days.

Me: chaai… The governor godey fine me.

Ugochikwu: so na em house we dey go so?

Me: no, na my grave. You no remember say you don kill me with gun?

Ugochukwu: no vex na, you know say we dey face tough battle. I wan make sure say em legit.

Me: and you shoot me.

Ugochukwu: you no die na.

Me: agree first say you shoot me.

Ugochukwu: your matter nodey end oh, okay. I agree.

Me: your plan na to kill me but God no gree.

Ugochukwu: laughing Vi ki to, put legs for ground make we hope say our car still dey there.

The fear of trekking that distance out of the bush made me ran as fast as my legs could carry me, how Ugochukwu go take wetin em just talk lightly?
Me wey hungry dey give smackdown my trek that kind distance with legs, God forbid.

Sweats broke on my face when we got out of the bush and I didn’t see the car.

Me: them don collect am oh!

Ugochukwu: fear fear, I park am for another place.

I felt like a trailer was lifted off from my body, we walked to were he parked the car and we got inside.
I received a call from Madam Stella immediately I lay my hands on my phone.

Madam Stella: gosh! where have you been?

Me: sorry, I will explain. Is the governor around?

Madam Stella: yes, he has been expecting you.

Me: I dey on my way. I end the call

We drove back to my state and we arrived in the night, we had no choice but to spend the night in the governor mansion.
We first took our bath and then we were given executive dinner, even though we chop for road side food vendors as we dey come back.

We still consume like say tomorrow nodey, everything about the house is just screaming governor. Even the executive egusi soup was testifying that we are in a governor’s house.

Later the governor called me up to discuss with him, and I explained my strategy to him.

Governor: brilliant idea.

Me: thank you, sir.

Governor: it never occurred to me, if it works.. Whatever you ask I will give it to you.

I lay flat on the marble floor praising him.

Me: sir, thank you so much. You be God sent.

Governor: get up, get up.. Boy, you deserve all these and more.

Me: thank you sir.

Governor: I wish I had a son like you.

Me: God will provide.

Governor: amen.

He told me about his beautiful daughter that will soon return to the State to start her own hospital, that she has spent four years in US as a doctor.
The good news from our discussion that she is single, I no know why the governor choose to tell me her relationship status, na him sabi.

I left his study room and went up to my room, Ugochukwu and I were given different rooms. I punched the air happily, I swear I must tell the good news to Ugo. Isn’t easy to get the strongest man in the State as godfather.

I removed my singlet and jumped on the bed with just boxer, and started kicking the air.
I was so happy, I tossed on my bed. I couldn’t sleep, I was too happy to sleep.
Suddenly my door creaked open and I looked towards the door to see Madam Stella on a robe, I was like is this woman mad or something.

She locked the door and faced me, untied the robe and let the robe fell off from her body.
She wore marching panties, white pa-nt and white bra-t.
She walked to the bed and climbed it, then she crawled to me.

Me: your excellency…

Madam Stella: shhh… Call me your slu-t, fu-ck me like your bi-tch boy.

She held my boxer and pulled it slowly slowly from my waist licking her lips.

Me: your husba…n..d I stutter

Madam Stella: stop talking boy, I missed your di-ck so much. Come here boy, I need you to fu-ck me brainless.

And she took my di-ck in her right palm and ran it down and up. She then bend and used her tongue to lick my di-ck cap.
The thing sweet me ohh..

Me: aaahhh! I mo-an

Who teach this innocent woman all these bad things na?



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