Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 70

Story Oga Landlord Episode 70

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Subtitle: Fu_ck Fakers.


Episode 70

I stood there like statue to understand the message my eyes dey send give my brain, so them shoot me twice I nodey die.. Wow.. Wonderful, very wonderful!

Ugochukwu: laughing hahaha, bro. Lets go, nothing do you.

Me: bro kee you there.

I followed him anyways, seriously I was scared of any more attackers. Who know say the next one go come with bomb, I go just scatter with bomb no o deshi for that kind thing.

I pushed the small gateway opened when augochukwu have gone through, he didn’t head to the porch or make I call am major entrance.
He walked be side the church building to a room attached to the church main building, em don tay I go church. After my parents died I gave up.

Me: bro, we no go enter the church again?

Ugochukwu: so where we dey like this?

Me: church compound.

Ugochukwu: we dey go see the pastor for the consultation room. he knock at the door before us

Voice: come in.

We both opened the door and met a man on a chair with coat, that kind early morning.
Africa pastors think say coat dey attract spirits from heaven or wetin?

Pastor: aaahhh! Bro Ugo, you are welcome. he stretch his right hand

Ugochukwu: pastor good morning he take his hand

Pastor: is this your friend you tell me yesterday? Ugo nod

Me: I mumble good morning, pastor I no know how to address am sef

Pastor: please, make ona two sit down.

We took the chairs facing him and table dividing us, he mumbled some words and looked at us.

Pastor: before ona come, I get revelation for you. But lets pray?

Em don tay oh, I left church long time ago and the whole lets pray make me dey look as the pastor closed his eyes.

Ugochukwu: pinch me close eyes.

I did sha… And the pastor started speaking in tongues, calling my name upadan in his prayers.

Pastor: umh.. Oh! thank you Lord, I see two women.

I opened my eyes to also see the two women too, if they are ugly make them just leave me alone. If they are beautiful and hot they should keep tormenting me s_xily biko.
The pastor caught me looking around.

Pastor: you no go fit see them, the good Lord showed me something hallelujah. Are you engaged with two women?

Ugochukwu: two women? the mumu repeat

Me: I dey confuse here, am single.. No girlfriend, no wife, no fiancee just one sugarmummy

I no suppose tell am that one abi?

Pastor: I see two women be side you, but they are backing me. I nofit see their faces, but the devil is a liar.

We left the room after some many blablabla, and he wrote plenty bible quotations for me and advice me to pray harder than before.
I fold the plenty bible portions written in the paper inside my trouser pocket.

As Ugochukwu and I head home, is time to talk about my safety. I no even trust the whole powers of a thing, what if em fail me.

Me: bro, you fit get who send that assassin?

Ugochukwu: em no go pass that idiot Mr Okoye, na em dey sponsor the he goat wey dey terrorize your local government.

Me: that guy dey dangerous, make we go stay for governor house.

Ugochukwu opened the gate and went out, I also got out of the church gate.

Ugochukwu: na now you come, from here we dey go there abi?

Me: no need, we go fit go shopping to buy clothes.

We got inside the car and he mounted the driver’s seat.

Ugochukwu: I suppose go see Shantel today.

Me: drop me off for governor’s house, then you go.

Ugochukwu: you no go come?

Me: as your bodyguard or you wan pay for her head?

I brought out my phone to call Madam Stella, I dialed her number and she picked.

Me: hello, your excellency.

Madam Stella: oohh! am missing you baby, come give it to me hard.

I first remove the phone to confirm if no be wrong number, what if MTN people catch this woman?
I put it back to my ear.

Me: am coming to your house.

Madam Stella: be fast!!

I ended the call and I met Ugochukwu eyes on me, I wonder wetin the guy dey think.

Ugochukwu: you dey fu-ck the governor wife?

I would have told him ‘yes’, I nearly said it when I remembered the oath of secrecy.

Me: naso toto don scarce.

He didn’t believe but he didn’t pursue the matter further, he dropped me off in the governor’s residence and drove off.
Jack my manny wasn’t around, and I learnt that he has gone to Michael’s burial.

I no know why em no tell me, I for pay my last respect to the guy that sacrificed his life for my sake.
I got inside the executive sitting-room, a maid came down from the staircase.

Maid: her excellency want to see you in her bedroom.

Me: I no know where there dey oh.

Maid: follow me.

I no really follow her, na her yansh I dey follow as I dey imagine how her yansh go vibrate if I bang her with doggystyle.
After we walked around the house, she motioned me to a door.

I opened it and entered, I was given a surprise attack.
Madam Stella was on towel, and she attacked me with her lips like lion wey see food.
I hit my back on the door as she kissed and chewed my lips, I just dey careful make I no get missing lips oh.

She dragged my shirt up, I raised my hand and it was off from my body. I loose the towel and I groped the le-ft brea-st and squeeze, she worked on my belt and it fell from my waist.

I placed my mouth on her left ni-pple and su-cked, she dipped her hand in my boxer and released my har-d di-ck.

Me: aahh! we are in your matrimonial bedroom!

Madam Stella: ooohh! yesss!! fu-ck me the way my husband can’t do.

This woman mad intentionally or wetin?
Na me ask her to marry person wey old pass her?



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