Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 71

Story Oga Landlord Episode 71

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Subtitle: F_uck Fakers.

Episode 71

She bent down in betwixt my legs and grabbed my di-ck, she stroked it admiring how it is.


Me: awwnnn… here dey dangerous.

Madam Stella: wink at me dangerous se-x is sweeter.

Which sweeter? this one na suicidal se-x. The moment she took it in her mouth I lost control, I started moa-ning and gro-aning as she held my waist and bopped on my hard-on.

She got up and held my di-ck, I no get choice but to follow her as I dragged my feet on the marbled floor. She climbed the bed and spread her legs, I removed my trouser and the boxer I wore at my feet and kicked them away.

I joined her on the bed and entered, I started hitting and scattering her pleasure centre.
I pounded her hard but when the spe-rm refused to come, I got tired of the missionary style and laid beside her.

She got up from the bed and mounted me, she rode me till I finally cu-mmed in her.
She lay beside me breathing heavily. A knock came on the door “kpor! Kpor!! Kpor!!!”

Voice: her excellency the governor is back.

My mind travelled out of Earth, I looked at Madam Stella she was unmoved lying were she is.

Madam Stella: I dey come.

Voice: alright, madam.

The footsteps walked away, I sprung up from the bed and went for my boxer first oh, what if em come here see me.

Madam Stella: why you dey fear?

I started sweating as I slipped on my trouser and grabbed my belt. This woman think say I wan loose the trust governor dey give me.

Me: can I go out.

Madam Stella: come kiss me first.

I wore my shirt and tuwama, the woman wan put me for shit. I came out of the room sweating, I don even forget the room wey the governor been give me.
I stood at the hallway not knowing were I should go to, I walked towards the other end when I heard the governor’s baritone voice from the staircase landing.

I turned and ran back like say na temple run I dey do, entered the other curve.
A maid was coming from were I was heading to, I beamed with smile.

Maid: sir, why you dey sweat?

Me: I just dey walk around, I don forget my room.

Maid: see am na. pointing at a door along the hallway

Me: thank you, wetin be your name?

She smiled and displayed her white gapped teeth, I looked her up even in that French maid attire. She looked sweet, in fact all of them look sweet.

Maid: Benita.

Me: thanks beautiful B.

I winked at her and entered the room, is better she think am into her than thinking why am sweating like Christmas goat.
I took my bath and came out of the bathroom, I decided to sleep.
I lay on the bed and slept off, later Ugochukwu woke me up.

Ugochukwu: how far, you don chop?

Me: na only food dey your mind all your life.

Ugochukwu: wetin I suppose ask you, whether you dey alright or you dey sick?

Me: give me the car keys, I wan commot.

Ugochukwu: go where?

Me: as my papa or my mama?

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom, washed my face and came out.
I wore my only boxer and only shirt, with the only trouser I came with.

Ugochukwu: you wan still wear that thing?

Me: my commot n_ked?

Ugochukwu: I bring your bag come.

I know say Ugochukwu no wan go back to my yard, he prefer the governor house so that em godey chop anything and anyhow.
I went for the bag and selected the out-fit I wan wear.

Ugochukwu: you don see am say I be your papa?

Me: papa good afternoon.

We started laughing at the joke, I got ready and left the room.
Headed downstairs with the car’s keys and went to the garage.
I drove out of the house and went out of Government Reserve Area, the place is so boring and quiet.

No activity in that area at all, I got close to an eatery and sighted a lady with big yansh.
It have tay, I wanted to have fun at least today.
I parked my car and came down, went after her.

Me: sister, sister… Wait abeg.

She stopped walking and turned looking at me, she is chubby with robust front and back.
I almost ran into another car while watching her bumbum shake in that tight trouser.
She wore heavy make-up, making her face different from her body.

Me: abeg oh… Where I fit see better eatery?

Lady: oga, you stop me to ask where eatery dey ehnn?

Me: no vex abeg, I park my car there. I just enter town, I go treat you to meal.

The meal made her melo down and the car made her became se-xy in a way that I have won the war. Everybody in this country is hungry oh, depends on the adjective associating the hungry.

Lady: no use me play.

Me: no vex na, I go take you to where you wan go.

At least she will not trek anymore to cover some transport.
We walked back to my car and I drove inside the eatery that was at the front of us.

Lady: I think say you just enter town.

Me: you back confuse me that time.

She laughed at my silly joke and came down when I parked, we went inside the eatery.
And she ordered like say I tomorrow nodey, she even asked for take-away after we were done consuming me my ten thousand naira.

We got inside the car and showed me were to drive her to, we arrived there and I stopped the car at a front of a gate.

Me: ehnn.. I fit get your number.

Lady: I nodey give my number to stranger.

My brain format my head sparked, my brain start to boil. My eyes colored red, I just look her first. I be wan use force I come realize say na foolishness, what if she know area guys here wey go just whisk me go corner.

Me: give me your account number.

Lady: really? she beam and peck me you are such a dorling.

Me: also give me your number so that I go call you later when I don send am.

She called her bank account and also called out her number, I saved it ‘owe me die’ she don chop my money and she is yet to pay.
I first call her number and it rang for confirmation.

Me: so when I fit see you again?

Lady: helloooo.. I have a boyfriend.

My heart stopped beating I be wan press her neck make she die once and for all, she get boyfriend come open her belle consume 10k at a sitting.

Me: how about dinner tomorrow, presidential hotel.

Lady: okay, I will think about it.

She came down from the car and think say she don chop my money waka, I resemble mugu for her eyes.
I drove around the city aimless plotting were I will start my development plan as the future honourable.

I drove back to the governor’s residence and went inside my room straight, I was about pulling my shirt when Madam Stella walked in fuming.
She held a phone in her hand, this woman no know say wetin she dey do dey risky.

Gbosssaaa! her right palm landed on my cheek, and anger surge through me. This woman own don dey too much.
She gave me the phone and I took it, I saw a picture of the lady that I went out with lying lifeless in the picture with blood coming out of her mouth..

Madam Stella: why do you kill her?



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