Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 72

Story Oga Landlord Episode 72


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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Episode 72


Me: I didn’t, I never kill anybody in my life.

I sat on the bed confused on what is happening, abi na Okoye dey spoil my public image. Or na Aisha that I haven’t seen for years that is helping Okoye to win the election secretly.

Madam Stella: how manage?

She sat be side me on the bed and I told her everything without leaving any detail, she nodded and a smile crept to her face and she started laughing after my explanation.

Me: em no funny, your excellency.

Madam Stella: I know, I go handle everything. Promise me.

Me: she hold my hands that?

Madam Stella: you will stay away from women.

Me: I no get choice na I promise.

Madam Stella: she kiss me on my lips I love you.

I kept quiet and watched her leave the room, love me? asin? I no understand the love aspect at all. Am barely twenty-seven I come dey get I love you from woman of Thirty-one. I reject that curse.
I climbed my bed and tried to sleep but no way, Ugochukwu entered the room later.

Ugochukwu: how far na?

Me: I just dey oh.

Ugochukwu: I dey go clubbing.

Me: safe journey.

Ugochukwu: you nodey follow me.

Me: safe journey.

Ugochukwu: he start laughing I know say you no go come, I wan just tell you wetin you godey miss until you win election.

Me: make ugly thunder scatter you there.

Ugochukwu: na only s_xy thunder dey strike handsome boys like us.

Me: you don old to be boy, you be man.

Ugochukwu: bring your wife to confirm if I be old man or boy.

Me: you go wait when I marry na, so that you know your real age.

His phone rang and he checked the screen.

Ugochukwu: your plan to keep me here, don fail!! See you boring.

Me: your unborn child be borer.

He opened the door and walked through it, then closed. I switched on the television and I started watching Africa Magic, a maid came to call me after the television have been watching me for over twenty minutes.
I went down and met the governor at the executive balcony, this man sabi enjoyment oh.

There were lots of rare flowers that made the balcony beautifully intoxicating, and the sofas there are breath-taking. I greeted him and sat opposite him, he was so happy to see me.

Governor: aahh! my son, you are so wise he shake my hand

Me: thank you governor.

Governor: I get the senator trust and support.

Me: sir, what of the excos?

Governor: some are loyal to me, some are not he sip his juice

Me: how about you win all?

Governor: a good idea, how will that be possible?

Me: money.

Governor: like how much?

Me: put all the State excos on twenty thousand naira payroll, and promise to continue after you win.

Governor: good one laughing you are such a good politician, my son.

This your son dey ba-ng your wife oh, after I spent lots of time with the governor.
I went back up to my room and rested for the night, I didn’t see Madam Stella through out that night.

Even when I had dinner with the governor, she wasn’t there. I come dey wonder who be the real head of the family.
I know say going out of the mansion is a bad idea, I decided to think of wetin I go use kill time until campaign time.

Gym is a better option, I searched for the gym room the next morning and got into the gym room. One masculine guy was there, na gym instructor. I come dey wonder why the governor get this kind place still get pot-belle.

Instructor: good morning, sir.

Me: I wan build muscles.

Instructor: follow me.

He took me to were I saw different heavy-weight, he asked me to lift one.
I bent down and grabbed the iron bars with my hands and tried to lift it up.

My waist and hands refused to move the thing from the floor.

Instructor: lemme show you how them dey do am. he balance and raise it up like he pick stick from the floor

Me: I wan drink water.

I left the gym room and made up my mind never to come there again, I prefer pot-belle than killing myself. I met Benita along the garden.

Benita: good morning, sir.

Me: beautiful Benny, you are looking take away this morning.

Benita: really?

Me: yes na, if no be say you no be my girlfriend. I for no allow any man apart from your father to see you.

Benita: hmm.. Are you single?

Me: yes na.

Just then a voice echoed behind us.

Voice: get out Benita!!



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