Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 81


Story Oga Landlord Episode 81

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Episode 81


I let go of the heavy breathe I was holding, I no know say this woman go just mesmerize all the morale I gathered all through the years, you sure say I be man at all?

I was thinking of a way to disappear but no excuse cropped into my mind, Veronica was busy being picky with the items she set out to buy, while Aisha had her focus on me all along whereas her kid wasn’t giving her any freedom to come over, I still dey wait for that useless General to burst out from nowhere.

I planned to deal with them when am in better position in government, I focused my gaze on her and the little boy she is pacifying, that pikin stubborn like me oh!
I be wan leave the trolley run when she straightened up and held the little boy’s hand and started walking towards us.

My phone rang, thank you Jesus. My enemies no go fit shine teeth, lai lai! I checked the screen and saw the I.D to be Governor, I picked quickly.

Me: my excellency.

Governor’s voice: son, where are you?

Me: father, am on my way.

Governor’s voice: come quickly.

I quickly faced the exit abandoning the trolley and my beautiful girlfriend, na toto dey make a whole man dey run like say head of seven clans masquerade dey pursue am.

Veronica: shout at me where you dey go?!

Me: I turn quickly Ugo get accident I turn and quicken my footsteps

Veronica: wait for me!

When I lie give you? mba! I find my way out of the shopping mall and got into my car and gunned down the street with same speed.

I thought about the lie that Ugochukwu had an accident and grinned, na true na. The only problem the accident affected only his brain, he doesn’t need hospital treatment but psychiatric treatment wey em no gree go.

I dialed his number after connecting the phone to my car’s speaker, he picked the call after some minutes.

Ugochukwu’s voice: son of Adam, which sin you don commit again?

Me: help me cover up.

Ugochukwu’s voice: as biro cover or drink cover?

Me: I hiss I lie say you get accident.

Ugochukwu’s voice: holy ghost fireee!!

Me: na wa for you oohh! take am easy, na just small lie.

Ugochukwu’s voice: shebi I don warn you say I don repent.

Me: if Veronica or Cynthia call you, just tell them say you get accident, just tell them say na minor accident say na house hospital you dey.

Ugochukwu’s voice: wetin be house hospital?

Me: wetin oyigbo people call am? Oohh…! home treatment.

Ugochukwu’s voice: no wonder your childhood result start for twenties and end for twenties.

Some horned like someone that drank his urine behind me, making me to abruptly end the call, a car drove be side me on the lane.

Driver: yelling if you no sabi drive, park you rubbish car na.

Me: oga police I hiss

I beat the traffick and headed straight to the governor’s residence, the son the man called me earlier troubled me. Am I missing something?
Time time… I repeated in my thought, na only time go settle the scores..

My phone rang when I have got off from the busy road, I glanced at the screen it was my girlfriend. I sighed deeply and parked by the road, then picked it.

Veronica’s voice: no wonder bachelor fit you well well, unromantic boffie.

Me: my romantic girlfriend.

Veronica’s voice: ehhnn.. You don reach the hospital?

Me: yes, but the nurse dey chuk am injection for yansh and Ugo dey shout so I nofit stay there make call.

Veronica’s voice: eyaa! Ugo dey fear injection at that old age.

Me: yes oh, naso I see am my sister.

Veronica’s voice: my new friend I make for the shopping mall wan talk to my handsome boyfriend..

Me: who?

A cold silence lingered on the other end, and when a voice sounded from my phone’s speaker. My heart tightened and I felt awkward.

Aisha’s voice: hello Vic.

My brain send my hand quick message and I terminated the call, tossed the phone aside and drove to Governor’s residence.

When I entered the Governor’s residence one of the bodyguard took me up to the governor who was sitting on the large executive balcony that had plenty of flowers like a strange garden, he held a newspaper and wore funny eyeglasses placed on his nose, with his pot-belle adducing the funny portrait.

Me: good evening, father..

Governor: son, you don reach?

Me: I bow yes, I rush down as you call me.

He asked me to sit down and gave me a picture, I looked at the pretty image of the girl that looked more like Nigeria British America oyigbo, she looked gorgeous.

Governor: you don see am?

Me: yes..

He took the picture and was quiet, I decided to treat Okoye fu-ck up now.

Me: father, you don dissolve the council.

Governor: I don dissolve them two weeks ago.

Me: I wan prosecute Okoye

Governor: nice, I will invite my lawyer over for a chat.

Me: father, thank you.

He nod in acknowledgment and I got up from the sofa, I started walking away but he called my attention.

Governor: the chief na my friend, if you wan send am to jail.

I smiled and thanked him, I wan just make the man penniless and humble. He can easily bribe his way out of jail with the help of his supporters, money and influence. but no broke corrupt politician have any supporters apart from family..

I waka enter Ugochukwu room and find his hand cupping his chin solemn mood, I wonder if Shantel don break up with am.

Me: wetin happen? your mama die for village?

Ugochukwu: sigh deeply one daughter of jezebel just disvirgin me some minutes ago, and scatter my two days celibate status.

I be wan slap the adult mumu, swears.



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