Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 85

Oga Landlord Episode 85

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Episode 85

Veronica: I go tell you.

I dropped the spoon and wetin be the other one name sef, fork etcetera etcetera. Hungry no really catch me that Morning, I sat back and watched her finish eating.
After she is done, she stared at me and winked. I was expecting her to tell me about her father.


Veronica: who we dey wait for again?

Me: I feel like lifting her up and give her John Cena you no go tell me about your father again?

Veronica: oh! she beam under one condition.

Me: hope no be wetin I dey think.

Veronica: wetin you dey think?

Me: go on.

Veronica: prepare two different soup for me, okro soup and egusi soup.

Me: only?

Veronica: you dey do only! no arrest me for toilet oh.

Me: laughing hahaha, na wetin even dey my mind.

Veronica: really?

Me: really real, because of say I wan know your father. I go cook am well…

Veronica: you know how to cook?

Me: yes na, I win bachelor of the year for two consecutive years, check my cupboard you go see the medals.

Veronica: no be your mate dey medal for marriage?

Me: na em make I say I wan marry you, will say yes to me?

Veronica: if naso you wan propose give your future wife, you already know the answer.

Me: so I fit kiss my bride?

Veronica: God forbid!

I laughed, very stubborn and annoying girl. We left the eatery in high spirit, I was ready to cook any kind of soup for her.
I drove to the market and purchased what I will use in cooking the different soups, the three distinguished honour for the egusi soup are cow meats, tilapia, chicken while the other is goat meats, fresh stock fish and lastly virgin fowl, lol.

We came to were one woman is selling the fowl, I wanted a virgin cock. I don’t want to cook serial rapist for my future wife, you nofit trust all these male fowl wey dey abuse the female girl child. Before they will waive bad luck to my soon coming marriage.

Me: madam you get virgin fowl?

Seller: customer na the first time I meet am oh! see this one, na priest em be oh!

Me: so na how much?

Seller: three thousand naira only!

Me: you mean the two of them?

Seller: no, just one.

Me: em too cost oh! You sure say em never commot from this cage?

Veronica: baby, buy it na!

Me: no baby me oh! three thousand naira no be small money.

She buried her head in my arm, I come dey wonder if the eatery no add something extraordinary to make my babe to be acting sweet and nice.

Seller: customer no, oga your wife fine oh! handsome and beautiful couple, as na ona I go commot money. Make ona buy am three thousand five hundred naira only!

Me: madam, you dey pursue us? I go go another place oh!

Veronica: baby, buy it…am famish she peck me

My head turn upside down, my stingy mind started telling me am been defrauded of my money.

Seller: oga, my give you for three thousand naira last.

I paid and we took what we bought to the yard, I handed over the fowl to Anderson and instructed him to kill it right away before all these our neighbor female fowl will seduce it.

I wore apron and went inside the kitchen and started preparing my ‘blow your mind’ delicacy, Anderson brought in the slaughtered fowl and I noticed the intestine and the head is missing.

Me: how manage?

Anderson: wetin manage?

Me: I no see head here oh!

Anderson: oh! na one dog carry am run.

Me: the intestines nkor?

Anderson: the pikin I send make em go throw way the water mistakenly throw away am for dust bin.

Me: you go show me am later.

Anderson: python dey live for that dust bin oh, by now em don finish the intestine.

Me: oh! you go show me the snake later.

Anderson: no issues, honourable talk and do.

He left and I got down to business preparing the delicious egusi soup first, and then followed the okro soup that was easier for me.
After two hours I brought the two soups in a plate for testing.

She wore singlet and wasn’t putting on any bra, damn! I didn’t know I was staring at her exposed cleavage instead of dropping it on the table before her.

Veronica: you wan serve my bre*asts for the soup?

Me: my senses calm down no na, na my baby V I wan serve.

Veronica: better.

I kept the plates and then she washed her hand, she molded a morsel and dipped it in the egusi soup.
She squeezed her face tight and behave like someone that just ate shit or worse.

Me: wetin be that? you nodey use to soup wey sweet.

Veronica: she swallow who tell you say em sweet?

Me: I taste am na.

Veronica: allow me to judge na, you try. Come join me.

Me: no, Cynthia dey house?

Veronica: maybe, go check am na.

Me: I dey come.

I got up and left the room, I went inside the yard ’cause Cynthia’s room is inside the main yard. The right wing facing the tank stand, immediately I stepped into the yard I heard loud voices.

I looked towards the kitchen direction and saw Mama Jack with Mama Vera quarreling.

Mama Jack: warn your daughter oh! make em leave my son alone, na only my son be the only fine boy for this area?

Mama Vera: ewwwooooohhh!! shameless woman… Wwwoooooooo! na fine my daughter go chop? warn your son make em keep that em poverty stick one place oh! I take God beg ona.

I ignored the women and headed towards Cynthia door and knocked.

Cynthia’s voice: who dey there?

Me: na me.

A call came in from Madam Stella, my phone started ringing.



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