Story: Toto Pass Toto (18+)… Episode 9 -14

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Story: Toto Pass Toto (18+)… Episode 9-14

-Episode 9
My heart started beating fast, I picked the call hastily nearly dropping my phone on the floor.
Biggy: guy you dey house?
Me: ……… silent
Biggy: Sandra say she wan bring police oh. Chisos!!!
Me: where you dey now?
Biggy: I dey my house.
Me: you still dey there? You never disappear or carry your one thousand naira properties go village, see Police is your friend na when you get money oh. I no get shi shi to go bail you. Biggy laughing
Biggy: you nodey joke with money oh, sha… I just wan give you BP, me and Sandra later settle with three rounds, I nofit even stand up from my bed now sef. The girl na s+x lioness, I am in love with that girl, bro.
Me: bra nothing concern me, if you like jump enter or fly enter in love with Sandra, that one na your business. Na toto go kill you!!
Biggy: amen… Later, MTN don warn their father.
The call ended, I went outside the room and stood on my doorpost. The yard crazy children have started their nuisance play, I decided to go outside the yard and receive fresh air.
There is this uncompleted house behind our yard that the dirty gutter serves as demarcation, the owner built the house yearly.
Last year he was roofing the house and this year he has done plastering the walls, next year he will put doors and windows, is only civil servants that build house like ant hills.
I was busy going round the uncompleted house when I heard two feminine voices coming from the house,
I jumped through the window and went in search of the room that the noise was coming from.
Voice 1: put your finger well.. ooosshhh
Voice: aahh s+ck my n+pples.
I was now hearing the audible m+ans when I got to the empty room doorpost,
I could make out the people and what they were doing ’cause of the moonlight, they were too engrossed to notice my presence.
I took their skirts and singlets, with their panties in my hands,
The first girl was Lucy and the other one is Ayomi.
Lucy was the most beautiful girl in the yard, and trust me she is very saucy and proud. And she doesn’t fail to spray insults to anyone who dares her, old and young, small and big, she doesn’t care.
Many playboys in our area have tried to woo her and ended up insulted, and humbled by her. I tried my luck too but I wasn’t lucky ’cause the girl washed me and dried me on the rope with insults, she insulted my lineage and my life. Since then, I have been greeting her aunty Lucy and she will always respond with pride.
Small girl like that, is like heaven is giving me the chance to judge all those who have sinned and gone short of my grace, to judge them.
Me: Ayomi and Lucy, lesboooooo!!! raising my voice
Ayomi: please, uncle Victor is the devil crying and begging with tears
Lucy: don’t shout na, please.. good evening she wasn’t even afraid
Me: you nodey fear Lucy shebi? Ayomi, your stepfather go just turn you to punching bag.
Ayomi: abeg na, no tell anybody… We go do anything you want crying profusely
Lucy: anything, don’t shout abeg.
Me: okay, Lucy still dey form Sha.. I go pity ona on terms and conditions.
Ayomi: anything… Is the devil ohh who you get to blame again?
Lucy: what is that you want?
Me: I go f+ck you, and you Ayomi go s+ck my d+ck.
Lucy: no, abeg oh.. we go give you money, I never f+ck boy before o.
Me: ona no serious, make ona come ohhh!!! shouting loudly
Ayomi: we go do am, no.. no shout crying and jumping
She begged Lucy and both of them agreed to do what I wanted, Ayomi pulled down my short and my h+rd d+ck pointed direct to her face.
she took it inside her mouth and started s+cking.
Me: aaaahhh .. oooohhh I was seeing stars
The way she was s+cking me is like she has been an expert from kid, lesbians and s+cking.
I removed my h+rd big d+ck from Ayomi’s mouth because if she continue I will c+m and I won’t have my revenge on Lucy.
Me: hold the window Lucy refused
Ayomi: please na, Lucy do wetin em talk… My step father will kill me crying and begging
She stubbornly held the window and pushed her ass backward, I grabbed my d+ck and rubbed it on her p+ssy opening. She wasn’t w+t at all, I grabbed her two br+asts and squeezed roughly, pressing them.
Lucy: oohh.. aaaahhh.. isn’t sweeting me.
Me: em go soon sweet you.
I touched her p+ssy and she has got w+t just a little, I inserted two fingers and started f+ngering her very fast, stimulating her cl+t with my thumb.
Her juice started flooding my hand.
Lucy: aaahhh … Oohhh… Finger me h+rder, baby!!
I spitted on my d+ck and j+rked it, and spitted on my other palm rubbed it around her p+ssy hole. Used my other hand to j+rk my h+rd to be stronger, and the other one continually f+ngering her.
I thr+sted in without warning, and held her to myself, she was very tight.
Lucy: aaaaahhhhh she screamed
Me: ooohh I covered her mouth
I didn’t wait for her p+ssy to adjust to my size and i started venting all the frustrations Lucy ’caused me in the yard on her p+ssy.
She wiggled and struggled, but I didn’t care as I went in and out with full speed, since it is a quickie.
Her p+ssy started adjusting to the new s+xual touch, instead of painful m+ans she started giving out pleasurable m+ans
Lucy: aahhsss.. ahhh… It is sweet holding the window tight
Me: ah ah ah ah bleeping her with increased tempo
Lucy: aaahh.. h+rder baby I don turn baby
Me: aaahhh… Ooihhh..
Lucy: aaaaahhhhh…..!!! she screamed loud as her p+ssy tightened around my big h+rd d+ck
She started shaking like someone attacked with epilepsy, I felt sweet sensation running through my body. I pulled out immediately and spilled all my seeds on the floor.
She sat on the floor breathing heavily and sweating, she will take some minutes to be able to walk home, I chuckled.
Her friend Ayomi quickly attended to her, both of them started conversing with low tones.
I didn’t hear what they were saying and left them.



-Episode 10
Immediately I got to the yard, PHCN brought their light.
Voices: Nepaaaaaa!!!
Children were running helter-skelter in jubilation, immediately PHCN took the light everywhere became quiet.
I laid on my bed thinking of what to use the money for, the light still came back but this time everyone was quiet. They are scared of chasing the light away with their screams.
I was so confused on what to use the money for and slept around 11pm thinking, I woke up very late the next day and came to brush.
The children of the yard have already left for school.
Papa Jo: who is that incorrigible lad?
Me: Papa Jo, good morning. Continued brushing
Papa Jo: you have been dilly-dally with the money you have, I knew all along that you dearth investor insight. I hereby selflessly volunteer myself to proffer free tuition on a puny fee.
Me: snake! Snake!! for your leg. * shouting pointing at his legs*
Papa Jo: jesus! Jesus!! Jumping and landed inside the gutter
Me: oga sorry, oga sorry whistling and left him silent inside the gutter
I was busy surfing blogs when I saw vacancy advertisement, I checked the location of the soap industry and it was close to were I live with my location GPS.
I decided to draft a letter of application, after flipping dictionary and an English text book I bought some Months ago without opening, I drafted an application letter worth reading.
I used my laptop and submitted my application letter via mail, thank God for technology.
Biggy came around in afternoon and I noticed his left hand frequent his boxer, I cooked rice and decided for both of us to eat in same place.
We were eating the rice when his left hand wanted to disappear inside his boxer, I caught his left hand sharply.
Me: even when we dey eat too, you wan still do DJ work, why you dey scratch like this?
Biggy: I no know, sweetie dey do me. My balls and my p—k dey scratch me. I removed the plate of rice when his hand went back to scratching
Me: na virgin Sandra change your future from CS to SB, ready make we enter hospital.
Biggy: guy my still eat small, I never belle full.
Me: go wash hand for tap, no use any bowl for inside oh. before you go inflict me with Sandracious scratching he hissed and stood up, and went outside
I quickly devoured the food, I choked twice but a cup of water was beside me to dilute the food.
He came back to see that I have finished the plate of rice he saw earlier.
Biggy: oboy you no try oh, which kind wickedness be this?
Me: em no reach wetin Sandra do you, shebi you say she too fine to give you STD, I know say that girl get HIV.
Biggy: you dey lie abeg, em fit be our yard toilet. That toilet na em do me this sweety.
Me: dey there na, make we dey go.
Both of us came out of the house, he insisted on going to a pharmacy but I disagreed strongly that we should go to the general hospital because of HIV test. Those guys, even if you tell them you have headache they will quickly suspect you of having HIV.
After we saw the doctor and complained to him, he asked us to go and have a test. Biggy wasn’t aware that the test was HIV test, so he went ahead and paid three hundred naira to the lab. Lady.
Biggy: here cheap oh, test three hundred naira! He exclaimed
Me: na government thing na, we the masses are the owners some minutes later the lady returned
Nurse: Dike Biggy, how many girlfriend do you have? Biggy started sweating on his forehead
Biggy: am s..ingle.
Me: my friend is a polygamous boyfriend laughing
Nurse: unprotected s+x isn’t good ’cause of HIV, we should avoid sharing sharp objects too. Having HIV virus isn’t the end of life, and avoid S_X.
Biggy: Jesus!! Jesus!!! Nurse, I get HIV?
Nurse: calm down young man, we should love those with the virus. And there are lot of people that have the virus and are living a happy life, we sell the drugs for substantial fee. Biggy was sweating and shaking
Biggy: tell me say na lie I told him to calm down
Nurse: well.. you are HIV negative she said and left us
Biggy: may amadioha visit you and your family, she for don kill me.
Me: na so life be Biggy was uncertain
Biggy didn’t allow us to return the paper to the doctor, to prescribe drugs for us. He forced us to go back home, on our way…
Biggy: negative mean say I no get am bah?
Me: you deaf? You no hear all the thing the nurse dey talk? Say HIV isn’t the end of the world. Negative mean say you get am, positive mean say you no get am.
Biggy: ewoooo!! He sat on the road throwing the paper
He started lamenting like a madman, I was enjoying the show laughing happily.
Biggy: oboy, na joke you dey joke holding my shirt
Me: before? wetin you been think laughing loud


-Episode 11
Biggy: you no well oh, na HIV you dey use for rough play. You don finish your brain subscription hissing
Me: no vex, aboy!! Dandy wait na calling out
Both of us ran out of the hospital through the gate as Dandy stopped his bike outside the hospital compound.
Me: we wan go house, carry us go na.
Biggy: Dandy, this your bike old pass my grandmother wey dey 93years oh for village.
Dandy: hope say ona hold money, ’cause na motorcycle be this no be West Africa charter and no be charity transport i dey run.
Me: no vex na, you know say we be your nigga. Dandy!! Dandy!!! We quickly entered the bike
He had no choice but to start his motorcycle, some minutes later he dropped us in our yard.
Dandy: wey my money?
Me: which money, carry yourself and your moving corpse commot from here.
Biggy: the thing still dey scratch me, aaaahhh… Dandy laughing
Dandy: you don go carry sweety, the next one na you Vic. Ashawo them he started his bike and left us
Me: make we enter house so that you go rub am aboliki rub, em go stop he looked at me like a dragon that had just swallow snake
Biggy: now today I know say, you wan kill somebody before the year end.
We went to Mallam that has a kiosk just at the junction of our street, he sells all sort of medicine. But known for selling one medicine ‘remain standing’, the drug made him famous amongst the guys in the area.
Me: Abu, how market na? He eyed both of us
Abu: hope I no come for credit ko raising his hands up
Biggy: see money he gave him a whole 2h, I ogled the naira note
Abu: kaskel, what I wan buy? Smiling, the tribal marks on his face that looks like makeup became obvious
Biggy: my thing dey scratch me, I get infection.
Abu: yowa! I get am for the medicine, but the money no do for krokroshebaga. Raising a short container up
Me: Abu, why you dey do like this na? You know say I be your man?
Abu: man kosi! I nodey do am man for business bah. Bring money, me I go sell am for you free free kill you there
Me: I no go bring Adanne come your shop again, I go even enter their house tell her mother say, you dey press the girl.
Abu: ahh! Ahh!! Aaahhh!!! Take am for the medicine. He gave us the short container
Me: Abu! Abu!! Abu!!! Adanne husband Abu smiling like Ujadala Python
While we were strolling home, a car nearly hit both of us. If we were not smart to jump out of the way.
Me: make thunder fire the left tire, make you run enter transformer.
Biggy: all these yahoo boys dey behave like the kingdom has come.
Me: as we no get money, make we no come out for road again.
Biggy: na so life be, who be Adanne wey make Abu dash you 3h.
Me: no mind that yeye aboki man, na one girl em like for this area. You remember that short fair Calabar girl, wey I tell am say her nyash big pass her destiny that day? Biggy thinking
Biggy: ehhnn.. the brown teeth girl.
Me: exactly, na that girl wey dey straff Abu pocket anyhow for this area, the girl name na the password to unlock Abu mumu-ness.
Biggy: you no go fail to borrow again Sha.. em don bleep the girl?
Me: bleep fire! Em fit don press, but I fit swear with my life Abu never see the color of the girl pant, na one mumu smoker wey them dey call Jeff, dey scatter the girl toto.
Biggy: eyaaa! I pity the man Sha… Bamboo dey work monkey dey shop, Abu horse p—k dey pursue girls both of us laughing
We got home that day, after Biggy applied the medicine given to us by Abu. He couldn’t wear anything apart from wrapper, as he kept on lamenting on the pains the drug was giving to him. I left him and slept off, as he stood before the standing fan.
The next day, a message that came into my phone woke me up.
Me: Jesus!!


-Episode 12
After I read the text I jumped out of the bed like male fowl on heat chasing after the female comrade for quickie, I took my towel and disappeared to the bathroom. Some minutes later I was eating bread and tea.
Biggy: why you squeeze face like person wey dey chop plate of shit, and why you dress like corporate madman?
Me: i get 70k interview, come help me knot tie drank the whole cup of tea and dump the bread
Biggy stood up and helped me with the tie.
Biggy: my child go in peace and come back in pieces tapping my shoulder
Me: I go use my first salary acquire sense for you.
I got out of the yard flagged down a taxi, minutes later we were on the road. We drove pass a farmland fenced round, the owner of the land gave it to a woman in our area to farm on it without anyone knowledge. And the woman decided to acquire free labor by lying, she told the neighbouring public yards that she always saw big python coming out of the place at night. According to them, prevention is better than cure so they cut down the grasses and some days later the woman started farming on the land to their dismay.
The driver dropped me, so i entered keke and continued my journey, it was just two minutes left for the interview to start when the keke man dropped me at the gate of the industry.
Keke man: oga come collect your change.
Me: use am buy ice fish for your family.
Keke man: 50naira dey buy ice fish, na wa ohh.. As you fine like that is like this one think they pluck money from guava tree
I turned back to take my change, he quickly started his keke and drove away. He is lucky, i was running inside to meet up when i saw people standing before one short fat man.
Fat man: you all should wait in the waiting room, the interviewer is yet to be here. We will invite you all one after the other, when he comes.
Guy: na so naija thing dey be, their 8am be 11am. hissing
We all went to the waiting room, and stayed after much grumbling from people that came for the interview. The people that are present is ten times the vacancy we were applying for, we were in the waiting room when one of my evil mind told me to switch on my data. I switched it on and a message entered from a contact I saved Slaymama.
Slaymama is a single mother that i met online, our chats are always naughty. I always wanted us to meet and try it out but she refused.
Slaymama: how are you doing d+ck?
Me: h+rd and ready, how are your br+asts, and p+ssy with your ass doing?
Slaymama: they are missing your rough touch, they are covered with short towel. My n+pples are er+ct and ready for s+cking, my p+ssy is w+t ready for your h+rd c+ck. my d+ck twitch
Me: am coming with just boxer, am gonna put you on the sink and eat your w+t p+ssy really good, and you will m+an loud my name she sent a photo of her with just towel
Slaymama: aaahh! Come fast baby, am going to trap you between my legs, and rub your head as you eat my w+t p+ssy really good. Oohh!
Secretary: who is Mr. Victor?
Everyone eyes was on me, i signaled the interviewer that it is me. He asked me to go in, beads of sweat was forming on my forehead and all eyes was on me, my d+ck was rock h+rd in my boxer. I cursed Slaymama under breathe, did not realize the interview have started long time ago. And if i stand up everyone we see my h+rd bulge.
Secretary: young man, you are wasting time! my d+ck refused to calm down
I put my phone inside my pocket and quickly grabbed my d+ck pressing it, as i nervously followed her.
After the interview i came out drenched with sweat..
Boy1: oboy wetin happen, why you dey sweat like person wey loose olympic medal?
Boy2: em get well bro.
I ignored both of them, their heads are not correct. The questions were coming like i wanted to run for the seat of president in the industry.



-Episode 13
I was not smiling when i got to the yard, Ayomi was standing in front of the yard. The moment she saw me, she started beaming like am father christmas.
Ayo: welcome uncle Vic.
Me: afternoon, Ayo *going my own*
Ayo: ehnn… I wan ask for something *hope is not money*
Me: wetin be that? Hope say em no concern money *the tie was strangling me so I adjust it a bit, Biggy tied it as if I asked him to help me out in committing suicide*
Ayo: no, ………. *temptation*
Me: tomorrow *she started smiling shyly like catfish*
I unlocked my room ’cause Biggy was not inside the room, I entered and first checked all the pots I have for food, at last I saw one with rice.
I carried the pot with a spoon, sat on the bed and started devouring the food.
The door opened and Biggy came in.
Biggy: wetin happen? This one you dey eat like occasion madman. *I swallowed the rice in my mouth*
Me: na only for 9ja, you go apply for 70k job. Them go ask you 2billion naira job questions.
Biggy: no wonder, na em make you invest all your frustration for that innocent pot of rice.
Me: the pot nodey innocent, it is the ’cause of my hunger.
Biggy: sha… We dey enter one church like that for all night, God don heal me.
Me: okay.
I would have refuse, but I needed miracles in my life. So, we started sleeping after I took my bath in the afternoon.
6pm, I woke up and prepared beans that we ate around 8pm, Biggy nearly cut off my head for delaying the food.
When we were done, we set out for the Church.
On our way we started hearing voices, the next two public yards to ours, is known for quarreling everyday. And the one that usually starts this quarrel is Segun wife, because her husband is muscular, the only place that there is no muscles is his teeth.
He could be employed everywhere as a bodyguard, even to the president. I avoids his wife more than HIV.
Segun wife: useless woman, have you been f+cked by body builder in your life? see your slim hungry husband, goan feed him.
Voice 1: body builder wey dey m+an for night instead of you, your husband p—k small pass rice seed. Ashawo!!! *clapping her hands*
Voice 2: mama Uchechi, leave that woman na, before her husband go come beat up innocent man.
Biggy: the other woman bad oh, she dey listen to their night brigade.
Me: na the man i dey pity, em no go gree come yard for two days.
We got to the church late, because the pastor was already on the pulpit.
Pastor: aaahh! aaaahhh… Your enemies shall not see tomorrow, can I hear amen?
Voices: amen!!!
Pastor: caste the devil of poverty in your family, now now!! Pray that prayer.
Voices: poverty die, poverty I bury, poverty i destroy you, foundational poverty die!!!
I joined them ’cause we were killing poverty, but the man refused to stop. As the pastor was changing prayer points like clothe, some people were carrying chairs and praying. Others were hitting the wall in prayer, some are marching the floor hard. I wondered were they got that energy, i was tired and sleepy, did not know when i dosed off.
One usher nudged me, I staggered almost falling.
I opened my eyes, the pastor was still on the pulpit.
Pastor: face East, face East, your enemies are there.
Voices; enemies from East die!! Enemies from East get accident!!! Demons of East scatter!!!
Me: which kind church be this? *yawning*
I would have checked the name of the church earlier before entering, I dosed off again and usher repeated what he did earlier, I opened my eyes and saw that they have been praying for the past three hours non-stop, can devil survive this kind attack to his kingdom?
Pastor: ….. Army of the Lord pray that prayer!!!
They started praying like army, including the usher. I wondered someone praying like that knows when someone is sleeping in the congregation.
I pretended to be sleeping, and he walked towards me to wake me. As he tried to nudge me with his body, I shifted and pushed him slightly. He collided into one lady and both of them fell on the floor.
Lady: stupid man!! *resounding slap, gbooossaaa!!*
Pastor: Jesus! *everywhere quiet.

-Episode 14
Lady: are you blind?! *I tap Biggy’s shoulder*
Me: make we dey go. *he yawn*
Biggy: I don tire for the church sef.
Pastor: choir sing a song *he walk down from the pulpit*
We were on our way after we exit the church compound, when Biggy started looking at me suspiciously.
Me: why your face dey draw like okro?
Biggy: na you do that thing wey make the babe thunder the usher face?
Me: na answer or question be that?
Biggy: anywhere you dey trouble must show face, waka fast i wan sleep.
Me: you dey awake since?
Biggy: say na me kill Jesus? I been dey sleep since, na you even wake me.
Me: how manage, why the usher no disturb you?
Biggy: I go tell you, but put leg for ground. I wan crash.
Me: i been dey put leg for water? Go crash with that madwoman na *he hissed*
We half-ran pass a smelling heaped dust bin by a plantation, were a madwoman was making funny moves.
We turned into a street with beaming street lights and I sighted three guys smoking from afar.
Me: those guys na thief oh.
Biggy: wetin we go do?
Me: act like madmen *he touched my head with his palm*
Biggy: you no well.
Biggy started staggering towards the guys that have starts walking towards us, he acted like a drunkard making funny moves and noise.
I followed him praying the stupid idea works.
Biggy: there are three little black bird sitting on the wall *he sing drunkenly*
Me: nwanye peter, nwayne paul, nwanye peter paul. *singing*
Biggy: am seeing five thousand soldiers coming *he starts counting the guys coming repeatedly*
Me: fire!! Fire!!! *I lie on the ground pointing imaginary guns, shooting with my mouth*
Three of them looked at us in pity, they shaked their heads and walked pass us, to an extent.
Biggy: take cover!! take cover!!! *running*
Me: deploy plan two *running*
Probably they looked behind them and saw that we ran like people who has not tasted a bottle of beer.
Voice 1: stop there!! *running towards us*
Voice: we will blow your head *you get gun na em you never rob bank?*
We ran with speed, i wondered where Biggy got the speed from. The way he was running, you will think he is not chubby at all.
We ran without looking back until we entered inside my room and locked the door.
Me: you for challenge for olympic medal *breathing heavily*
Biggy: i no wan die young *breathing heavily*
We slept like that without pulling those clothes we wore to the strange Church, the next morning Biggy was still sleeping.
I checked time and it was 10am since is Sunday.
The youths of the area hardly go to Church even if we recorded the highest crusade and evangelism in the State. Still, they refuse going to Church.
I wore my jersey and went to the field, when i got there they have already started long before I came.
Kelly: idiot!! Pass ball, you go commot oh.
Boy1: wetin be your problem sef *Kelly got the ball and shot him, he is on Kelly side*
Kelly is one of those guys in the area that claims to be a cultist and stubborn, he ran towards the boy and slapped him.
Boy1: Kelly wetin I do you na!! *yelling*
Kelly: na me you dey shout for? *slap him again*
Voices: leave am na, kelly the boy no be your mate na, ona wan spoil the ball.
Kelly: commot, you no sabi play ball. You come field, Vikolo you wan play ball? *no, i come watch ona*
Me: i wan play *i enter the field*
Kelly: the people wey wear clothes na our men, play defence.
We were four aside, as we kick the ball about.
Locally called monkey post, a tyre on each marked end of the field that serves as goal post.
Kelly: ona dey shoot, when i go start now…
Obi: you sabi complain i swear. *I played the ball to Kelly*
Me: oboy pass the ball na *he kick the ball violently and the ball float in the air, and touch Small*
Me: you have kill yourself *chuckling*
Small is a high rank cultist in the ruling cult of the area, they operate like political party and they are the government that keeps the peace of the area.
I wonder how he came back from prison, after i learnt some weeks ago he was taken to jail.
His weed dropped to the ground, he quickly brought out a gun and a knife, he t—-t the knife inside the ball.
He entered the field looking very angry.
Small: who be that blind person wey no see say, Small dey pass? *everyone point at Kelly*
Kelly has started crying and tears flooding his cheeks already, you have not seen anything.
Small: Vic!! how far na? Chichi dey fine you. *the devil is a liar!*

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