Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 5


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Must Read Story: INSOMNIA… Part 5



David: (soliloquizing ) ehh…. Is almost half past 3a.m yet to finish the update for Tuesday’s news. ” I don’t know what is wrong in our academic sector imagine ASUU everyday strike.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Though I was thinking about Jenifer after my contact with her at Ozidi fuel station just four days ago. As I was compiling the news for that day, I swing in and out of this fair lady then I asked myself “David what is wrong with you can’t you focus and do your editing ?”


But I couldn’t hold my feelings so I’m in love, what if she is hooked up, I’m jealous; I can’t bear it; no harm in trail after all she was the one who first asked for my card and I gave it to her..


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Jenifer was on her bed, in ocean of thought wandering and wonder how the case could have been at the station if David Somachi, the messiah did not come at the point that idiot who call himself Ijele would has disgrace her. Ehh… David is a darling, I notice that he didn’t buy fuel again because of me. This is four days since we met and exchange contact let me not be ungrateful I have to call him. But as a Journalist and assistant chief editor of FRCN, he will be busy always I don’t know the best hour to call but tomorrow I will surely reach him.. What is even the time? She pick up her Ifone2 and check it was half past three,

Ehh is already dawn.




I don’t know what to do, is it to call Jenifer on phone by this time of the day she must be in a deep sleep, for me the nature of my job, life of a Journalist has kept me in an INSOMNIA condiction I don’t know the different between day and night.




Jenifer still in sea of thought. Her Ifone begin to vibrate, she takes up the Phone to see who is calling…. Ehh “David dé-Jour” as she saved his name with.




Hello fair Jenny, I called her in pet also apologised to have been calling at that ungodly hour of the day ” please Jen, ehh.. hope I’m not discomforting or disturbing you please pardon my manners, good morning dear”

To my greatest surprise what I heard was ” ehh… What is a journalist doing at this time of the day, ohh I thought you’re at sleep. I wanted to call you but my second thought cut it off from my mind. As well David please forgive my ingratitude I don’t meant to be ungrateful since four days, I ought to have call you..




Is okay my lady Jen don’t worry, I just tried my luck to call you this morning I have been working editing Today’s news all through the night. That is my job few minutes ago, I uploaded some trending news online in Daily Watch online news.


Jenifer my dear our country is turning to what I don’t know corruption at all sector. You can login to read the news at your leisure, I know you may not like listening to network news by 7a.m this morning I just forward the news to our correspondents and news analysts, which the Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria (FRCN) will broadcast.


Really said Jenifer what might be these trend issues in our country. Naija has become new dawn new saga. I may listen to today’s network news, watch it or read online depending my scheme today.


Is okay Jenifer I just want to say hi before I go for my bath is almost 4a.m I have to report by 5a.m…

Bye I hung the call.


Wait for the part 6 of







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