Story: Gardener’s Daughter… Episode 3 – 12

Story: Gardener’s Daughter… Episode 3 – 12

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Episode Three
I couldn’t believe my father has just been rushed to a hospital..oh d–n..I warned him not to go out but he kept on insisting look at what he has gotten himself to..”where’s my father ..I wanna see him..!”I yelled out loud at the nurses as a gentleman interrupted..he must be the guy who called..”please calm down miss..!”he said ..”who are you?”I asked..”I’m the guy who called you few minutes ago..Miguel ..!”he streched his hands for a hand I shaked him back..”thanks so much for father ..I really how did he get the accident..where you able to see the bastard that dared hit my father ..?”Rosie asked not knowing Miguel is the same man who hit her father with his car ..”!”Miguel stammered as the doctor interrupts ..
“’s my father doing his daughter ..!”Rosie said..”ok..your father is doing fine..he is very ok ..he didn’t bleed that much and we were able to save him..all he needs is just rest for now …!”
“Oh my God ..thank you God..can I go see him..?”Rosie asked..
“Yes ..sure..he’s awake now..!”the doctor said as he left..I turned to face Miguel..”thanks so much Mr Miguel..thank you very much ..I really appreciate you..!”
“’s nothing…!”
And just then I walked into the ward where my father was laying on the bed ..I rushed up to hug him as tears rolls down my cheeks..if anything had happened to him.. I’ll kill my self..I said ..”papa..I knew you ll make it..that’s my tiger …”I said as I pecked him on his head “dear…what are you doing need to rest…am fine..!”tiger said..”no daddy..I won’t rest knowing you are in this horrible state..who did this to you..?”
“It was an don’t need to worry about that..!”tiger said..”I know paps..but that person will pay …for sure..!”
“Just calm down don’t need to do anything stupid ..!”
“Ok dad ..if you say so..get some rest now ..while I go arrange some delicious tamauli for you to eat ..!”I said as I hugged my father and exited the room immediately..going straight to the receptionist…”so much is the bill…?”I asked the lady..”50dollars!”the lady answered ..oh my will I get that kind of huge amount of money from.. jeez..just then the woman interrupted my thoughts..”wait are you the daughter of the man in ward 309″the lady asked..”yes ..yes!”
“Well you don’t need to worry about the bills..a gentleman named Miguel paid the bills ..already ..!”the lady said..”what..oh my God..this is unbelievable….are you sure it’s for that ward ?”
“Yes..yes ..and he also dropped this..for you..his card …he said you should have it..!”the lady gave Rosie Miguel phone number as I gently collected it..what an angel he is..I said to my self..he’s so generous..may God be with him..I said as I walked out of the hospital..

“You took so long to get here..son..!”mr Beltran yelled at his son Miguel..” I said ..I had to take care of will never happen again..ok..!”
“I hope so ..!”

{Cervantes college}
At the courtyard .. Fernando standing there as a girl passed him..he drags her by her buttocks as he started showering her with kisses..” are so yummy..!”Fernando said..”let go of me..Fernando..just stop. …!”the girl said..still kissing Fernando let go..” know I love you..!”Fernando said..”you love me and you flirt with almost all the girls in the school..that’s not love done being your baby doll you pick and dump anytime you feel like it..!”she yelled at him..”hey relax..kitty cat…that’s just my personality..this hands are for you baby..!”Fernando said jokingly..”well am tired of those please excuse me..I have classes to attend ..”azucena said as she exited …one of his friend Jake joined him..”what’s up..bro ..!”Jake said giving Fernando a hand shake..
“Nothing..!”Fernando said angrily..”hey chill out.. why that look on your face..what went down with u and azucena..?”Jake asked ..”well … azucena just broke up with me..!”Fernando said with a low voice..”oh..really man…so that’s why you acting up..she’s not the only girl in the about we go take some stuffs..I brought the best cokes from love em..!”Jake said whispering at Fernando ears ..”oh cool..enjoy them yourself..I don’t wanna take any ..and get high again..!”
“Don’t worry ll be me..!..I also have some chicks to keep you warm …”Jake said..”alright….!”Fernando said..”yeah..that’s the bad guy. …!”Jake said as they both exited the courtyard


{The Verdugo’s Residence}
“Oh my cutie…you chosed to be with that bastard instead of d–n traitor..I’ll show you..!”the matured man said staring at Roxana Beltran picture ..just then a young lady dressed in black all round..

Episode Four
Just then a young lady in black all round barged in..
“So who’s that b—h father…who betrayed you many years ago..?”the lady said..
“Isadora…my are back home..!”Mr verdugo Teca said..
“Oh old bear..don’t give me that look …I only came because of business issues..but who’s that woman’s picture you holding ..who is she..?”
“She’s one of my ex lover..traitor..I hate her..and am gonna make her pay..!”
“Oh really…well good for you…am here to tell you that am about to take someone down..!”Isadora said
“Who do you wanna kill this time..?”Teca asked..”the DEA..he has been on my neck..that bastard wants the cartel down…and we need to kill him before he does that dad..!”
“You have my full support ..for that my dear..but becareful..and take the best guards for this operation..!”
“Sure dad..!”isadora said as she left her father…

The following the beltrans residence..Miguel walking round the garden as he suddenly started thinking about the girl he met yesterday..”she’s beautiful..d–n. I forgot to ask her her name …am so can I find her now..”Miguel said to himself as his mother joins him..”so tell me son..who’s the lucky girl?”
“Oh’s single..!”
“Well you can’t be single for so long not getting any younger my child..I need grand kids..ok..!so you better bring someone ..soon..or I ll marry you to someone else …!”his mother threatened..”hmm..ok..mum..I ll try …!”Miguel replied ….as Orlando interrupted at the top of his voice..”Roxana.. Roxana..roxana..!”Orlando shouted her name out loud..”hey honey..what’s the matter…?”Roxana said rushing up to him as I followed my mother..”what’s this ..?”Orlando said showing Roxy a pack on cocaine’s in Fernando bag ..
“’’s.. on Earth did …whose bag is this ..?”Roxana asked
“It’s Fernando.. Fernando your son…I mean to say our son …is on drugs again…you see…you see what you ve caused …!”
“How did I cause it..?”Roxana yelled back at her husband ..
“You always spoil him so much you see what he’s been doing in school instead of studying…he parties and sniffs drugs ….skip school and those all nonsense..if you hadn’t pampered him..he won’t have that bad character..!”
“That’s enough my darling…you don’t need to get so upset ..Fernando is just a certain he ll change…please .. I ll talk to him …!”Roxana said trying to calm her dad..”yes Dad.. mom’s right…I ll talk to Fernando my self..!don’t you worry dad..!”Miguel said..
“Hmmm..I hope he changes as soon as possible..!”Orlando said calmly…

In the del monte apartment..Rosie just finished…cleaning the house …as she took a tray of sliced bread and hot tea to her father’s room..
“Good morning Dad..!”she said expecting to see her dad on the bed …but didn’t see anyone..” you there..,oh stop all these pranks!”she started calling his name nervously as she checked the bathroom one was there…then she saw a note on the bed she reads out loud..”my dearest out to find a job..I know you might get mad at me..and I know you ll say I need some rest . But I really need a job …to help you continue your education…please don’t worry about me..just take care of loves you…Good morning my tigress …”after reading this Rosie sat down quietly not knowing what to say..her father is the best dad in the world she said in her mind and prayed that nothing bad happens to him…

{Ice police department}
“Alessia ..I need you to investigate on the death of chapo… just take care of the border and make sure no alien come into this country…!”
“On it commander ..Daniel..!”Alessia said.”yeah boss..!”Luis said again..
“I have to go now..if anything comes up please let me know..!”Daniel said..
“Sure thing commander Daniel.. Alessia said..
Daniel Ponce ..the DEA agent of ice police department …willing to fight against all corruptions and drug trafficking in the United States

“He’s coming …out from the office now boss..should I shoot ..?”tecolete the body guard of Isadora asked Isadora through a connection earpiece device ….
“Yes..but make sure you shoot the idiot in somewhere he will never survive ok..?”Isadora said wearing her mask same as tecolete..
“Ok boss ..!”

“Yeah..darling..I’m on my way home..sweetie..I love you..”Daniel said coming out from the station..
“Fire!”Isadora said as tecolete pulls the trigger …straight to Daniel’s Daniel falls down….
The sound of the gunshot distracted Luis and Alessia as they jumped out from their offices to see Daniel on the floor..
“Oh my good ness..Daniel..somebody call an ambulance..!”Alessia said …as Daniel smiled at her..showing off his bullet proof..”I don’t need fine..!
“That’s my commander..!”Luis said


Episode five
Isadora and tecolote entered the Jeep they brought as teco wanted to drive..Isa stopped him..”hey hey .. hey bastard …are you sure you fired that idiot well…?”Isadora said ..
“You know it’s from a far distance…am certain is dead ..I fired him straight on his chest ..!”
“Oh could you be so foolish…I told you on his head …do you think the cop is a fool or what …the bastard will be alive …am sure of it..!”Isadora said..
“But how ..?”
“Because they wear bullet proof dummy..if you had allowed me ..I would have shoot that fool right on his forehead ..!”Isadora said..”you need to get down…that bastard must die today..!”Isa said ..”mame sorry but I can’t let you go back there .the cops might catch us..!”
“Well I rather kill that bastard and get arrested than I watch him live..!”Isadora said trying to open the door which tecolete as locked..”open this d–n door.. you bastard..!”Isadora shouted at teco..
“Am sorry mame..but I can’t watch you get arrested..the boss will kill me…!”tecolete said as he started the gear and droves off with Isadora still ranting …

The bell of the beltrans Mansion rings as Nana the old maid opened the door to see a man like her age in front of her..”Please who are you looking for..?”the Nana said..”am here for a job…I saw the vacancy outside .. it’s says gardener needed…please can I come in..!”tiger said..
“ can come in..!”Nana said as Roxana joined them..
“Good afternoon ma’am..!”tiger greeted …”and where are you from..why are you here…!”Roxana asked..staring at tiger from head to toe looking at him with disgusts..
“ here for the posts of a gardener ..I saw the notice board outside saying gardener needed..!”
“Well you ve come into the wrong house.. there’s no way I ll employ ..such a poor..nasty man like you..!”Roxana insulted tiger ..just then Miguel interrupts..”mom..I nee……to..!”he was stunned when he saw tiger ..”oh sir..good afternoon!”Miguel greeted ..” look very familiar.”tiger said as he remembered the person who hit him ..with the car ..
“Yes sir …welcome to my may I help you …!”
“Son this gold digger here says he wants a job as the gardener of this beautiful mansion..!”Roxana said ..
“Wow..good..we can employ him..!”
“Oh thank you sir..thank you so much sir..!”tiger said very happy .. I
“Son..”Roxanna drags her son to the kitchen
“Mom..whats the matter ..again with you..I thought you said you needed a gardener..!”
“Yes son..but not like that cheap Gardner..can’t you see the way he looks very poor..and more like a gold digger..we can’t employ such person..I mean..what will my friends say when they pay me a visit..!”Roxana said acting very dramatic..”mom..quit acting like a kid … sure that old man will do very ll see..!”
Miguel assures his mother…”that’s how you say and at the end of the day they end up to be either a swindler…son you are making a huge mistake..!”Roxana said..trying to change miguel’s mind..” old man will be under observation..and if he doesn’t work well for three weeks…I ll be the one to fire him my self does that sound …?”Miguel said..”bad..three weeks is too much..cmon ..listen to yourself ..!”Roxana said..”mo..t ..h..e..r!”Miguel said..”ok ..fine ..I hope he doesn’t destroy our flowers..!”
“He won’t mother…he won’t..!”Miguel replied

“So here’s the amount I ll will be paying you..!”Miguel said as he gave tiger a cheque of five hundred thousand dollars..”wow..all these for me..?”
“Yes..that’s for starters..sir…have you ever worked as a gardener before …?”miguel asked ..”yes..just once..!”tiger said..
“Ok..please make sure that you do your job very well ..ok..and in case your house is far there’s a room for you here to pass your night in..!”Miguel said
“Ok…thanks so much ..!”just then tiger phone beeped ..
“My beautiful darling daughter are you doing ..?”
“Am not fine dad not and it’s because of you..!”Rosie said..
“Oh my sweetie…dearie..don’t be mad at me I have a good news for you..!”
“Oh …so what is it..?”
“I just got a job ..!”
“Really dad..that’s so happy for you dad ..what kinda job..!”
“I ll tell you everything you need to know..when I come back..home for now I really need to you later..!”
“Ok you paps..!”
“You angel..!”tiger said as he hunged up..Miguel was admiring the connection between both father and daughter..”hmm your daughter must be an angel ..!”Miguel said
“Yes ..she sure is…so where should I start from boss ..!”
“I don’t think you should start today besides you just recovered from the incident that happened don’t need to be should be resting..!”Miguel said..
“Well I can’t because am the only one my daughter has and I don’t wanna let her down….

Episode six
“Oh..ok..!”Miguel said …”yes..thanks so much for this opportunity sir..!”tiger thanked Miguel..”oh please don’t mention it..good thing you came at the right time .and please don’t call me sir …call me Miguel..and ur name”
“Tiger del monte …!”
“Ok tiger..!”

“It’s all this bastards fault..if he had shot the commander on his head ..things would have been good for us..!”Isadora blames presence of her father Teca..
“Ok ..calm down daughter…am sure we will get the commander next time..!”Teca said..
“Well I ll do that my self father..!”Isadora said as she exited ..
“So..boss..what do you want me for..?”tecolete said..
“I want you to find out everything you know about this lady..Roxana Beltran…!”Teca said giving tecolete the picture of her..”ok ..boss..on it..!”he said as he exited ..
“Get ready to pay Roxy …!”Teca said as he laughed out loud cruelly …
Days Later ..

“God bless you my child ..!”tiger said blessing his’s Rosie first day of college in a new school entirely …”oh paps..I don’t wanna go to Cervantes college …can’t you see how the money there is cost …!”I said to my stubborn father ..”yes ..but you deserve..a big college like that because of the course you studying ..or don’t you still wanna be a doctor .like you used to say..when you were little..!”
“Yes of course but ..we need to manage this strange country .. anything can happen..!”
“Well our God is with us and he’s gonna protect us no matter what ok..,so relax!and finish your breakfast..I have to go..!”tiger said ..
“Ok papa…take good care of yourself..!”
“Yes daughter too..!”

First day in a place you clearly no nothing about makes me feel very uncomfortable..all eyes were just on me..I wonder why people are just staring at me I look like an alien or what …everyone eyes just can’t stop staring..what kinda school is this..I said as I walked into my class …to sit down on an empty front sit..just about few seconds later ….a young guy interrupted..”hey …J.S.N.H…get off my sit..!”Fernando yelled at her with some of his friends at his back as everyone laughed …j..s..n.h..meant just new here
I shamefully grabbed my bag as I was about to leave Fernando set his legs in front of I was about to trip ..a young girl helds my hands ..”don’t mind..all these people..they are just being mean for no reason..just ignore them. …..!”she said finally helping me as I stood well now..she stared at Fernando with absolute hate as she took me to a sit beside hers..”here..have a sit..! are ..?”
“Nice to meet you Rosie ..!”..”same here..thanks for what you just did for me…you know am new here and I really don’t wanna get into trouble on my first day. …!”Rosie said.. meanwhile Fernando kept glaring at azucena ..
“Yeah ..I understand..but in this school act fast is the best or they LL just ride on you like their bicycle..!”
“ are right..!”
Just then the lecturer distracted our chat..

Class was very interesting because it started with my best subject biology and I really did great in the test….soon the bell rang for lunch time.. azucena went outside to buy something ..while I arrange my books properly..and just then Fernando interrupts ..”hey cutie pie..!”Fernando said as I stared at him with anger trying to ignore him ..”hey cutie am talking!”Fernando said blocking my way..*please will you leave me alone..!”Rosie said. ..”just Blondie…I just wanted to know your name..that’s all..what’s your name Blondie..?”Fernando said..”well I don’t think I ll tell someone who embarrassed me minutes ago name.. quit bothering me and leave my way ..!”
Just then Fernando drags my left arms tightly..”hey pretty doll..I like your courageous attitude hot mama…!”
“Let go..or I’ll scream..!”Rosie yelled at Fernando..”well you can shout all you want not leaving you…until you tell me what your name is…!”Fernando Rosie kicked Fernando private part and gave him a hot slap on his face..
“Don’t you..ever think of messing with me again you bastard. …and that is for trying to make me look like a fool you moron..!”Rosie said as she exited.. Fernando was still holding his cheeks as he smiled ..”ugh..sweet!”Fernando said licking his lips disgustingly

Episode seven
“He’s so annoying..I mean dare he talk to me like he’s some God..!”Rosie said talking to her father …in the evening …
“Well you just have treat any bastard that messes with you ..a real Mexican style..!”tiger said ..”of course how was work ..?.”Rosie asked her father..”good..everything is good..only that ..!”tiger said and paused for a while..”only that what father..?”
“It’s nothing my child..I think it’s time for you to go to bed now don’t wanna get late for school you ..?”
“No..but I need to know what’s going on..where are you working at ..?”
“The Beltrans residence near Costa street…any problem..?”
“No..I just wanted to know where you work …!maybe I can come pay visit..!”
“No’s best you don’t come..!”
“Ohh..if you say so father..!”

Through out the night I couldn’t stop thinking about two different people..first the gentleman who helped my poor father and the crazy idiot I met at school…

In the Garden …Miguel smiling alone …thinking about the gardeners daughter…as Fernando interrupts ..”what’s up bro..,what are you doing here all alone..”Fernando said tapping his elder brother friendly on his head ..”Fernando..where have you been ..have been looking for you all day..!”Miguel said Fernando joins him sitting on the garden floor ..”well have been busy ..with school works and stuffs ..!”
“That’s odd…well I wanted to warn you about drugs little bro..don’t take cocaine’s again..bro..stop all those craps and focus on your studies like I did when I was your age..!”
“Oh big bro…I wanna tell you something about me…I’m just having fun and I ll continue doing what makes me happy..!”
“Bastard bro…you so stubborn…!anyways you still my brother..but becareful..!”Miguel said ..”hey I can see the beautiful your eyes..who is the lucky chick…huh?”Fernando said jokingly..”no this one is not a chick..she’s a real woman..very pretty ..but I don’t even know her name …!”
“Then go ask her her name need to take your chance now or you ll loose ..her!”Fernando said..”well the new gardener I just hired..he is the father of the lady I told you I like ..!so ..I just hope some day she pays us a visit …!”
“Oh nice move big bro but that’s too slow.. someone might just get her…!”
“Well if she’s really for me…we LL meet again but if goes on..! what’s up with all those girls in school..?”Miguel whined his brother..”oh yeah..that b—h azucena dumped me..!”Fernando said to his brother ..”she’s not a b—h …you are the never treated her right you know..!”Miguel fired back..”yeah I’s all my fault and you know what I don’t care if she leaves me…because there’s a new kid in school..a S_Xy hot mama for that matter…and am gonna get this hands on her soon..!”
“Oh spoilt brat ..!”
Miguel said as they both laughed out loud .
But will this bond between two brothers last long forever…

“I’m certain some one wants me dead..there’s no doubt about that ..!”Daniel said to Alessia and Luis..”well since the day you declared war on the sure they all want you dead..!”
“Well I won’t stop until I see those cartelist locked up in prison..because that’s where they belong..!”

The following day ..was another brand new day …??
Azucena entered the school with Rosie both discussing about yesterday and Fernando..”he grabbed you..?”azucena asked
“Yes..can you imagine..that fool has the nerves to touch me..!”Rosie replied as Fernando interrupted immediately..”Good morning pretty damsels..!”Fernando greeted..”the morning has been good till you came here and ruined it …you bastard..why can’t you just leave me alone..!”azucena yelled at Fernando”hey drop the attitude lady …who was even greeting…you ..I was only talking to that cutie over there..!”Fernando said as he walked up to Rosie.. azucena smirked as she exited out of jealousy..
“Beautiful flowers??? for a beautiful princess..!”Fernando said as he gave Rosie flowers..she collected it and threw it back on his face..and left..
“Oh cutie Mama..I won’t stop until I get this hands on you baby doll. ..!”Fernando said willing to do all that he takes to talk to Rosie..

Azucena was at the school library ..that was where I sighted her again..”azucena..azucena..!”I called out her name ..”what do you..want ?”azucena said …not being friendly like she was the first day we met..
“Hey ..what’s the matter with you..I know you like this because of Fernando.. and I swear I have nothing to do with him..!”Rosie said making it clear to azucena..”I don’t care if you two kiss …yourself..or make love..I don’t care…just leave me alone..!”
“If you don’t care..then why did you leave looking so pissed ..azucena am also a woman..I know how you tell me Fernando your boyfriend..?”I asked politely..”yes..well he was until I caught him kissing.

Gardeners daughter ???
Author Favour Oroso
Episode seven continuation
“Well he was until I caught him kissing some other girl..and I also found out that am not his only girlfriend..!”azucena said..”oh that’s so bad..!”Rosie replied..”no the worse thing is that am still in love with that bastard..!”azucena said now feeling very emotional as i hugged her to calm her down..
“It’s just have to try to get over him…ok..just relax a bit..!I know you can do it..try as much as you can to get over him..!”
“Easier said than done..!”

“Oh didn’t work at all ..I couldn’t even impress the there anything else I can do to make her like me..?”Fernando said talking to his brother Miguel through the phone …
“Well you just have to keep trying..maybe the girl doesn’t want all that..just talk to her and don’t be so aggressive..say nice things to her and you ll say she ll talk to you…!”Miguel advised..
“I hope so…thanks bro”

Episode eight
“I hope so..thanks bro ..”
“Don’t mention it..I have to go you later ..”Miguel said as he hunged up immediately.. Fernando didn’t stop trying as much as he could to talk to Rosie …
“Hi..!”Fernando said when Rosie was busy studying in the school library..she raised up her head to see Fernando right in front of her table..she stood up and went to the next sit …he followed her again..”please leave me alone.. whatever they call your name ..just leave me alone..!”Rosie said glaring at Fernando..just then Fernando sighted her name on her text book..” that’s your name..!”Fernando said
“ did you..?”Rosie now realised that Fernando already stared at her text book which her name was written on it..” already know my please am begging you..leave me alone..already..!”
“Well I can’t ..Rosie..I can’t and I will never leave you alone..I just wanna be your friend that’s all..!”Fernando said now coming forth as Rosie shifts back until she hits her back on the wall …they both stared at each other for a while ..before he finally broke the silence..”I just want to be your friend..that’s are so d–n pretty..and I really like you and am sorry for making you feel less on ur first day..please ..let’s be friends..”Fernando streched his hands to Rosie..”well I don’t hang out with guys that cheats on their please leave me alone..!”
“Oh azu..azucena told you that right …?”Fernando asked Rosie..”yes and even she didn’t’s written all over your face..that you are just a dirty flirt …!”
“ love it when you get angry..!”he said to me..who do he thinks he is ..clearly he dosen’t seem to get angry with whatever I say..he’s always so pleased with whatever I say..idiot ..I said in my mind I moved away from the wall .. while going ..he kept yelling my name “I love you Rosie…I love you d–n hot mama!”

In the Beltrans mansion …tiger was watering the garden flowers as Roxana Beltran interrupts him..”make sure you ..clean that particular flowers very well..!”Roxana said..
“Yes ma’am..!”tiger said trying to avoid Roxana tantrums..ever since he started working at the Beltrans mansion ..Roxana had never been polite to him..she was very mean and corcky and treated him very badly..but he learnt how to avoid all her bad attitude instead because he was the one in need of money…”you are just a low life digger and you won’t last longer …because I ll make sure that you get fired ..!”Roxana said as she left certain day..

“Tiger..want some coffee ..!”Nana the old maid asked tiger after he had done his morning work..”yes sure sugar . please..!”
“Sure..!”Nana said as she brought out a mug and a kettle of hot already made ordinary coffee ..she puts it inside the mug and gave it to tiger..”your wife must be a very lucky woman ..because you are very hard-working..!”Nana said and this made tiger remembered his wife ….as tears dropped down from his eyes ..”hey ..please don’t cry….!”Nana said..”my wife passed away many years ago..and since then have been with my precious little daughter ..Rosie..!”
“Oh am so sorry about so sorry for reminding you about such a very painful death..!”Nana consoled tiger …

On my way home I couldn’t stop thinking about that idiot… Fernando..though he may be very silly but I think he’s fun to hang around with ..I said within my self ..just as I was speaking of the devil..he appeared right in front of me..”what’s up cutie..!”Fernando said as he flinged his hands round my neck..I immediately removed his hands ..pretending not to be happy to see him..”just leave me alone..!”Rosie shouted at Fernando..”relax..wanna go out for some ice ..cream..the weather is so d–n hot….!”Fernando blurted out..not even minding what I said..maybe am too harsh to this dude..and besides it’s not like he asked me out anyways…I just hope am not making friends with the wrong person ..I said as he grabs my hands and took be to the ice cream shop …we had a great time..for the first time …he made me laugh ..and was very cool with me…”I wanna invite you to my home..!”Fernando said out loud..”for what..?”I asked giving him a weird look..”for you to meet my wonderful..parents of sure they are gonna love I do..!”Fernando said ..”it isn’t necessary for them to love me.. because am just a friend of you and nothing more..!”I replied..”oh..but I really want you to come..please..just once..,please..!”Fernando me..”ugh..ok..but not today..I really need to study ..for our up coming exams ..!”I promised Fernando not even sure if I would fufily it..I just wanted him to stop begging me …”hmm Mrs serious girl..!”Fernando..said moving closer …while I was busy licking the ice cream ….he just kept on staring at me..I wonder what he’s staring at …am I that beautiful ..?I asked my self..


Episode nine
“Ok..set up a meeting with my new client … tomorrow..ok..bye..”Mr Orlando Beltran immediately hunged up as his son Miguel stood behind the door…”may I come in dad!”Miguel said standing behind the door …”cmon ..son,so how did it go with the investors?”
“Very well …dad.. although I think it’s not a must you deal with those kinda people..I mean they are too affluent..and trust me..I feel there’s something fishy about them..!”
“I don’t think son..Teca verdugo is a very good and popular business man in the whole of Texas.. Columbia and Canada sure working with him..will benefit Know..!”
“Well I hope so..”Miguel said trying to believe in his father …

“Why are you so obsessed with finding that woman dad..I mean cmon..our business is falling and this is all you care about..about that silly mistress of yours Roxana or whatever her name is..!”Isadora yelled out loud at her father..”just cool down already..darling.. Roxana is one of my biggest enemy..and I won’t stop until I get my revenge on her ..!”Teca said to his daughter..”oh please’s written all over your face that you still love that..chick so don’t try to .. what’s the plan now..?”
Just then tecolete barged into the office ..”boss..I have some good news for you..!”tecolete told Teca..”so what’s it my boy..?”
“I found out that your chicky little mistress has two sons..”tecolete said giving Teca a picture of both of them..”here’s the senior one..and the other is the junior one..!”
Tecolete said showing them the pictures as Isadora stared at the junior one more..then looked at the senior one which is Miguel..”ugh..they look pretty handsome..two wonder you fell for their!”Isadora said admiring their pictures as Teca smiled at tecolete..”well it’s time for some little action gonna help me with those two little brats ..because I wanna destroy their lives like their mother did to mine..while I ll take care of Orlando Beltran and that looser my self..!”
“Nice one dad..!”Isadora said smiling..

I and Fernando had a very great time together ..and even though I didn’t want to be friends with such a bad guy like him..I just had to since he wants to be my friend at all costs …and the worse part is that he even accompanied me to the gate of my house which I didn’t wanted him to know …he insisted on following me home instead of going to his own house annoying but interesting as well..”thanks for the ice cream..”
“’s nothing my princess …!”
“Ok..good night..!”
“Yeah ..good night my pretty damsel..!”he said as he gave me a lit peck on my we both pathways..he can be all that stubborn and reggae ..but deep down he is such a nice guy..I said to my self…

Roxana was busy in her room staring at herself in the mirror ..just then Orlando walked he gave her a very warm kiss on her neck..”how’s my queen doing..tonight..?”
“Oh so today you time for me huh..?”Roxana said..
“Hmm..don’t say that..sweetie…it’s just that have been so busy these days honey…and I want you to get ready for tomorrow night..!”Orlando said ..
“So what’s so special about tomorrow night..?”
“Is that having important guests tomorrow night..and I need you to be my side sweetheart..!”
“ always.. that’s all that you care about..!”
“But my love..its just business…but I can make some space for us about we go out this weekend for a family vacation..!”Orlando said as Roxana gave him a more weirder look..”oh that sucks..let’s go out on a vacation at the beach house in Miami but I don’t want it to be a family vacation..I want it to be for two of us..just the two of us..alone..and happy..!”
“Ok..that’s a good one too..!”
“That’s my love..!”Roxana said as she started kissing him passionately ..

Outside the garden ..tiger was busy getting ready to leave..while Miguel who couldn’t stop thinking about the young lady he met the other day ..stared at the locket he saw in tigers wallet the other day..”Good night sir..!”tiger said as Miguel stopped him..”tiger..tiger..please can I have a word with you..?”
“Yes sure boss..,what’s the matter ..!”
“Oh …sir..this is so stupid of me ..I just really…huh..ok..I want to give you this..I saw it on the floor the day I saved you from the car incident..!” Miguel gave tiger the locket …”oh this ..have been looking for it..thank you..!”tiger said ..staring at Rosie..”my beautiful Rosie..!”he said overwhelmed with the beauty of his daughter..”so her name is Rosie right..?”Miguel asked tiger just to be sure..”yes.. she’s my princess..!”tiger said ..”I have to go now it’s getting late “tiger said as he wants to leave … Miguel stopped him again..” more thing if you don’t mind..!”
“Not at all my boy …what is it..!”tiger asked curiously..”well tomorrow there will be

Episode ten
“There will be a small gathering at my house ..and if you don’t mind I would like to invite you and your daughter to this wonderful occasion..!”
“Oh..thank you so very much boy..but unfortunately my daughter is a student..!and she might not have time!”
“Oh ..well’s happening in the evening …and by then she must have been back ..right ..?”
“Yes but she’s not a party pooper..but I ll try to convince don’t you worry at all ..!”
“Ok thanks so much sir ..!”
“Don’t mention it my boy..!”

“Cmon dad know am not the kind that likes partying..I mean..I have a very tight schedule tomorrow..and I’m so sorry but tell your boss..that I can’t attend the little party..ok..!”Rosie said as she grabbed a slice of pizza..”well ..I think it’s best you meet with my boss ..because you ll be very shocked to know who my boss is..!”tiger told Rosie who now looked more interested in the conversation …”so who is he …a magician or what..huh..?”
“My boss the same man who helped me at the hospital the other day and paid for my bills..!”
“ God don’t mean it paps..are you sure..that gentleman..oh my …wow..!”Rosie said..”yes now you still wanna come to the party or not..!”
“Huh..ok..I will not because of your boss but because you convinced me..I love you paps..!”
“I love you even more darling..!”

“Ugh..cmon..hit me’s it..ouch..I don’t know how much I missed this joystick my love..”azucena laughed out loud while raising her legs to the top as Fernando inserted his big d–k ? inside azucena wet p—y …”I missed you even more my kitty cat.. although..I thought you would never get back together with me but now ..I see that am all yours and you all mine..”
“Ouch..ugh..that’s joystick..”azucena said yelling out loud really enjoying the hard S_X Fernando was giving her as she stopped immediately..”wait.. wait..!”azucena said..”what ..what is it baby my d–k not enough for you hottie..!”
“Its not that ferro..I just want you to know that now that i gave you a second chance..I don’t wanna see you with my friend ever again…!”azucena said..”you mean with the new girl Rosie..?”
“Yes..with her..!”
“H..u..h..but ..!”
“ you think you can get back together with me and still see my friend ..oh cmon please not telling you not to talk to her but don’t over do it.. because now you are mine.. forever..!”
Fernando immediately gave her a sad mode..”hmm..!”Fernando sighed..”is that so hard for you leaving…!”azucena stood up from the bed as Fernando draws her back..”oh not goin anywhere sweetheart..I ll do anything for you baby..I ll not talk to your friend again..if that’s what you want..then your wish is my command…!”
“That’s what an talking about…f–k me harder!”azucena said as she falls on Fernando kissing him mercilessly…

Fernando was a type of guy who played with girls feelings..he was never a one man girl..he always had a girlfriend..a girlfriend and a girlfriend..he was never satisfied and is a S_X manaic…

The following morning .. azucena stood up and went straight to the bathroom as Fernando who had been waiting for her to get up so he could have some privacy ..he grabbed his phone as he logged into his account …”oh thank Goodness… she’s online..!”Fernando said as he said Rosie..”hi..”
“Hello.. stubborn are you doing and how was your night ..?”Rosie asked..”great and URS..!”
“ about to shower now ..see you at school..!”
“Huh..can we meet in my place tonight..please..!”Fernando asked..” your house..I don’t think so..I have a lot of things to do..I don’t have chance ..maybe some other time..!”
“ my sweet friend .. please..!just once..tonight..!”
“ house address..!”
“I ll give it to you at college..!”
“At what time exactly..?”Rosie asked..”7:30pm..!”
“Perfect..bye..!”Rosie chatted back as azucena came out of the bathroom..”my love …you are awake .!”
“Yeah..I just woke up..!”Fernando said hiding his phone under the bed ..
“Well I just finished bathing …I think you should do the same… because last night was a really tough one..!”…”well how about you join me in the shower now..!”
“Who would say no to those pretty eyes..!”
Fernando carried azucena squeezing her buttocks as they both entered the bathroom kissing ..

In the del monte apartment..
“Dad..hurry late ..for school..!”
“Am coming honey..!”
Rosie was standing outside the gate of the house waiting to see any her father finally joined her..”my so is it ..that’s the address..make sure you be’s starting at eight in the night..we might pass the night there..ok..please be very careful..!”
“Sure ..I will paps..!”..

Episode eleven
While going to school I couldn’t think straight at all..I have two things tonight to attend to and I really don’t know where to start from.. immediately I reached the front of my school gate..I sighted Fernando..I had to leave one thing for the’s best I don’t see Fernando..I said making up my mind not to go to his house tonight…
“Hey wassup..!”Fernando said coming through me ..”am cool..and you ..!”I asked
“Same let me give you the address to where we should meet..!”..”am so sorry Fernando..but I won’t be able to visit you tonight..maybe some other day..I have important things to do and if you ll excuse me..I have a class to attend to now…and am late..bye..!”as she was about to go Fernando grabbed her arms back ..” promised…me ..and you not fufilling it ..that’s not fair at!”Fernando said ..”oh please Fernando. ..I know I promised you but something very important came up and am sorry I can’t go to two place at once..!”
“Oh …your boyfriend wants to see you right ..well tell that bastard that there’s no chance..!”
“Huh..silly jerk..for you information ..I don’t have a boyfriend….!”
“Please my princess..just once..please baby doll..!”Fernando pleaded I began to feel pity for d spoilt brat ..”ok..I will come..!”
“Yes..that’s my cutie ..!”Fernando said as he hugged me unexpectedly…I slowly resisted his hug..”I have to go now..just tell me ur address now!”
“Costa address the..”before Fernando could finish his statement azucena interrupted..”hi guys..!”she rushed up to hold Fernando’s hands…as I looked at them both…seems they are back together..”ok …!”I left immediately..I don’t wanna be the one in between the both of them…”how’s my queen doing..?”Fernando asked teasingly ..”just stop it ok …you think I didn’t see the way you were hugging that d–n b—h. ..what is wrong with you..what has that d–n b—h did to you that you care so much about her..?”
“Hey relax..I only care about !”he said trying to hold her round her waist as she shifts back …”I don’t think so .. are a lying b—h …but I love you like that my crazy mad fellow..!”azucena said as she tip toed a little bit …giving Fernando a very warm kiss on his lips..”that’s my woman ..!”Fernando hailed azucena..”oh quit whining already..I have to go now..see you later..I love you …!”
“Love you too..!”Fernando replied as azucena exited

“Today is the day I meet with my enemies ..!”Teca said clinking his glass of alcoholic drink with his daughter..”I want you to be present there..Isa!”
“Sure dad..I wanna meet with those two handsome gentlemen especially with the senior one…he’s much cuter..!”Isadora said
“Hmm ..just know you are there to make them suffer Isadora and I want her two sons dead …!”
“I know dad..but not today..!”
“Yes darling..time is ticking ..tick ..tock..tick ..tock..!”…”alright ..that’s my dad..I have to go get ready now..!”Isadora said as she stood up..dropped the glass of ? as she exited …

In the beltrans mansion..inside the kitchen ..tiger and Nana discussing as Miguel entered..the kitchen…”well done everyone..!”Miguel greeted the Nana and tiger ..”my boy. ..!”tiger called out Nana excused go get ready for the party …”so…Mr del monte..did your daughter agreed to come to the party..?”
“Yeah wasn’t that easy but I convinced she’s coming..!”
“Wow..ok ..that’s cool..thanks so much sir..thanks very much .. please make your self comfortable..!”
“Oh ok..!”tiger replied wandering why Miguel was so d–n interested in his daughter ..

I was dressed in a beautiful red shining dress and a hair’s fell on my shoulders as I decorated it very beautifully..with a little makeup as I stared at my self ..I hope I haven’t done too much…I said feeling nervous for no d–n reason as I picked up my purse ready to leave. ..I called my dad immediately..letting him know that am on my way I took a cab straight to Costa.. fortunately for me. ..the place my dad works is the same street of Fernando’s place..only that I don’t know the number of Fernando street …I only know Costa 309 which is the one of my father’s working place …am so confused right now …I said to myself while the cab man dropped me at Costa bus station..”thanks for the ride ..!”I said paying the cab man ..his money…I stood there not knowing where to start could I be so foolish to not even ask the number of the street from Fernando..shit ..that was a huge mistake…I said to my self I picked up my phone immediately from my purse calling him..”cmon..cmon..pick up the call !”I said to my self …

Fernando was busy playing video games in his room while..he had carelessly dropped his phone on the dining table..he was busy playing the games so seriously till his brother miguel barged in with his phone ..”bro..!”
“Hey what’s..up..!”

Episode twelve
“Hey what’s up ..”Fernando said still playing the game..”am said you should get ready because the guests are already arriving…!”Miguel told his brother..”wait what guests..for what ..?”Fernando said still playing ..”some important business guests…just get ready ..!”Miguel said..
“Ok..I will..!”Fernando said still playing the games..”like..that..cmon get up and go shower stink of alcohol..!”Miguel said now standing in front of the tv just to confuse his brother from playing ..”oh d–n..bro..excuse me..just one more play and I ll go..bathe..!”
“’s your phone..u left it on the dining table..someone has been calling you ..!”Miguel said giving Fernando his phone..”oh my gosh…ten missed calls from my cutie pie..!”Fernando said to his bro..”oh you got back together with azu..!”Miguel asked ..” one is another one and she’s coming today..!”
“Oh really..king of tell me which one is this..the one who you wanna date so mad that you wanted to impress or another one..!”
“The one I wanted to impress..I didn’t know you were this nosy..big bro..!”Fernando teased his brother..”nothing bro..I just wanted to know how my little brother is doing …!”
“I need to call my cutie..”as Fernando was dialing Rosie’s number his phone immediately went off ..”oh shit …battery low..!”
“Today is not your day..bro..just get ready ..and if you wanna go pick up your chick…be careful because the house is gonna be full…tonight..enjoy bro..!”Miguel said as he exited … Fernando angrily went to charge his phone as he went to take his bathe immediately…

“ done now..I can’t take this any longer..I have to go now..!”Rosie said talking to she walked straight to the street 309

The guests were already starting to arrive as Mr Orlando and his wife Mrs Roxana welcomed the guest ..Miguel was standing right behind his both parents ..just when Mr Orlando was busy talking to one of his bossom friend..Roxy whispered into miguel’s ears ..”where’s your little brother ..he needs to be here..!”
“Don’t worry mom..he ll be here soon..!”
“Well I hope so ..!”Roxana said as she faced her guests forcing a wide fake smile on her face..her smiling wasn’t long enough when Mr Teca Verdugo and his daughter by his side walked in ..with their body guards Orlando immediately went to welcome them..”good evening Mr verdugo..!”…”evening my dear Mr Beltran..!”Teca said as his eyes went straight to Roxana..both eyes met ..”hmm where’s your wife..?”Teca asked pretending as if he hasn’t sighted her…from afar..”she’s right here …”Mr Orlando said as he gave his wife a sign ..she walked up to him ..”good evening verdugo..hello Mrs Isadora..!”Roxana said exchanging handshakes..”oh so you even know my name ..!”Isadora asked Roxana..”why not..who wouldn’t know the famous daughter of Mr verdugo ..!”…”how flattering..I must say we will be close friends someday ..!”Isadora said ..”you are looking so beautiful as always ..!”Teca said referring to Roxana ..”thanks ..if you ll excuse me..I would like to go put some powder on my they say in the movies..!”Roxana said already feeling uncomfortable with Teca her former boyfriend presence..”I ll go grab some wine dad..!if you ll excuse me..!”isadora exited ..
“So it’s just the two of to where are your son’s .?”Teca Miguel interrupted..”good evening Mr verdugo ..!”Miguel said..”good evening certain with someone like this ..our business is going to move forward..!”Mr verdugo said hailing Miguel as Orlando smiled..

Fernando sneaked outta his house just to go talk to Rosie outside..Rosie was at the front gate of her father’s working place …she didn’t know the way to get in because there was too much security in there so she had to call her she was about to call her father .. Fernando called immediately..”oh now you calling..let me tell you this mr Fernando..I don’t think I can come meet you again because am already at my option b..!”I yelled out at Fernando”am so sorry my princess ..I misplaced my phone..I just saw it and the battery was d–n low then..where are you ..?”
“At Costa 309″Rosie said
“Costa..what..that’s my house..!”Fernando said shockingly..
“Huh.. are you serious…?am outside the house ..seems it’s the same place the party is happening ..!”I said to myself…
Fernando immediately opened the gate as he saw Rosie standing right in front of him looking very pretty ..he was so excited to see her..and she was confused..does this means that this is the same place my father I really need to be very careful..I said to my self as I sighted my father from afar ..
“!”I rushed up to him as I gave him a very tight hug..”my look so beautiful..”
“Thanks too..!”
“I ll show her round now..!”Fernando said grabbing my hands tight

to be continued

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